Investing in luggage that lasts is necessary for any world traveler. But how do you choose luggage that fits your style and destination when your travels may range from epic safaris to multi-week South American tours and holidays in Europe? You want to invest in quality pieces that match your travel style and can adapt to your travel interests. A more active adventure one year can lead to a more relaxed journey the next—and you don’t want to have to reinvest each year. Here’s our tips on how to choose luggage bags to go the distance. 

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 The best travel luggage for tours 

Joining us on one of our tours? We’re so glad to have you! An ideal piece of travel luggage will take you to a range of destinations and tours. For most Luxury Gold journeys from 7 to 22 days, a sturdy wheeled suitcase will go the distance and still be easy to move from between destinations. We love a collection of hardback wheeled suitcases to have at the ready. Grab the smallest size for long weekends. It also makes an excellent “traveling companion” for journeys longer than a week with cruise or train getaway.

Three white suitcases

Best luggage bag for getaways 

Speaking of getaways… When your tour includes one of our unique getaways by train, ship or even vintage car, you want the best luggage bag to keep you mobile, ready and stylish. A smart leather duffel ensures that you have room for overnight clothing and necessities—as well as room for a few souvenirs. A duffel bag is also easy to stash in train or ship compartments. Our Vietnam tours that include an overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay are the perfect place to take a chic carry-on bag. 

Leather duffel

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Best luggage bag for trains 

Train journeys are one of the most exciting and intimate ways to immerse yourself in the landscape. What better way to take in the Scottish Highlands, Rocky Mountains or South African landscape than watching it just outside your window? A roomy duffel or large handled bag ensures you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Royal Scotsman train

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Best travel bag for day trips 

Should your travels take you on more active adventures, you’ll want the best travel bag for hands-free exploration. A chic yet adventure-ready back pack is the ideal choice for day trips. Whether you’re taking in the grand scenery of Banff National Park or venturing through a charming European town, a small pack has room for all the necessities. Pack your wallet, phone/camera, a layer or two and off you go. 

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Banff National Park backpack


Best travel bag for epic drives 

Drive in the country, anyone? A simple crossbody bag will take you from your luxury hotel to a picnic (rest assured your Travel Concierge has packed a lovely spread) to an acclaimed winery. We love the look of a crossbody bag as both a fashion accessory and travel bag. Our Ultimate France tour chauffeurs you through the countryside in a vintage Citroen 2CV to Domaine de la Citadelle. Our tour of Italy finds you arriving in style for your overnight stay in Capri by open-top taxi. 

Crossbody bag

Investing in luggage for a lifetime

Investing in luggage is a combination of style and necessity. You want to make a purchase that will last through your upcoming adventure and beyond. A bag that matches the destinations you want to explore as well as your personal style. A bag that is manageable and keeps you light on your feet. Your favorite piece of luggage is one aspect of your travels you can own, feel proud of and that will keep you stress-free. Because once you arrive, your Travel Concierge is on hand to cater to your needs. Just pack your bags and we’ll take care of the rest.  

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Where will your luggage take you next?