famous artworks at The Lodge at Ashford Castle Ireland

You don’t always need to visit the iconic museums and galleries to see artworks by famous artists. Choose the right hotel, and you can find masterpieces right there in the hotel lobby or guestroom. From antiquities at the Hotel Metropole Venice to artworks by Dalí and Warhol at Ashford Castle in Ireland, here are some of the best Luxury Gold hotels where you can discover remarkable art collections.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal

artwork at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Montreal


Known for its rich history, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal is a feast for art lovers. The hotel is home to an exclusive art collection, created in collaboration with art curator Marie-Justine Snider, MASSIVart Collection and Sid Lee Architecture. It showcases around 124 artworks by 37 Canadian artists across 21 floors.

From paintings and drawings to photography and sculptures, there are endless treasures to explore in the hotel. You can find Paul Hardy’s Drift Glow oil painting, a sculpture by Michel De Broin, a Platner armchair, and a mixed media installation by Alexandre Berthiaume.

artwork at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Montreal


There’s also the immortalised Suite 1742, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their iconic bed-in. From original furniture to an archival cabinet and virtual reality headset that lets you experience John and Yoko’s point of view, this is a mini museum in itself, and firmly cements the hotel as an artistic hotspot in Montreal.

Stay here: Vibrant Quebec & New England

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Hotel Metropole Venice, Venice

artwork at Hotel Metropole Venice


Venice is famed for its exquisite museums and monuments, but you can enjoy a unique private art collection with a stay at Hotel Metropole Venice. Dripping in historic grandeur, the hotel is home to an extensive collection of antiques, artworks and tapestries from all over the world.

Admire vintage fans, wallets, handbags, nutcrackers, corkscrews, crucifixes, and other precious artifacts throughout the Metropole’s corridors and rooms. There’s even a Salone degli Specchi (Hall of Mirrors) and an original painting of Selim II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

artwork at Hotel Metropole Venice


The Costume Museum of the Mocenigo Palace in Venice even once loaned the Metropole priceless pieces for a temporary exhibition, thanks to the hotel’s artistic reputation and existing collection. 

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The Lodge at Ashford Castle, Ireland

artwork at The Lodge Ashford Castle Ireland


Set on the spectacular 350-acre estate of Ashford Castle, overlooking Lough Corrib, The Lodge is a true hidden gem. While most come here to enjoy an Irish fine dining experience at Wilde’s Restaurant, there’s also another major drawcard – the art collection. 

You’ll discover a remarkable collection of masterpieces from Salvador Dalí’s Marjore and Andy Warhol’s Absolut Vodka to Toulouse-Lautrec’s A Portrait Of Yvette Guilbert. There’s a Henry Moore black lithograph called A Seated Woman in an Armchair, a pair of colored lithographs called Maravillas Suite by Joan Miró, and Egon Schiele’s Nude Girl With Arms Raised. From Lucienne Day and David Hockney to Henry Moore and Peter Blake, there’s some serious art here.

artwork at The Lodge Ashford Castle Ireland


It’s well worth the 20-minute walk from the magnificent Ashford Castle, where you can also meet resident artist Rick Lewis A.R.A. As one of Ireland’s most renowned artists, Lewis has produced a stunning series of paintings featuring Ashford Castle and is even available for guest commissions.

Stay here: Ultimate Ireland

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The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, South Africa

artwork at The Twelve Apostles Hotel South Africa


This luxurious Twelve Apostles Hotel in Cape Town hosts its own private art collection, showcasing a remarkable blend of African art and contemporary works. The pieces are scattered throughout the hotel and you’ll discover paintings, sculptures and intricate beadwork, celebrating the local culture, traditions, and natural environment. 

mountain range behind The Twelve Apostles Hotel South Africa


Named after the rugged mountain range surrounding the hotel, the location was a source of inspiration for many artists throughout history. You can even spot the famous mountain scenes painted by the Dutch/South African painter Tinus De Jongh and his son Gabriel De Jongh.

Stay here: Spectacular South Africa

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Leela Palaces, India

golden peacock throne Leela Palace hotel


The Leela Palaces have created an extraordinary artistic experience for guests. At The Leela Palace Bengaluru, your artistic journey begins at the door. The dazzling 17th-century Peacock Throne which was the seat of Mughal emperors, is located at the entrance to the lobby, and the gilded peacock stonework is simply exquisite.

The Leela Palace Udaipur pays tribute to the Land of the Mewars with traditional artisanal crafts and artifacts inspired by the regal cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Its hallways are lined with a trove of Indian artwork.

The Leela Palace New Delhi has created an extraordinary artistic experience for guests. Their extensive art collection is scattered throughout the hotel, featuring works by artists such as Satish Gujral, Paresh Maity, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Satish Gupta and Laxma Goud. 

artwork at the Leela Palace hotel


Discover ornate Rajasthani paintings and Tanjore gold leaf paintings. Admire the artworks lining the corridors then discover the massive golden mosaic revealing a blossoming lotus bud in the central courtyard. The guestrooms and suites feature lithographs depicting Indian kings and queens, embedded with semi-precious stones and gold leaf by famed photographer Rohan Shreshta. 

You’ll also discover the exclusive Art Walk, with a rare collection of Indian art. From murals and paintings to sculptures and contemporary installations, this remarkable experience is parallel to visiting a museum or art gallery.  

Stay here: Essence of India 

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Hotel Granvia Kyoto

fan exhibit at Hotel Granvia Kyoto


If you love art hotels, you can’t miss Hotel Granvia Kyoto. Featuring over a thousand artworks by Kyoto-based artists, the hotel holds one of the most significant art collections in the country. You’ll find both traditional and contemporary Japanese art here, with the collection spread from the lobby to corridors and guest rooms.

pottery at Hotel Granvia Kyoto


Whether it’s the intricately hand-painted screens, unique sculptures, or handcrafted ceramics, art is an integral part of the experience at Hotel Granvia Kyoto. It offers invaluable insight into Japan’s rich artistic heritage and the chance to get immersed in the local Kyoto art culture. 

Stay here: Majestic Japan 

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