Luxury Gold, like our sister companies Red Carnation Hotels and Uniworld Cruises, is the embodiment of everything we stand for within the top luxury brands of The Travel Corporation (TTC), attention to detail, exceptional service, outstanding quality and above all, superb value.

We’ve harnessed the nearly 100 years of experience of our founders, global team and travel experts at Insight and throughout the business, to bring together all our vast knowledge of hotels, food, logistics, transport and all the elements required to create your perfect holiday. Luxury Gold has all the qualities that make our luxury brands the best in the world.

Whether your idea of luxury is staying in some of the world’s finest hotels, dining on the latest culinary innovations at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or experiencing the world from a point of view others can only dream of, Luxury Gold will exceed your expectations. Dedicated to elevating your experience, these itineraries deliver a rare combination of authenticity, variety and luxury to ensure your experience is as enviable as it is unforgettable.

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