Fulfilling the innate human desire for exploration and indulgence, there are some luxury travel experiences will never go out of style.

From exclusive encounters with people and wildlife, to spellbinding train journeys. A step into the wild or a step into history. Each leaves a lasting impression that enriches one’s perspective.

Our passport moments are the golden threads that make up our journeys. We invite you to take a look at some of our most timeless travel experiences.

A private stately castle visit

Image of the first of Castle Howard, ornate and decadent with the sun shining and green lawns in front


Stepping into Castle Howard is like entering a time capsule, offering a glimpse into centuries of aristocratic life and a remarkable era in English history.

A magnificent stately home built in the 18th century, the stately home is renowned for its Baroque architecture, extensive gardens and impressive interior. This cultural treasure has been featured in films and TV shows – you’ll feel like a film star in a period drama as you step inside.

Travel with Luxury Gold and this grand estate is yours after-hours. Enjoy a traditional English high tea and a private tour of the house. Take a walk in the gardens designed by renowned landscaper Capability Brown. Ornate statues, fountains and a tranquil walled garden, make them a true horticultural delight.

Explore this treasure on: British Royale

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A private concert from a renowned singer

The Imperial Citadel of Hue, with its yellow and red brick and green urns in front

The power of music and song to create a deep connection to your destination is unmatched. A private concert offers even more, a truly intimate connection between the artist and the audience. Allowing for a more personal experience and a deeper appreciation of the music it creates an unforgettable memory, cherished for years to come.

In Hue, Vietnam guests of Luxury Gold are invited for a private dinner and concert at the home of celebrated painter and singer, Camille Huyen. Share in a memorable meal and traditional song. Stroll around the traditional home she shares with her husband and hear about their fascinating lives, and the dream that brought them home.

Be serenaded on: Sensational Vietnam & Laos

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VIP Wine Tasting experience

close up of red wine in a glass with a platter of cheese and fruit in the background


Always a decadent experience, wine tasting offers an explosion of diverse flavors, aromas, and textures, tantalizing the senses with each sip. The opportunity to share in the art of wine production and appreciation is one of those unique travel experiences that ignites a passion for the finest things in life.

Nestled in the scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake region of Canada, Château des Charmes is a renowned winery producing some sublime vintages. On your VIP visit with Luxury Gold, you’re welcomed with a limited production rosé sparkling wine, followed by a tour and tasting of wines from St. David’s Bench Vineyard. Admire the charming French-inspired architecture and pair your sips with hand-made local ice cream, cheeses and chocolates.

Savor the vintages on: Indulgence in Eastern Canada

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Sailing on a Felucca on the Nile

A Felucca boat sails on the nile, with golden tones across the water and landscape, from the sun 

Exploring a destination from the water is a timeless travel experience. Embrace the beauty and tranquility of the open waters, escape from the bustling world and ignite a sense of freedom and adventure.

To see Egypt in style, we invite you to board a traditional wooden Felucca to explore parts of the sacred river Nile. Sustaining life and symbolizing the cradle of ancient civilizations, the Nile has served as a lifeline for its communities throughout the ages.

Ease around the botanical vistas of Kitchener’s Island and admire the greenery of the Island of Plants. Drift through the afternoon and relax with the soothing rhythm of the waves and the gentle breeze.

Sail the waters on: Elegance of the Nile

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A timeless train journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

A bright mountain landscape with mountains, trees and water is the setting for the Rocky Mountaineer train which snakes around the edge of the picture


Evoking a sense of nostalgia and adventure, train travel embodies the romanticism of a bygone era, offering an unhurried and scenic journey through diverse landscapes. Combining elegance, comfort, and natural wonders, a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer Goldleaf Service is one of the truly exceptional timeless travel experiences.

Opulent train cars provide unobstructed views of stunning landscapes, from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys. Immersive storytelling enriches the voyage with captivating tales of the region’s history and culture. Combined with exceptional onboard service and gourmet dining, this is a luxurious train ride you will never forget.

Admire the vistas on: Majesty of the Rockies

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A luxury safari

Close up image of a golden lion in a safari landscape

From the vast African savannahs to the national parks of India, a luxury safari offers a profound connection with the natural world. The sense of adventure and witnessing majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Combined with exclusive lodges, gourmet dining and personal guides, this is a luxurious journey into the untouched world of the past.

Join us for the safari of a lifetime in South Africa. Covering nearly two million hectares, Kruger National Park is a biodiversity hotspot teeming with iconic wildlife, including the Big Five. Join expert rangers for thrilling game drives and stay in exquisite accommodations, blending luxury with nature. Dine as the sunsets over the African plains, while the distant roar of lions echoes through the night.

Seek the Big 5 on: Spectacular South Africa

Exquisite Michelin-starred dining with spectacular views

The view from a Mamma restaurant table on the Isle of Capri, a table is set against a window with a view over the gulf of Naples, as the sun sets


Michelin-starred dining on a stunning Italian island is one of the timeless travel experiences you must experience. Nestled in the Gulf of Naples, the Isle of Capri exudes glamour, elegance and Mediterranean charm. And its restaurants are exceptional.

On our Ultimate Italy tour, enjoy lunch at the Michelin-starred Mamma restaurant. Savor a delectable meal of Mediterranean flavors in perfect Caprese style, created with passion from fresh, local produce by chef Salvatore La Ragione. From its perch, you’ll enjoy mesmerizing views over the Gulf of Naples. A truly timeless way to dine.

Dine here on: Ultimate Italy

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Timeless luxury travel experiences are at the heart of each of our small group journeys. Take a look at our worldwide collection of limited-edition tours.