Tokyo, Mount Fuji, the waterfalls of Oirase. Japan is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, where modernity and tradition sit side by side. If you are looking for your next journey of a lifetime, discover the delights that await on our Majestic Japan luxury tour.

Majestic Japan

We invite you to take the journey of a lifetime to Japan. See the majesty, curated for you with our 11-day Majestic Japan luxury guided tour. Explore Osaka and learn the delicate art of sushi making with a masterchef in Tokyo. Admire the geishas and Buddhist temples in Kyoto. Among the waterfalls and forests of Oirase, a rare invitation from a Sake brew master will share the secrets of his trade.

Ride the Bullet Train and cruise the sublime waters of Matsushima Bay. On a poignant visit to Hiroshima, meet with a survivor of the 1945 atomic bomb that changed the course of world history. From dramatic skylines to mountain views, stay in magnificent hotels and embark on the most tantalizing culinary journey you have ever experienced.

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Meet a Saki brewmaster in Oirase

Oirase Gorge boasts some of the most picturesque surroundings you will have the delight to ever experience. The picturesque river valley in Northern Japan runs for 14km between Yakeyama and Nenokuchi, on the shore of Towada-ko (Lake Towada). Drawing visitors from far and wide, Oirase is one of Japan’s most-revered nature havens.

With an exclusive VIP invitation, meet a master brewer and discover the magic of sake. On a special guided brewery tour, learn the history and importance of this unique drink to Japanese culture. Entwined with many of the country’s traditions and customs, sake is inherent to the Japanese way of life, from the religious rites of thousands of years ago to the dinner table today.

Pay respects in Hiroshima


The name Hiroshima holds a pivotal and harrowing place in world history. Pay a somber visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Peace Memorial Park and Museum, the only structure left standing after the first atomic bomb was dropped during World War II on August 6th, 1945. Here you will meet with a survivor who will openly share insights into this dark chapter in world history. A privileged and poignant encounter.

The geishas of Kyoto

Often referred to as Japan’s most beautiful city, Kyoto is packed full of temples, shrines and traditional gardens. Visit in March and April and the most spectacular display of cherry blossoms will greet you. Kyoto is also world famous for its Geishas, a fine art evolved over many centuries.

Travel to Japan with Luxury Gold and enjoy a performance by a Maiko, an apprentice geisha. Highly skilled entertainers and central to Kyoto culture, geishas are specializing in classical music, dance, conversation and games. Whilst the Maiko entertains, savor traditional Kyo-Kaiseki cuisine made of seasonal ingredients.

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 The delicate art of sushi in Tokyo

The world’s most populous metropolis. A city where innovation meets tradition. Tokyo is known for its temples, bustling streets and cuisine. Highlights include the Senso-ji Buddhist Temple, the oldest and most-visited temple in Japan, Nakamise Street and Kappabashi, a local back-street known as Tokyo’s foodie hub.

We invite you to join an exclusive cooking class with a sushi masterchef to learn the delicate art of sushi making. Using the highest quality fish, discover why it takes ten years to become a Master Sushi Chef. Then savor a lunch of exquisite creations.

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Exceptional cuisine


Prepare for a culinary journey like no other. Honed over the centuries, the preparation of Japanese food is refined and elegant. Flavours are pure and delicate, celebrating the textures and colours of seasonal produce.

Travel to Japan and discover why Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan. Stroll along Dotonbori Street with a Local Expert. Your taste buds will come alive as you sample specialties such as Takoyaki. This local favorite is made of wheat flour-based batter and is filled with minced or diced octopus. At the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Fuji, enjoy spectacular views of one of the most recognisable landmarks of Japan as you enjoy lunch made of fresh, seasonal ingredients at a local restaurant. Meet the owner of a traditional Inn in Matsushima Bay to dine on local seafood and, at a traditional teahouse, prepare the perfect cup of Matcha Green Tea.

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Exquisite hotels


A country famous for its architecture, stare-of-the-art technology and exceptional service, we have hand selected some of the most magnificent hotels for the ultimate in Japan luxury travel. The grand Imperial Hotel Tokyo has welcomed royalty, heads of state and celebrities for over 120 years. Stay within walking distance of Tokyo’s most iconic attractions and enjoy award-winning dining, flawless Japanese hospitality and five-star facilities. The luxurious Imperial Hotel Osaka places you along the Okawa River in the heart of vibrant Osaka, one of Japan’s best cherry-blossom-viewing locations.

More than an exceptional hotel, the Hotel Granvia Kyoto features over a thousand modern and traditional artworks by local, Kyoto-based artists. And the Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel, exclusively situated on the banks of the Oirase Gorge, provides a stunning nature retreat.

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It you are looking for the ultimate vacation, why not book a luxury escape to Japan and make Majestic Japan your next journey of a lifetime?