Sublimely located next to the Pyramids of Giza, The Mena House Hotel Cairo makes for a truly unforgettable stay. With views and service so amazing you won’t want to leave; the hotel has recently been voted one of the best hotels in North Africa & The Middle East in the 2022 Travel & Leisure Awards.

The Mighty Pyramids

One of the world’s most iconic sights and the only surviving structure from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza top many travelers’ bucket lists.

Built when Egypt was one of the most powerful and richest civilizations in the world, the pyramids are some of the most magnificent man-made structures in history. Each dedicated to a pharaoh or king, their sheer size reflects the unique role they played in ancient Egyptian society.

The largest of the three pyramids of Giza was built for Pharaoh Khufu who reigned for 23 years from 2589 – 2566 B.C.. Made from approximately 2.3 million blocks of stone averaging 2.5 metric tons each, it is estimated to have taken 20 years and some 20,000 men to build. More than 4,000 years later, the Egyptian pyramids still mystify, delight and offer a window into the past.

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couple looking at pyramids at Mena House Hotel

The Mena House Hotel

Picture perfect with manicured lawns, the Mena House Hotel sits in tropical oasis, surrounded by 40 acres of gardens under the mighty pyramids’ gaze. With exceptional service and attention to detail, it comes as no surprise that this luxurious, historic hotel is considered by many to be the best hotel in Cairo and has been frequented by numerous politicians and celebrities over the years. On arrival guests are greeted and escorted by golf cart to the front desk, before settling in to enjoy a luxurious stay and the most unimaginable view in Cairo.

Combining modern elegance with a historic charm, take a journey through time in the hallways and admire photos from pivotal points in Egypt’s history. Relax in spacious and comfortable rooms and admire pyramid views from your balcony. The hotel also offers a sumptuous spa, for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

The historic Mena House Hotel dates back to the 1880’s. Originally a royal lodge, it was used as a resting house for Khedive Ismail (Viceroy of Egypt from 1863 – 1879) and his guests when out hunting in the desert or visiting the pyramids. It was later sold to a wealthy English couple as a private residence and opened its doors as a hotel in 1887, following a restructure by architect Henri Favarger. Among the famous names to step through its doors are Charlie Chaplin, Agatha Christie, Sir Winston Churchill, and Presidents Roosevelt and Carter.

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Breakfast overlooking the pyramids at Mena House Hotel


Dine with a view

The location itself makes for a sublime culinary experience, and the choice of restaurants on site at the Mena House Hotel offer a range of gastronomic delights. All have pyramid views, but it is the 139 Pavilion that boasts the best. Along with a relaxed atmosphere and a wide a la carte menu featuring dishes from across the world, this is the perfect spot to dine with a front row seat of the pyramids.

Legumes, vegetables and fruit grown in Egypt’s rich Nile valley feature heavily in Egyptian cuisine, and the 139 Pavilion is the perfect location to savor delicious traditional Egyptian dishes. Favorites include koshari, falafel and shawarma.

dinner at the Moghul Room Restaurant


The Moghul Room Restaurant offers aromatic, authentic Indian cuisine. Enjoy a wide range of fresh dishes focused only on homemade recipes, and delight in the masterful blend of Indian spices. The restaurant is the perfect blend of art and cuisine. Vintage ornaments decorate the space with Moghul portraits adorning the walls and the pyramids keeping watch outside.

Guests can also dine on skillfully prepared fare at the Mena House Hotel’s attractive Alfredo Italian Restaurant, and benefit from table service at the hotel’s various lounges and bars.

Cairo city

Cairo – the city of a thousand minarets          

The capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, Cairo means “the victorious city” in Arabic and has been settled for more than 6000 years. Also known as “the city of a thousand minarets”, Cairo’s own history is preserved in the beautiful medieval Islamic city and Coptic Christian sites of the old city. In the center is Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian Museum, home to mummies and artefacts from The Tomb of Tutankhamen. Home to a vibrant modern society, there is also plenty of opportunity to shop for luxury goods, and many excellent restaurants to choose from.

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A couple exploring the Temple of Luxor

Elegance of the Nile

If you are keen to try the luxurious Mena House Hotel Cairo for yourself, why not treat yourself to the journey of a lifetime on our 11-day Egypt tour, that includes a Luxury Nile River Cruise?

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