Sophistication, glamour and endless possibilities, the “golden era of travel” conjures up nostalgic emotions. And, after a period of enforced abstinence, we are craving the elegance and extravagance more and more.

We take a look into why we crave a new golden era of travel so much, and how you can experience it once again with Luxury Gold.

The Golden Era of Travel


The period from the 1950s to the 1970s was fondly remembered for its glamor and luxury.

With the birth of commercial air travel came an endless world of possibility and wonder. Complete with cocktail lounges, five course meals and caviar served from ice sculptures, these dreams were fueled with an endless flow of champagne.  The timeless elegance of train travel was revered, with its opulent carriages, exclusive encounters and exceptional dining.

Travel was comfortable and spacious, and guests were lavished with personal attention with no ask too great.

Our yearning today

With the resurgence of travel comes a craving for the nostalgia, elegance and extravagance of golden era travel. And with more money to spend in the ultimate vacation, luxury travelers are looking for something extra special. 86% of respondents to the American Express Travel Global Travel Trends Report said they would spend more or the same on travel in 2022 compared to a typical year before the pandemic. And 65% of respondents agree they would rather take their dream vacation than purchase a new car.

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A renewed need to spread our wings

Restrictions due to the pandemic placed a curb in what most of us hold so dear, the freedom to move around. For travelers this inability to seek new experiences and discover new lands left many feeling empty and unfulfilled. Leaving time to get nostalgic and to foster even greater expectations.

For many of us travel is an expression, an extension of ourselves, as well as a treat and a break from everyday life. According to the Amex 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, looking beyond the pandemic, travelers are eager to experience the dream destinations they have not previously visited. In fact, 55% of respondents agreed they wanted to book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this year.

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Our craving for elegance


The golden era of travel evokes a picture of elegance and sophistication. As we are able to explore once again, we are yearning for more exquisite hotels, exceptional dining and the very best service every step of the way. When considering why we crave travel, we want to picture ourselves again in the cocktail lounges, being waited on hand and foot, surrounded by opulence and the promise of endless possibilities.

From boutique properties to magnificent castles, at Luxury Gold we understand the craving for excellent and hand select the most exquisite hotels. Guaranteeing exceptional service and the very best amenities, every night is a delight. With multiple night stays at many properties, there is also time to relax in luxurious spas, play a round of golf or simply admire your magnificent surroundings.

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The timeless lure of train travel


The Golden Age of luxury train travel evokes old-world images of opulent carriages, mahogany-lined cars, and slow-moving scenery at your fingertips. Nowadays the world’s 5-star train journeys are elevating the experience, with everything from personal butlers and Michelin-star dining to luxury suites with bathtubs and marble floors.

If you are nostalgic for the romance of train travel, take a look at our limited edition luxury train journeys. Step onboard and back in time for some very special train tours across Europe, South Africa and North America, where we partner with luxurious trains that perfectly complement our guided tours.

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Unforgettable encounters

When thinking back to the golden era of travel we remember the thrill of the promise of exclusive encounters. A chance meeting or a pre-arranged rendezvous at glamorous locations across the globe. For today’s traveler, the experience is about much more than meets the eye. 70% of respondents to the Amex Survey stated they were interested in cultural immersion on future trips. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences offer a glimpse behind the curtain, into another world and shine a unique, unforgettable light on your destination.

And for the most exclusive of encounters, take a look at the Luxury Gold Chairman’s Collection. Often one of the most rewarding aspects of travel is the people we meet. These cherished interactions forge an unforgettable connection with a destination and create lasting memories. Discover exquisite gardens with a Duchess, meet an Austrian Princess and dine with Italian nobility.

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The new era is a responsible era

However much we crave the nostalgia, elegance and extravagance of the past, we know that the new golden era of travel comes a strong sense of responsibility. Virtuoso recently released a white paper “Conscious Comeback: Influencing a Sustainable and Regenerative Future for the Travel & Tourism Industry.” which showed that over 80% of respondents feel that the pandemic has made them want to travel more responsibly in the future. Luxury travelers are willing to pay more for sustainable experiences and are becoming increasingly conscious of their role in protecting the planet, communities and wildlife.

Through our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences know that you are looking forwards and helping preserve our planet for future generations. From meeting the ladies of the Pink City Rickshaw in Jaipur to learning about the conservation efforts taking place at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, you can crave the thrill of the past whilst contributing to a better world in the future.

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 If you are looking to embrace a new golden era of travel, then take a look at our exclusive worldwide collection of luxury guided tours.