In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is usually synonymous with cold, dreary weather. But in Egypt? Winter means sunshine and blue skies. If you’re one of the many winter sun seekers dreaming of swapping gloves and snow shovels for t-shirts and cocktails this chilly season, it’s time to head to Egypt in winter. From perfect temperatures to blissful beach conditions, here is why Egypt is one of the world’s greatest winter travel destinations.


The weather is at its best in Egypt during the winter months

The very best time for winter sun seekers to visit Egypt is anywhere from October to April. The mild autumn season lasts from October to November, while the sunny spring runs from February to April, with temperatures hitting around 25-30°C. This is a lot cooler than the sweltering summer season (May to September) which hits over 40°C-plus and feels even hotter when you’re exploring the humid valleys and dusty ancient tombs. 

The coolest winter months run from December to February, with beautiful, sunny days, around 20°C perfect for hiking, swimming, and exploring across the country. While it’s warm during the day, you’ll get some chilly nights around 10°C, so you’ll still need to pack some warm layers along with your swimsuit.

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You can get the best winter sun weather and still avoid the crowds 

December and January bring fantastic winter sun to Egypt, but they’re also some of the busiest months, especially at iconic sites like Luxor and the Pyramids of Giza. Other months like October to November and February to April are a lot quieter – and still serve up stunning weather. 

February and March are our favourite months to visit Egypt for winter sun seekers. These are usually the coldest months in the Northern Hemisphere, but you’re guaranteed blue skies and sunshine in Egypt at this time. Even better, most of the busy Christmas holiday crowds have gone home by this point. 

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Winter in Egypt is the perfect time to cruise the Nile

You might think river cruising is for summer. But in Egypt, a river cruise is best done in winter. And this isn’t just any old river cruise. This is the mighty Nile, so you’ll want to do it right. 

The best time to sail the Nile is anywhere between October and April. Winter sun seekers can lounge on the balmy deck, feel the breeze in your hair, and sip your favourite cocktail while listening to the lapping water. You’ll also get mild weather at the legendary stops like Aswan on your Nile cruise – which is far more manageable than the peak summer temperatures which can soar above 45°C. 

When you travel to Egypt with Luxury Gold, we’ll take you sailing down the Nile in a felucca, a traditional wooden boat. Cruise around Kitchener’s Island and see the extraordinary temples of Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo and Luxor. Stop off to explore the ​​necropolis of Ancient Thebes and visit a local family home to see how they make authentic Egyptian sun bread. You can even take time out on the sundeck of our boat for a cocktail demonstration and tasting made with local herbs and flavours. Then don your traditional galabeya for an unforgettable Egyptian dinner and party on the Nile.

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It’s also the best time to go temple-hopping and sightseeing in Egypt

If you’re looking for winter sun but you also want to go exploring without breaking a sweat, you’ll love Egypt in winter. You can do everything from exploring ancient tombs to strolling around lively cities, all while soaking up the winter sun. 

Visit Eygpt with Luxury Gold and you’ll have all kinds of adventures, from visiting the ornate madrassas and mosques of Cairo to exploring the archaeological wonderland of the Valley of the Kings. Go on a unique shopping spree in the vibrant Aswan Market and marvel at the priceless treasures found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun ​​at the world-renowned Egyptian Museum. Walk inside one of the caverns at the iconic Pyramids of Giza with an Egyptologist, and explore the UNESCO-listed Luxor Temple with an exclusive VIP, after-hours visit. And do it all while soaking up the gorgeous winter sun. 

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Winter sun seekers can warm up at the beach 

Egypt is renowned for its sandy desert – but the country is also home to some of the world’s most spectacular soft white sand beaches. If you’re wondering where to travel in winter to escape the cold in favour of turquoise waters and powdery sand beaches, you’ll find it in Egypt in winter. 

Head to South Sinai or the Red Sea Coast and spend your winter holiday basking on the beach, diving in the ocean, or even learning to kitesurf or windsurf. While December and January may be a little chilly for swimming, other cooler months like October, November, February and March dish out divine beach weather. 

What are your favourite winter travel destinations for winter sun seekers? Let us know in the comments below…