Indulging in luxury food experiences is about more than just eating; it’s a journey into culinary tradition and artistry and a true celebration of good food. From Michelin-starred restaurants and private dining experiences to hands-on cooking classes with professional chefs, here are 7 of the most remarkable luxury food experiences you can enjoy when you travel with Luxury Gold.

Michelin-starred lunch at L’Antic Moli, Spain

dish from L'Antic Moli restaurant

Photo credit: @lanticmoli on Instagram

Michelin stars are the gold standard in luxury food experiences, and you’ll indulge in a Michelin-starred lunch at L’Antic Moli in Ulldecona, Spain. The restaurant embraces contemporary, gourmet cuisine and follows the rhythms of the seasons from locally sourced ingredients. Not only has L’Antic Moli been awarded a prestigious Michelin Star annually from 2017 to 2023, but it’s also been awarded the Green Michelin Star annually from 2021 to 2023, in recognition of its commitment to sustainable gastronomy. The chefs at L’Antic Moli artfully combine traditional flavors with innovative techniques, creating a feast not just for the palate but also for the eyes. 

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Private sushi-making class in Tokyo, Japan

chef preparing sushi

Take part in a private sushi-making class with a master sushi chef in Tokyo, and discover the intricacies of this 2,000-year-old Japanese art. It takes ten years to become a master sushi chef, and you’ll uncover the secrets behind mastering this iconic Japanese dish. The experience is not just about learning the techniques, but understanding the philosophy and precision that define sushi-making. After the class, you’ll get to indulge in the creations and marvel at the chef’s culinary brilliance, with every slice of fish and perfectly prepared rice showcasing the mastery of sushi art. 

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Oyster tasting on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia

three women enjoying oysters and wine by the sea in Croatia

If you love fresh seafood, you’ll adore this luxury food experience. We’ll journey to Mali Ston, a picturesque fishing village on the Pelješac peninsula of Croatia, renowned for its oysters. Here you can savor the taste of freshly harvested oysters, plucked straight from the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. These oysters are known for their unique flavor, a result of the pristine marine environment they grow in. Enjoy the oysters raw, with a squeeze of lemon and a glass of local white wine, all while admiring the charming village with its ancient stone buildings and tranquil coastline. 

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Mixology class in Mississippi, United States

bartender making cocktails

Get immersed in a unique blend of history and gastronomy at the Dunleith Historic Inn, a National Historic Landmark built in 1855 and the only pre-Civil War mansion in Mississippi. You’ll join the Bar Manager at Castle Pub for a private mixology class, where you’ll learn to craft two seasonal cocktails. This hands-on session will show you the ingredients and finesse of cocktail creation, but also share the history and stories behind each drink. After the demonstration, you’ll get to relax in the historic inn while sipping on the delicious cocktails you’ve just learned how to make.

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Tuscan lunch and cooking class, Italy

House of Medici Tuscany

Photo credit: @visittuscany on Instagram

Delve into the heart of Tuscan cuisine with a unique culinary experience in the forming hunting lodge of the powerful Medici family. Built between the 15th and 17th centuries, the stunning villa and estate has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. 

You’ll meet a professional Italian chef and stroll through the estate’s vegetable and herb garden, where you’ll handpick your fresh ingredients. Then head to the kitchens to learn how to hand-roll your own fresh pasta. As you indulge in your culinary creations for lunch, surrounded by the ancient frescoes and sculptures of the villa, you’ll take a journey through both taste and time. 

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Vietnamese cooking class and lunch, Hoi An

organic vegetable garden in Vietnam

This is one of our most incredible luxury food experiences, set in the dense coconut jungles near Hoi An in central Vietnam. We’ll first visit Cam Thanh Village, once a shelter for local people and soldiers during the Vietnam War, and today a critical supplier of rice, vegetables and seafood. You’ll step into a traditional bamboo-basket boat and float down the river to Thanh Dong village, where you’ll meet farms and learn how they grow and harvest vegetables and herbs. We’ll continue our voyage through the beautiful coconut forest to a riverside restaurant overlooking the emerald rice fields. Here you’ll meet a local chef and enjoy a hands-on cooking class, before indulging in your delicious creations for lunch. 

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Delhi food tour with a local chef, India

colourful spice powders in Delhi street market

Dive into the vibrant culinary scene of Delhi with a Foodie Walk guided by a local chef. You’ll explore the bustling city streets and aromatic markets, with the chef introducing you to a range of Indian delicacies. From sizzling street snacks to sweet treats, you’ll experience firsthand the diversity of Indian cuisine and its rich heritage. Learn about the intricate balance of spices and how the combination of flavors can transform a dish. Meet the local stallholders and gain insight into the traditional cooking methods and ingredients that make Indian cuisine so spectacular. 

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