Two felucca sail boats on the river Nile, seen with sunlight shining golden on the water

There is no tried and true list of the best places to propose. Each partner deserves a destination engagement that is tailored to their love language.

At Luxury Gold, we curate our journeys based on our guests’ desires, hand-picking the most unique experiences that showcase the diversity of a destination. So many of our bespoke experiences, from the hills of South America to the jungles of Asia, are inherently romantic, creating one of a kind places to propose.

That said, there are certain destinations that will make your special moment particularly unforgettable – and we’ve rounded them up and put a ribbon on them for you. All you need to do is bring the ring.

The Best Places to Propose on a Luxury Gold Tour

Paris | France 

The Eiffel Tower lit up against a night sky, Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and an undisputed favorite when it comes to destination engagements. Which is exactly why you won’t propose in the City of Light. 

The Luxury Gold Ultimate Southern France journey does not visit the French capital, but you may certainly pass through on your travels. Plan one night in Paris to end your vacation, specifically as a red herring that’ll surely make your beau believe you’ll pop the question at the Eiffel Tower.

View of the French Riviera overlooking the town of Eze

Instead, you’ll have a surprise in store when you get down on one knee in France’s southern cities. The fabulous St Tropez is a dreamy place to propose in the French Riviera, as is the 18th-century La Magdeleine – Mathias Dandine, where you’ll stay. After a Michelin-starred dinner and private concert, stroll the 2-hectare estate and find the perfect, secluded spot to say, “Will you?”


Banff | Canada

Grand hotel overlooking a bright blue glacial lake, surrounded by pine forest with mountains in the background

A trip into Canada’s rugged outdoors doesn’t immediately conjure up assumptions as one of the best places to propose, that is, until you see how truly awe-inspiring of a setting Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are. 

The Majesty of the Rockies with Luxury Gold delivers the lavishness you expect with a level of beauty even well-tread travelers don’t expect to find in Canada. Continue to defy expectations when you plan a destination engagement on this 9-day tour. They won’t see you shaking in nervous anticipation as you trek across the Athabasca Glacier. You could also opt to plan your own proposal spot early in the trip with a full day at leisure in Banff: perhaps popping the question after riding the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain. 


Southern Alps | New Zealand 

Travelers standing on top of a mountain peak, overlooking lakes and other mountains in New Zealand

The Alps are undoubtedly one of the best places to propose to a partner who loves the outdoors; give them a monumental proposal that doesn’t require you to move mountains. 

The Long White Cloud journey grants you 19 days in New Zealand with the Southern Alps as your starting point. An amazing TranzAlpine train ride to Arthur’s Pass set the stage for an unforgettable trip, and a proposal that they won’t see coming. 

Walk through the deep crevasses of the Mighty Franz Josef Glacier with a velvet box tucked in your pocket. Both the diamond and the brilliant blue ice will catch the sunshine perfectly, reflecting endless joy in your proposal photo. The following day, your partner will have a slow stroll through romantic Arrowtown to show off their new favorite piece of jewelry.


Gerainger Fjord | Norway 

Geiranger Fjords with mist in background, Norway

A destination engagement is a wonderful way to propose, and for partners who may be shy popping the question in a group setting, our Timeless Scandinavia journey offers a moment of intimacy with a breathtaking backdrop.

This 12 day journey transports you between Denmark and Sweden, though it’s in Norway where you’ll find quiet confines when you work up the courage to ask away. Spend two nights at Hotel Union Geiranger in upgraded fjord-view rooms. Step out onto your private balcony together with a hot cup of tea, and as they gaze in amazement at the mountains, you’ll freeze time with a speech and a gesture before the Geiranger Fjords. 


The Nile | Egypt

Two felucca sail boats on the river Nile, seen with sunlight shining golden on the water

Like love itself, Egypt is indescribable. You can see photos, you can hear stories, but until you experience it, nothing else compares. 

And when it comes to one of the best places to propose, few destination engagements compare to the Elegance of the Nile journey. Viewing the Great Pyramids is a sight like no other, and certainly a worthy proposal backdrop. However, we believe that two monumental moments should each have their time to breathe. 

The Philae temple complex is a labyrinth of 18m-high columns, a maze-like space where a surprise could await around any corner. As your partner’s eyes get lost studying the hieroglyphics on the countless columns, they’ll have a moment of disbelief when they find you knelt down with a ring in hand.


Taj Mahal  | India 

The Taj Mahal against pink clouds with water in foreground

The Taj Mahal is one of the world’s iconic structures, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife. Such a grand gesture of eternal love will not be lost on your partner when they admire its reverent beauty. Which makes it one of the best places to propose in India.

The Luxury Gold Essence of India journey welcomes you to begin the day anew with a sunrise proposal at the Taj Mahal. As reds, yellows, and oranges flicker across the sky, illuminating the mausoleum’s white Makrana marble, your thoughtful ring will dance in the fiery sunrise. Your partner will have a full ride on the Shatabdi Express to admire its design before snuggling up with you in the charming Nahargarh Ranthambhore hotel. 

Let us help you plan an unforgettable destination engagement with a Luxury Gold tour.