The friendships that you make when you travel solo are some of the most powerful and important connections you’ll ever make. Whether fleeting acquaintances or friends who turn into lifelong companions, it’s the people you meet as a solo explorer, that can have the longest lasting impact on you.

The power of Friendship

Friendships can make a world of difference to our happiness and well-being. According to a study by Michigan State University, the power of friendships gets stronger with age and may even be more important than family relationships. Other studies have shown that strong friendships counteract stress, and even cut our risk of mortality in half.  As seasoned travelers, we know that there is nothing like the power of travel to open up a whole new world of possibilities to meet new people and forge new bonds. So why not take this to the next level and travel solo?

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The power of solo travel

If you are thinking why travel solo, then meeting new people is one of the great reasons to go it alone. The benefits of solo travel are numerous, with the opportunity to forge new friendships high on the list. For many, solo travel gives the opportunity to finally visit those bucket-list destinations that maybe you haven’t found a willing travel partner for before. Perhaps you have always dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu or to cruise the Nile but haven’t yet made the journey.

Away from friends and family you will find a new sense of self, and the confidence to make new friends and connections that you might otherwise have missed. And traveling solo on a luxury guided tour offers the ultimate combination of independence and security.

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Like-minded travelers make great friends

When traveling solo with a guided tour you will join a group of like-minded travelers meaning that, from the start, you are alongside people with similar interests. Whether you are cruising the Dalmatian Coast, re-living the Renaissance in Italy or making the pilgrimage to Graceland your traveling companions will be inspired by the same things as you. Maybe you like to spend hours exploring museums, lunching and watching the world go by, or exploring nature. Travel solo on a guided tour and you are guaranteed to find a companion with the same interests, makes the perfect base for creating powerful new friendships.

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Friends in unexpected places

Sometimes the most beautiful friendships can come from unlikely places. Many people we actively seek out in real life are like us, with similar interests, background and jobs. One of the great benefits of solo travel is that you can step outside your comfort zone in this regard, and maybe even show you a side of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

Traveling without friends or family members means you’re communicating with strangers and, even in short interactions, we can learn so much about other places and people. Chance interactions lead to conversations and, through the power of travel, can lead to friendships you never expected.

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Friends for now

It might seem contradictory, but some of the best friends you make when you travel solo are people you know you will never see again. Maybe you live on opposite sides of the world and, though your paths could cross one day, realistically you know that this is for the here and now.

This can make for a very powerful connection as you make the most of every moment, not over-analyzing and appreciating the beauty of the now. These fleeting, yet lasting, connections can carry onwards across generations. And you never lose the fond memories, and the hope in your heart that you will one day meet again.

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Friends for a lifetime

The power of travel to create lifelong friendships is immense. This may be a result of fortunately meeting people that live near you, so that you can continue the new relationships when you return home. Or that extra deep connection that you know is something special to be treasured – the people you know you will fly round the world to see again.

Spending such quality and intimate time together as a solo traveler in your dream destination can create strong connections that will last a lifetime. The sights and experiences that you have shared forge an unbreakable bond, and you may even find yourselves planning your next vacation together.

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Solo travel tips

When traveling solo for the first time, making friends can seem daunting. But it is as simple as striking up a conversation as you admire a museum piece or pouring a latte and introducing yourself at breakfast. Be brave, say hello and you will find the rest will take care of itself. To boost your confidence, take time to read up on how to travel solo so that you feel prepared and ready to enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

If you are keen to explore the power of travel and friendship as a solo traveler, we’d love to welcome you on one of our worldwide luxury guided tours.