Imagine the luxury of having some of the world’s most iconic tourist hotspots all to yourself. To be able to take your time and enjoy them as you please. Well at Luxury Gold that’s how we believe travel should be and are proud offer our guests unique VIP access  to some truly amazing places. To tempt you further we’ve highlighted five benefits of visiting these magnificent landmarks out of hours.

You feel like a VIP

As you approach and the velvet rope is pulled back, with the doorman admitting only selected individuals to an iconic landmark, this is a truly VIP experience. This is Luxury Gold.

Join us to explore Italy and in Venice you’ll step into the spectacular Doge’s Palace after-hours for an exclusive tour. Bask in the 14th-century Venetian Gothic details, stroll the halls and  the magnificent Gold Staircase in an intimate group. Formerly the Doge’s residence and the seat of Venetian government, the Palace is the symbol of Venice and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, the joy of such a rare and special experience at one of the world’s iconic tourist hotspots will leave memories for a lifetime.

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You have the place to yourselves

When we dream of seeing the world’s magnificent sights, we generally don’t account for the crowds. In our minds it is just ourselves, wonder and awe. But understandably, iconic tourist hotspots are also popular with other travelers which can have its drawbacks.

Now imagine gazing up at one of Egypt’s ancient structures with just a handful of your traveling companions for company. If it is serenity that you are after, travel with Luxury Gold and enjoy exclusive VIP access as you explore UNESCO World Heritage Site the Temple of Luxor after-hours. Founded in 1400 BC during the Golden Age of Thebes, this was the largest and most significant religious center in ancient Egypt.

Meander at your heart’s content without having to think of others. Choose your own route as you explore, stopping to view anything of interest to you, without waiting in line or jostling for space. Embrace the unique opportunity to really lose yourself in your location and appreciate the wonders of the world in such a decadent way.

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You can take as long as you want  


When presented with a Picasso or a Renoir, you want to savor the moment. And, with champagne in hand at a private viewing, you can take all the time in the world. Admire the subject and textures, the intricate details and contemplate the meaning of the masterpiece. With no pressure to move along, stay until your curiosity is sated.

At the acclaimed Rosengart Collection in Switzerland, we invite you to enjoy an exclusive VIP experience, with a private after-hours viewing. The collection exhibits over 300 works of art by 23 different artists of the so-called Classical Modernist Period, including Cézanne, Monet and Matisse. And is world renowned for housing two unique groups of work by Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. The Rosengart Collection was originally the private Art Collection of the art dealer Siegfried Rosengart (1894–1985) and his daughter Angela.

Whether you are an expert or just an admirer, and be it masterpieces or artefacts, having the opportunity to take your time is priceless.

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You have more time to learn from your expert guide

The joy of exploring a magnificent palace is only enhanced with a historian at your side. Whether an aficionado or a newcomer, the amount you can learn from such an expert greatly enriches your experience. And when visiting iconic tourist hotspots after-hours you have the time and space to ask everything you want and more.

During an VIP visit to Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace after-hours you can use up every minute of your Local Expert’s time. At Luxury Gold we have selected the most knowledgeable and likeable experts to bring the iconic sights to life for you, and to truly personalize your visitor experience. Stand beneath frescoed ceilings, crystal chandeliers and gilded Rococo frames, where Mozart performed as a child prodigy and ask anything you want. Whether you want to examine the opulent furnishings or the socio-political history of the time, there is no rush.

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You see things you might otherwise miss

Iconic landmarks have so much to offer, so many nooks and crannies and different aspects and angles. When you have access out of hours, you have the space and time to fully appreciate the finest details that you might otherwise miss.

Travel to England with luxury Gold and after the sun sets and London lights up, embark on a private tour of the Tower of London after-hours. Beneath the moonlight, a serving Yeoman Warder greets you and accompanies you through the grounds. While you walk they regale you with stories of this haunting site. Full of intriguing buildings and small historical details, enjoy the freedom to pick out the things that interest you most. With no one blocking your view or hurrying you along it is amazing what you can discover.

To round off a very special evening, you’re invited to to experience the ancient gate-closing ritual of the Ceremony of the Keys. This is the oldest practiced military ceremony in the world. Get an inside look at the history of the tradition and etiquette of handling the keys. This tradition has been carried out every night by the Yeoman Warder for the past 700 years.

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If you want to discover the world like a VIP and benefit from special access to iconic tourist hotspots, then take a look at our exclusive worldwide collection of luxury guided tours.