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Spectacular, intimate and unforgettable. To see some of the world’s most majestic animals in their natural environment is both a privilege and the opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking an African safari vacation or an enthralling voyage through India’s rich wildlife, make it an exceptional journey with Luxury Gold.

In search of the Big 5 in Africa

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One of the world’s most renowned safari destinations, Kruger National Park in South Africa spans nearly 2 million hectares and is home to a high density of native wildlife. This means there are many chances to spot the Big 5 topping every nature enthusiast’s bucket list: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo. The vast natural reserve is also a protected sanctuary to a many other mammals and birdlife, including zebra, giraffe, vultures and eagles.

To visit a place such as Kruger is a special moment in time, and to do so with Luxury Gold makes your experience even more exceptional. From the moment you’re personally welcomed into your luxurious safari retreat, your first private game drive through to a spectacular celebration dinner under the stars, your African safari vacation will go above and beyond all expectations.

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Private game drives

Image of lady sitting in private safari jeep, looking out over the African bushland

A highlight on our Spectacular South Africa tour, embark on an immersive three-day safari deep within Kruger Park. Private game drives aboard an open-air safari vehicle are the thrilling focal point of each day. Through your expert guide, you’ll gain an intimate and personal insight into the wildlife of the bushland, and the rhythm of life across the park.

Tailored for you, these private game drives will seek out elephants, crocodiles, hippos, lions, buffalo, rhinos and various bird species. With their vast expertise and knowledge of how the animals live, your guides will ensure each day is a feast of new discoveries.

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Personalize your day

lake in Africa with a hippo rising out of the water, mouth open and other hippos swimming around it

Whilst every day of our limited-edition tours is thoughtfully and expertly curated, we also know that you like to choose your own path. So, on selected days, a choice of two carefully chosen experiences allow you to further tailor your tour.

Whilst on safari in Kruger Park, on the second day of your safari, you can select the opportunity to extend your exploration of the park with an intimate bush walk. Accompanied by an expert ranger experience the thrill of tracking different wildlife and focus in on the small details of life in the bush. Alternatively, if you wish to sit back and relax on your African safari vacation you can choose to savor a decadent high tea, with only birdsong for company.

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Exquisite retreats

Image of luxury treehouse at Lion Sands game Reserve with plush furnishings and the bushland in the background


Depending on when you travel, you’ll treated to an unforgettable stay in one of two exquisite safari retreats. Whether at the Lion Sands Game Reserve or the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge, you’ll enjoy luxury villas, glistening pools, fireside dining and the most exceptional service.

A highlight of your African safari vacation, dining at your retreats is a gastronomic adventure in itself. Return from an exhilarating game drive to a feast of expertly created dishes, showcasing local cuisine and international fusions.

Lounges, atriums and bar areas provide ample space to relax. Share stories of your day, or simply drink in the nature air as the lion’s roars can be heard across the evening skies. The ultimate in indulgence, top your invigorating days wildlife watching with a relaxing and sensual massage.

At Lion Sands, guests can relish breathtaking views of the reserve and its wildlife from private terraces featuring plunge pools. The enchanting treehouses create a truly romantic atmosphere, enhanced by lanterns, candles, stars and moonlight.

Image of a safari lounge with traditional tables and chairs and luxurious furnishings in natural colours


Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge is set overlooking a waterhole where animals come regularly to drink. Light-filled open courtyards and classic African décor throughout the lodge exude luxury and a deep-rooted love for Africa, its people, art and culture.

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Chasing the Tiger in India

Image of three tigers playing in Rathambore National Park, India on a dusty road.

One of the most famous and grandiose former hunting grounds of the maharajas of Jaipur,  Ranthambore National Park is now a major wildlife park and sanctuary. Spanning some 1300 square kilometers, the Tiger Reserve provides a safe home for the elegant and endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, amongst other wildlife. Taking its name from the magnificent fort inside, Ranthambore offers a rare chance to see these majestic beasts, walking, stalking and playing in their natural habitat.

The national park now has 86 tigers living in the area spanning 515 square miles and has proudly achieved a 45% growth in the population in the last eight years.

A true voyage in the footsteps of Indian royalty, every moment of your time in Ranthambore will feel truly special. In a country renowned for its exceptional service, this two-night immersion in nature is an outstanding luxury safari experience.

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A royal residence

picture of chairs outside on the terrace of the Nahargarh Ranthambhore hotel, with the ornate architecture of the hotel visible in the background


Exquisite hotels are a feature on every Luxury Gold journey and the Nahargarh Ranthambhore is one of the most spectacular. With its traditional Rajasthani architecture, the palace recreates the myth, mystery, magnificent and pomp of the heyday of the maharajas of Royal Rajasthan.

The hotel has earned a reputation as one of the most indulgent properties in Rajasthan. A show-stopping entrance hall and a warm personal welcome sets the scene for things to come. The ‘Hathi Kund’ (open space area) is one of the hotel’s unique features. Each corner uniquely decorated, exquisite marble craftsmanship and hundreds of dimly lit lamps make evening cocktails a magical experience.

The Grand Dining Hall at the Nahargarh Ranthambhore hotel, showing plush furnishings, rows of chairs and a grand table under a chandelier.


Dine like royalty in the Grand Hall feasting on delicious continental, Indian and Rajasthani cuisine. And relive your invigorating days whilst floating in the ornate pools or with a soothing massage at the acclaimed spa.

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Private dawn and dusk safaris

Image of tiger walking with her cub along a dusty path

Private dawn and dusk safaris within Ranthambhore National Park provide tailored opportunities to see the tigers when they are most easily spotted. Travelling by luxury jeep, your local expert guide will share their skills and knowledge of these beautiful and elusive creatures, as well as a wealth of other wildlife.

As well as the tiger, look out for a variety of birds including the  leopard, hyena, jackal, marsh crocodiles, bears and various species of deer.

Later you’ll be treated to an intimate exploration of the lakes and palace ruins of the park with an Expert Naturalist, including traditional Chhatri dome-shaped pavilions, old fortifications and a majestic 1,000-year-old fort.

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The master of ceremonies – your Travel Concierge

At the heart of every exceptional Luxury Gold journey is your Travel Concierge. At your service every minute of the day and night, they ensure your vacation is both flawless and beyond expectations. Along with your expert safari guides, your Travel Concierge is by your side throughout your luxury safaris, elevating your experience even further. Personalize your experience, enjoy meals above and beyond and ensure every day is truly memorable.

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To enjoy a luxurious African safari vacation or to go in search of tigers in India, take a look at our collection of limited-edition luxury small group journeys.