Timeless elegance. A journey on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express will remain in your heart for a lifetime. Travel in luxury with exquisite dining, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the Alps on a golden-era train. To add to the experience, Belmond has now unveiled new luxurious cabins on board, bringing new heights of luxury and comfort to the original legend of the rails.

A recent discovery of two original 1920s and 30s carriages has led to the commissioning of eight new suites, set to launch in June 2023. Each of the carriages will be lovingly restored and re-imagined by expert French designers and craftsmen.

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Spacious luxury


 The new luxuriously appointed suites will blend the train’s iconic history with modern comfort. Double and twin bed areas convert into a spacious lounge, complemented with an ensuite marble bathroom. Wrap up in your kimono and slippers and relax, knowing that your personal 24-hour cabin steward is available to attend to your every need

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Inspired by four regions


The new suites on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express each pay homage to the sensational European landscapes through which the train passes. Inspired by four regions: La Campagne (the countryside), Les Montagnes (the mountains), Les Lacs (the lakes), and La Forêt (the forest). Nature’s landscapes will be celebrated through the design of the interiors, with plush furnishings and fabrics reflecting famous Art Deco designers, such as Dufrene, Rousseau, Prou and Lalique.


Reflecting the Alpine scenery outside your window, Les Montagnes Suites mirror the peaks of Austria’s Arlberg massif. This mountain range serves as a backdrop on the train’s route to Venice. Les Lacs Suites reflect the beauty of Lake Como in Italy and Switzerland’s Lake Zug.

Celebrating all that is best of the wilderness and countryside, La Campagne Suites show off velvet greens and delicate floral designs. A nod to the vineyards and pastures of Italy and France’s Cȏte d’Azur. And, La Forêt Suites channel the majesty of the Black Forest, seen when traveling from Prague to Paris.

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Existing Accommodations


The new suites will be offered in addition to the two existing cabin categories, Historic Cabins and Grand Suites. The Historic Cabins provide exceptional comfort in the Art Deco carriages,  and transform from a day-time lounge to upper and lower beds at night.


The Grand Suites feature private ensuite bathrooms with showers, double beds, and a living area, with underfloor heating, for private dining experiences. Guests in a Grand Suite also enjoy 24-hour cabin service and free-flowing champagne.

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On board dining


The exquisite menu is seen to by Michelin-starred chef Jean Imbert. Dishes include gourmet Beef Wellington, roasted turbot and the famous lobster brunch. Inspired by vintage Venice-Simplon Orient Express menus, Imbert’s dishes celebrate quality, seasonal ingredients, like morels, peaches and figs.


Keeping the legend and mystery of the world’s most famous train alive, Imbert reimagined the full dining experience, from the menus and canapes to the opulent restaurant cars themselves. Guests onboard the VSOE train have the choice of three elegant restaurant carriages from which to dine.

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Timeless train journeys


Channeling the nostalgia and glamour of bygone days, the Golden Age of luxury train travel evokes old-world images of opulent surroundings and slow-moving scenery as your canvas.

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