Chopsticks pick up colourful sushi above a platter of sushi delicacies.

Food is the edible history of a culture and a community, each morsel telling stories and creating memories. Bringing each destination deliciously to life, every Luxury Gold journey offers a menu of dining options like no other. This includes a wide range of culinary experiences, from exclusive dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants to street food walks with locals who know where to source the best delicacies in the city.

And on select Luxury Gold excursions, travelers are greeted with private chef cooking classes. Curated to not only introduce travelers to the flavors of a destination, these private cooking classes provide an experience you can take home to relive mouthwatering memories whenever you choose. To temp you further, take look at just some of the experiences you can look forward to as a guest of Luxury Gold.

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Roll Italian pasta in a Tuscan private cooking class

Close up of rolling out pasta dough

The wealthy Medici family helped fuel the Italian Renaissance, and though their bloodline no longer flows through Italy, travelers can still visit their rich properties. In Tuscany, you’ll visit one of the Medici family’s hunting lodges for a quintessential Italian experience: private chef cooking classes. Source fresh ingredients from the lodge’s garden and roll your own fresh pasta for lunch alongside a professional Italian chef for a decadent and delicious meal. 

Take a bit out of Tuscany and savour other classic Italian flavours in Rome, Florence and more on Ultimate Italy.

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Go beyond the tapas bars and learn Spanish culinary secrets

An elegant white plate of Spanish prawns.

Spain’s cuisine is far from a monolith: between Barcelona and Madrid alone are a host of different styles and specialties. Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost agricultural region, is known for its gazpacho, oxtail, sherry and Iberian ham. In Seville, you’ll spend a day diving into the region’s flavors. A chef awaits your arrival at an Andalusian market, ready to walk you through the fresh meat and produce. When the market tour concludes, you’ll enjoy a private cooking class and learn how to make some of Spain’s hallmark plates, before savoring them for lunch.

Learn cooking techniques in Seville, plus dine at the Michelin-starred L’Antic Moli on Spain & Portugal in Style.

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Prepare lunch on a Vietnamese riverboat with a professional chef 

Birdseye view of Vietnamese cook preparing vegetables

Every foodie has heard of the legendary banh mi. This world-famous Vietnamese street food is best experienced in the alleyways of Hoi An. It’s a palate pleasing event, but only an appetizer for what’s to come. You’ll board a traditional bamboo-basket boat and cruise to the Thanh Dong village. Once onboard, locals will host private chef cooking classes for you and your group, helping you prepare lunch as you learn about their local customs for cultivating and harvesting vegetables.   

Leave room for more mouthwatering experiences when you visit Vietnam with Luxury Gold, including a brunch cruise to Hanoi and a private concert dining experience at the home of singer Camille Huyen. 

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Discover the nuances of Indian spices 

Birds Eye view of red and brown spice powder, green herbs and garlic on a wooden board.

Private chef cooking classes are quite engaging, though there’s a case to be made that a food tasting tour is just as critical in learning how to cook international cuisine. In Delhi, you’ll have the opportunity to join a well-known chef, not in his kitchen, but in the streets of Old Delhi. You’ll hop between food stalls, watching how each Indian delicacy is prepared. The stallholders will give you tips and tricks for how to properly balance spices to create transformative tastes. 

Travel to India on a Luxury Gold small group journey and you’ll have far more than one afternoon to experience the country’s many flavors, including a sunset desert dinner with local musicians in Jaisalmer and lakeside banquet dinner in Udaipur.

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Drink in a mixology class in Southern USA

A cinnamon stick burns brightly on top of a yellow cocktail, with the mixologist standing behind.

In the deep south, a signature drink is just as important as a hearty meal. With so many delicious plates set before you, an afternoon at the Dunleith Historic Inn gives your stomach a break with a hands-on mixology class. Ideal for those who’ve already taken a few private cooking classes on other Luxury Gold tours, the bar manager at this pre-Civil War mansion will teach you how to stir up two seasonal cocktails. 

Sip that Mint Julep before settling into a three-course dinner, the head to New Orleans where Cajun and Creole flavors await on Southern Grace

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Style sushi with a master in Tokyo

A close up of a hand tending to fine plate of sushi, pinks and greens on a black bowl.

Sushi rolling is a revered 2,000-year-old Japanese art. A decade of practice is required to become a master sushi chef, but thankfully, this Luxury Gold tour expedites the process by providing private chef cooking classes in Japan. Join a master sushi chef for an in depth sushi rolling lesson. You’ll learn why the philosophy and precision required to perfect the technique is unlike any other culinary exercise on the planet.  

Sushi is just one of the many iconic Japanese meals you’ll enjoy on Majestic Japan with Luxury Gold. You’ll also have a Geisha lunch performance in Kyoto and sip sake at a private tasting with a local brewmaster in Oirase. 

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Feel lucky with a hosted dinner in an Irish family’s home

Guets smile and laugh as they dine together at home hosted meal.

No matter where we’re from, we all share memories of sitting around the family dinner table as dish after dish is prepared. In Ireland, you’ll have the opportunity to pause your restaurant reservations and instead welcome the invitation to dine at a homestead in Blarney. Unlike a private chef cooking class, you’ll sit back and let your hosts do the cooking for you, though you’re welcome to ask away any questions you have regarding Irish food and cooking techniques.

Enjoy many more experiences with locals, including dinner at a local gastropub in Dublin and a street art tour in Belfast on Ultimate Ireland.

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