Vintage Fiat 500 parked overlooking Capri's coastline

The Isle of Capri is the epitome of Mediterranean glamor. With its brilliant blue waters, secret grottoes, sweet lemons, and lush landscapes, Capri has been the world’s muse for centuries. Our recorded fascination with Capri goes all the way back to the Ancient Romans when Emperor Tiberius built his private retreat on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. By the mid-19th century, Capri was cemented as the go-to destination for artists, dreamers, and A-listers, with everyone from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren gracing these spectacular shores. Capri’s timeless reputation as a place of glitz and glamor remains and it’s still a favorite holiday destination for celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Beyonce and Jay Z, Lenny Kravitz, Valentino and more.

If you want to vacation like a star, we’ll show you how to spend the perfect day in Capri. Unlock the essence of Capri with exclusive experiences like a private cruise to hidden grottoes and Michelin-starred dining overlooking the Gulf of Naples. From driving the winding roads in an open-top car to tasting lemon Granita and relaxing at beach clubs, here’s how to spend the perfect day in Capri. 

View overlooking boats and yachts anchored in a bay on Capri, Italy TAKE THE TRIP: Utimate Italy

Arrive in style

Your perfect day in Capri begins with the magnificent entrance. You’ll board a boat and sail across the sparkling turquoise waters, taking in the gorgeous views as you approach the island. As you dock in the harbor, you’ll get your first glimpse of the stunning beaches, rugged cliffs, and balmy atmosphere of the island. 

After disembarking from the boat, you’ll be escorted to your private open-top taxi for a glamorous experience that’s oh-so-Capri. As you cruise along the winding roads with the warm breeze in your hair (headscarf and sunglasses optional!), you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a vintage film. Onlookers might even speculate about the VIP cruising through the streets!

A boat cruising along Capri's rocky coastline Your stay – Quisisana Hotel

You’ll arrive at the luxurious Quisisana Hotel, where you’ll stay for two nights. This beautiful hotel overlooks Capri’s central plaza and is perched high above the lush landscapes with views of the brilliant blue ocean. It’s a prime position for a stay in Capri, and the rooms are equally elegant, with the gorgeous Mediterranean design matching the dreamy backdrop. 

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Quisisana Hotel Capri


Explore Capri

You’ll have a whole day to explore the wonders of Capri. We recommend starting with a private cruise around the spectacular coastline of Capri. This intimate journey reveals hidden coves and glittering grottoes on the cliffside. You’ll also visit the renowned White Grotto, where sparkling stalactites hang over the entrance. They reflect against the turquoise sea creating a dazzling display. 

On your cruise, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the famous Faraglioni, the towering rock formation rising from the ocean. If you want to get a panoramic view from above, there’s plenty of great spots to explore. Head to the Gardens of Augustus, not only for gorgeous views but ornate gardens and historic sculptures.

Vintage Fiat 500 parked overlooking Capri's coastlineFrom the gardens, you’ll find the start of Via Krupp, a pedestrian-only hairpin walkway leading to the beautiful Marina Piccola beach below. Wander down the walkway and marvel at the rugged cliffs, before arriving at the beach. You can check out the luxury yachts and villas or go for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Looking for a truly glamorous Capri experience? Rent a sunbed at the glitzy beach clubs, like La Canzone del Mare.

Narrow winding pathway down to the shore on Capri, ItalyIf you feel like getting active, walk along the lush Via Tragara. You’ll find breathtaking views of the coastline, and spot Villa Malaparte, Curzio Malaparte’s red-painted architectural gem. There’s also the Path of the Little Forts in Anacapri, and the path to the Migliera Scenic Overlook, both with beautiful views. You could even take on the challenging 921 Phoenician stone steps that take you from Anacapri to the main port, Marina Grande. 


After your private cruise, we’ll indulge in a lemon Granita tasting session. Freshly made with sweet Sicilian lemons, this beloved drink is the best way to cool off in the Mediterranean. 

At lunchtime, we’ll combine views with food at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Mammà. Perched over the Gulf of Naples, you’ll savor delicious Mediterranean flavors. The mouthwatering meals are made with local produce by renowned chef Salvatore La Ragione.

pasta dish at Mamma Restaurant Isle of Capri



Once all the day-tripper tourists go home, you’ll have Capri all to yourself with the locals. You might like to head to a viewpoint and watch the enchanting sunset cast a golden glow over the island. Or settle in at a vibrant bar or restaurant for some local wine or Limoncello. You could even retire to your luxurious rooms at the Quisisana Hotel and soak up the view some more.

ocean view from Quisisana Hotel Capri


You’ll enjoy the perfect day in Capri on our Ultimate Italy luxury tour. While the Isle of Capri is certainly the showstopper of this trip, you’ll also visit other iconic destinations including Rome, the Vatican, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Tuscany. From lavish hotels to exclusive dining, discover all the remarkable experiences you’ll have with Luxury Gold in Italy.