Serving Sweden’s most sustainable cuisine against a backdrop of sublime city views, Fotografiska restaurant offers a delectable plant-based fine dining experience. Take a table at Stockholm’s acclaimed restaurant and discover a passionate culinary team with a mission to inspire a more conscious world.

This unique restaurant is located at the top of Stockholm’s world renowned Fotografiska Museum of photography and is a gastronomic highlight of our Timeless Scandinavia luxury guided tour. Based on creating taste sensations and raising awareness around sustainability, at Fotografiska every step of the culinary process is carefully thought out, and even the aprons have a part to play.

CO2 aprons

They may look normal at a first glance, but the aprons worn by the staff at the Fotografiska’s gallery bistro actually capture CO2 from the restaurant’s atmosphere. And this is just one of the many initiatives in place that have earned the restaurant its sustainability credentials. Made from an absorbent cotton fabric, when heated the aprons release the CO2 back for use in the bistro’s hydroponic plant garden.

Conscious cooking

Leaders in the field of sustainable gastronomy, the culinary team at Fotografiska strive to explore the full potential of raw ingredients with their creative and innovative dishes. They have won multiple awards for their conscious cooking, with sustainability considered in every aspect of the restaurant, from reducing food waste, recycling napkins as menus and utilizing hydroponic cultivation. In recognition of its achievements, the restaurant has been awarded the much-coveted Michelin Sustainability Emblem.

The Fotografiska museum of photography is aptly located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, considered a vibrant hub of imagination and creativity in the city. Filled with artistic shops and cafes, vintage stores and art galleries, the area is very popular with locals and visitors alike.

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Dive deep into the philosophy

To understand the philosophy that drives the restaurant and culinary team, we invite Luxury Gold guests to meet the chefs and creators behind the inspiring food philosophy on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience. This is a unique opportunity to discover how Fotografiska achieves taste sensations and increases awareness in equal measure.

Meet their amazing culinary creator Paul Svensson who talks about the conscious kitchen, with Chef Elvira explaining the concept of zero waste and offering some useful sustainable tips. Ellen Lundin, who works as a pastry chef at Fotografiska, will give masterclass in upcycling and demonstrate what the restaurant does with leftover buns. Take a tour of the cellar to learn about hydroponic cultivation and discover how the restaurant recycles used glass bottles.

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An innovative, plant-based menu

In Fotografiska’s own words: “Every dish prepared in our award-winning restaurant is based on the tastiest ingredients the plant kingdom has to offer.” The five-course menu includes delicious creations such as celeriac confit flavored with pastrami spices, cream of fermented celery, pickled cucumber and deep-fried sauerkraut, and their signature Fotografiska curry featuring rapeseed shoots and mustard. The focus is largely vegetarian, however meat, fish, poultry or seafood are available as an option or side dish.

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 The coveted Michelin sustainability emblem

The coveted Michelin Sustainability emblem was launched in 2020, for the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), to celebrate those at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy practices. Sustainability as a way of life is something that has been really embraced by the Nordic countries, with Nordic chefs lead the way when it comes to gastronomical sustainability. Through focusing on local ingredients, taking on a zero-waste approach and reducing both food and packaging waste, they are widely recognized as setting the standard for the rest of the world to follow.

The Fotografiska Museum


Renowned worldwide as the destination to discover world-class photography, the Fotografiska Museum offers a range of exhibitions, eclectic programming, and promises surprising new perspectives. Showing photography and visual art from around the world, expect to see work from the world’s best photographers as well as the new generation of image makers. Previous exhibitions have included Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sarah Moon, Sally Mann, Anton Corbijn and Albert Watson. Combine with delectable dining for a truly memorable Stockholm experience.

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Timeless Scandinavia

Dine at Fotografiska and discover the outstanding beauty of Norway, Sweden and Denmark on our 12-Day Timeless Scandinavia luxury guided tour. From majestic fjord lands and cascading waterfalls to sophisticated cities brimming with art, culture, enjoy 5-star service and fine cuisine on this journey of a lifetime.