As 2023 unfolds before us, we’ve rounded up current luxury travel trends to catch your eye. Sustainability remains at the forefront, whilst modern and future technology ensures the most luxurious and seamless experiences. From local gastronomy to going solo, 2023 promises to be a year of unforgettable journeys.

Sleep and sleep technology


Enjoy the most luxurious night’s sleep with the help of technology. Sleep is fast becoming one of the key luxury travel trends. More and more hotel brands are looking to technology to ensure their guests get the best rest. Think AI-powered beds that adjust mattresses to support your body and select the best room temperatures for you to maintain quality sleep.

In Coimbra, Portugal, you can enjoy the Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel, a boutique hotel from the famous Swedish mattress brand. Here acoustics, sleep books and hypoallergenic mattresses are all designed for optimal rest and relaxation. In London, the Belmond Cadogan Hotel offers the services of a ‘Sleep Concierge’ service. This includes meditation as well as weighted blankets, pillows and pillow mists, all based on a guest’s sleeping preferences.

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Flat-pack hotels


Though this may sound like one of the more gimmicky luxury travel trends, it is rooted deeply in sustainability. The flat pack hotel has its parts manufactured in a factory, flat packed and transported to its destination, before being assembled on site. Famed for leading the trend is hotel group Habitas. While the phrase flat packed doesn’t initially conjure up luxury, its Tulum hotel in Mexico is a thoughtfully designed, sustainable lifestyle hotel that offers ‘stylish simplicity’.

Instead of glitzy lobbies and heavy structures, their hotels are built around natural elements such as trees, rocks and water. Habitas’ hotels have opened in the Ashar Valley of Saudi Arabia and in Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende countryside. More retreats are planned for 2023 in Mexico, Morocco, Costa Rica and Bhutan.

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Meaningful itineraries

Having missed out on a lot of travel over the past few years, the luxury traveler is keen to make travel experiences deeper and more meaningful than ever. Instead of just passing through a destination or skimming its surface, guests are wanting luxury to also mean educational and real.

At Luxury Gold our curated experiences are the highlights of our tours, with many opportunities to enjoy local connections. Join us to tap into this trend for luxury travel in 2023. Delve into the colorful history of traditional textiles in Perugia, Italy, as you meet Marta who works hard to preserve the ancient craft. And in Memphis, USA, take part in a Creole cooking demonstration before feasting on traditional Southern dishes that you have learned how to create.

On our exclusive Founder’s Collection departures, meet European nobility, legendary locals and celebrated icons. Meaning that you mingle with the people who have shaped the history of the places you go. And you will make a positive impact on people, communities and wildlife through our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences.

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The rise of solo travel

It seems everyone is talking about solo travel now as one of 2023’s hottest luxury travel trends. And we agree it’s an enlightening and empowering way to see the world. Why wait for others? Travel where and when you choose and make sure nothing remains gathering dust on your bucket list. And don’t think it is something only for the young, solo travel is for everyone. Virtuoso recently reported that among its travelers aged 65+, interest in single travel went from 4 percent in 2019 to 18 percent in 2022.

Choosing to travel solo in a group is the ultimate combination of individual freedom and the security of others. And luxurious, curated travel provides the ultimate way to realize your dreams and go beyond your expectations.

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The Metaverse – try before you buy

Image by Freepik

With the help of the Metaverse to ‘try before you buy’, traveler engagement will climb to the next level in 2023 and beyond. Through this technology, travelers are able to have experiences in the online world, for example at virtual concerts and exhibitions. As technology advances, it is possible to incorporate deeper cultural experiences into this virtual world.

The metaverse offers an exciting opportunity to enhance pre-trip assistance. As well as creating a sense of excitement and desire with previews of experiences that await. One of the more remarkable luxury travel trends, Qatar Airways recently announced the Qverse with a MetaHuman cabin crew. Through this they will offer an immersive experience for navigating Hamad International Airport.

Local travel and food ticks the boxes


More and more, high-end travelers are seeking out both luxurious and local. A yearning for locally sourced produce, seasonal menus, and regional fare is prevailing – and this is one of 2023’s luxury travel trends. And this means not just eating local food but having the opportunity to mingle with locals at the same time.

Today’s luxury traveler is looking for fine dining, but also for a selection of venues off the traditional tourist route. These are places where you can sit, mingle and soak up the true culture of your destination. At Luxury Gold there are plenty of opportunities to connect to the local culture and community and through cuisine. From thoughtfully selected restaurants to free time where your Travel Concierge can make recommendations, we’ve got it covered. Travel with us to Japan and we’ll introduce you to a Local Expert who will take you on a stroll through the famous Donburi Street. You’ll hit up all the best stalls to taste all the specialties from grilled meat skewers to melon pan ice cream.

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Luxury yachts from luxury hotel brands


Imagine the luxury and comfort of your favorite hotel brand combined with the magic of the open sea. A new era of yachting from the world’s leading hotel brands is tantalizingly being dangled before us. And last October, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection was launched with Evrima, the most sophisticated and expensive civilian ship ever built in Spain.

At the end of 2022, Four Seasons confirmed the launch of a cruise ship with 95 suites. Belmond, the name behind the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, was a pioneer, launching its river-focused péniche-hôtels in 2004. These sophisticated vessels are designed for luxurious relaxation, letting the magic of each destination provide the main entertainment.

If these luxury vacation trends have inspired you to think about your next journey, take a look at our worldwide collection of limited-edition tours.