From taking time discovering your inner self to spending as long as you like on your favorite activities, there is nothing quite like solo travel when you deserve a little self-indulgence.

Through new experiences, the people you meet and simply spending time with yourself, you are sure to return with a renewed spring in your step. If you are thinking of going it alone, here to help you are 7 reasons why solo travel is the ultimate form of self-indulgence.

Get to know yourself better

Going solo is a liberating experience, offering the opportunity to explore what really makes you tick. Discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before traveling on your own. From learning about your personality and preferences, such how much time you wish to spend in company and alone, to trying new activities and seeing what excites you most. With the opportunity to try activities not available back home, indulge your curiosity and maybe even discover a new passion. We recommend trying falconry at the majestic Ashford Castle in Ireland or truffle hunting with an expert truffle dog in Italy.

Solo travel is calming

Even if you are taking in multiple destinations, solo travel is exceptionally calming. Simply not having to think about others frees up so much time and head space to relax. Maybe spend this extra time engaging in mindfulness activities, indulging yourself with relaxing spa treatments, or practicing yoga and meditation. These are just a few calming treats that we often overlook when focusing on the day-to-day and juggling families and responsibilities. Combine with long walks in beautiful, tranquil surroundings and multi-night stays in luxurious hotels and return home a Zen version of yourself.

You can be selfish

When in real life do we get permission to be truly selfish, with no guilt attached? Well, we will let you into a secret… solo travel! Making the most of exquisite hotels, you can steal all the covers on your sumptuous bed, spend hours in the bath and finish all the complimentary chocolates. As you explore destinations you can browse a museum for hours and hours or stop and chat to locals to your hearts content. Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about others, so this is the perfect opportunity to think only about yourself. What can be more self-indulgent than some guilt-free selfishness?

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Learn languages

Have you ever dreamed of learning Spanish, getting your tongue around Swedish or trying your hand at Japanese? Whether you already speak multiple languages, or you would like to learn just a few words, solo travel is the perfect opportunity. Alone, you are more likely to step out of your comfort zone and be brave in trying out new phrases. Mixing with locals also greatly improves your language skills. Travel with Luxury Gold and your Traveling Concierge will happily help you out. Fluent in the local language, they know all the key phrases you need to get around, plus phrases only the locals will know. Impress your friends on your return with your new skills.

Form new friendships

Whether it is a kindred spirit or someone you can laugh the evening away with, finding a new friend really puts a spring into your step. And taking the time and opportunity is a great way to indulge yourself. Lively conversation, the exchange of values and the finding of common ground is good for the soul. Even though you may have many good friends, you always deserve a fabulous new addition.

Traveling solo in a group is the perfect way to meet like-minded travelers. Spark up a conversation with a fellow history buff as you explore museums, find a kindred spirit among the frescos or find a fellow nature enthusiast in a spectacular National Park. A helpful solo travel tip is to make a note of everyone’s name as soon as you meet them. You will have so many new friends you might not remember them all!

Solo travel gives you confidence

After taking a vacation on your own you are sure to return home walking taller. Whether it’s your first time going it alone, or you are a seasoned solo traveler, every journey adds a boost to your confidence levels. From the simple act of stepping out on your own, the places you have seen and the new activities you have tried, to the new friends you have met, they will all serve to boost your self-esteem and make you feel superhuman. Once back home, put your renewed confidence to use and reap the benefits for a long time to come.

Boosts long-term happiness

Cherished moments sit in our memory banks and can be recalled forever, evoking the feelings of joy and exhilaration as if you were right back on your travels. Having indulged in solo travel, every experience, interaction and discovery will be etched on your soul. We guarantee you will never forget your first solo journey or the ones that follow, and every time you recall those memories you will beam from ear to ear.

Remember, whilst choosing solo travel might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t mean you have to step out of comfort. Travel the world with Luxury Gold and indulge in exquisite hotels and fine dining with your Travelling Concierge curating the most memorable experience for you.

If the self-indulgence of solo travel combined with all the benefits of luxury guided travel sounds ideal for you, then take a look at our exclusive worldwide collection to discover your next destination.

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