Luxury travel in 2023 is set to be slow, sustainable and immersive. From extended train journeys to memorable encounters with nature and spending longer at each destination, luxury holidaymakers are seeking a more meaningful escape. Research shows that sustainable travel experiences, connecting to the local culture and leaving a positive impact on the places you visit are all high on the travel agenda. We take a look at this gratifying travel trend and show you how our Luxury Gold limited-edition tours can help you tick these boxes.

A new rationale for travel

Travelling slowly, immersively and sustainably is an absolute expectation for luxury travel in 2023. The most recent American Express Global Travel Trends Report revealed widespread changes in the rationale of travelers. 81% of respondents want to visit destinations where they can immerse themselves in the local culture. 78% of respondents expressed a desire to have a positive impact on the community they were visiting. While 62% agreed they wanted to be more thoughtful about where and how they travel.

While travelers are spending on immersive experiences and longer holidays, the luxury traveler is doing so with an increasingly eco-conscious mindset.

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Slow and immersive with Luxury Gold

From timeless train journeys to luxury safaris, there are many ways to enjoy slow and immersive travel on our limited-edition journeys. Defining luxury travel in 2023, picture multi-night stays in magnificent hotels that enable you to unwind and make your time more meaningful with friends a family. Private access to galleries and landmarks away from the crowds, enabling you as a VIP traveler to soak up culture at your own pace. And MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® as you go, the ultimate in immersive responsible travel experiences. Here you can connect to the communities you visit, exchange stories with locals, make a positive impact and create lasting memories.

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Sustainable travel has long been at the heart of Luxury Gold. And this is brought to life through our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences, included on most of our limited-edition tours. Thoughtfully chosen, these experiences offer the chance to immerse yourself deeper in your destination, through its people, nature and wildlife. If you are looking to make time and travel more meaningful, this is a unique opportunity for new learnings. To make lasting connections and leave a positive legacy.

Aligned to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, each MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience is carefully selected and assessed for its positive, and long-term impact. Even though the experience might be for just a couple of hours, the memory that you leave with, this feeling of having contributed, stays with you forever.

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If traveling slowly, immersively and sustainably sounds like you, then to whet your appetite further here are three of our limited-edition tours, defining luxury travel in 2023.

Majesty of the Rockies

Meet the Warrior Women and travel aboard the Rocky Mountaineer: On the stunning limited-edition tour Majesty of the Rockies we invite you to explore Western Canada’s treasures. Travel through the majestic Rocky Mountains, spending two luxurious days aboard the Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service. Here lose yourself in the most spectacular scenery and take time to reset, admiring nature at its most sublime. The tour also offers a plethora of immersive nature experiences. Including setting foot on a glacier and gentle canyon hikes. Multiple-night stays in the most luxurious mountain retreats allow time to enjoy the amenities, such as golf clubs and spas. This is the ultimate opportunity to relax and absorb the true magnificence of your surroundings, and reflect on the curated experiences you’ve been enjoying.

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In the stunning setting of Jasper National Park, an exclusive invitation and MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience awaits. Here you will meet the First Nations Cree Warrior Women from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, over an intimate fireside meal with a spectacular view of Pyramid Mountain. Learn about Indigenous spirituality, music and drumming as you engage in a fascinating conversation about the aboriginal culture of Canada. Leave enthralled and enlightened with some amazing stories to share with family and friends.

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Spectacular South Africa

Bask in nature on a three-day safari and support local youth: Experience the magic and wonder of South Africa on Spectacular South Africa. This nine-day luxury tour features an extended stay at the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town. And a three-day safari with a stay in a memorable bush lodge. Enjoy spectacular sunsets over Cape Town and view the city from atop Table Mountain. In Kruger National Park, adventure out on a private open-air safari in search of some of the earth’s most magnificent beasts. Led by professional trackers, this once-in-a-lifetime experience unfolds the largest game reserve in South Africa.

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On the UNESCO World Heritage site of Robben Island, enjoy the opportunity to connect to the young people of the area as you join a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience at the Amy Foundation. Here you will meet people from the foundation and see first-hand how the lives of vulnerable young people are being transformed through a variety of empowering programs. This is a unique opportunity to see the area through a different lens. And, through your visit, contribute to the important work taking place and give something back.

On Robben Island, you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit down with Christo Brand. As former prison guard to Nelson Mandela, you’ll be treated to fascinating stories about one of history’s most inspirational figures.

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Majestic Switzerland

Journey aboard the Glacier Express and discover sustainable transport: From St. Moritz to Zermatt and onto Geneva, Majestic Switzerland offers a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary across one of Europe’s most sustainable destinations. Take your first-class seat onboard the Glacier Express, a spectacular and sustainable way to travel through the Swiss Alps. Marvel at unrivaled views of snow-covered peaks, alpine villages and the Rhine Gorge, known as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland. Ride Europe’s highest open-air cogwheel train to the summit of the mountain. Glimpse of some of Switzerland’s highest peaks, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. Then take all the time you need to wander the art-filled halls of the Rosengart Collection on an after-hours private tour. Relax, reflect and enjoy this special time surrounded by the masterpieces of Chagall, Renoir, Kandinksy and Picasso.

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An inspirational MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience lies in store at the Swiss Transport Museum. From luxe Monteverdi cars to alpine trains, discover Switzerland’s fascinating transportation and energy systems and innovations with your Local Expert. Learn about sustainable energy and fossil fuel alternatives. Chart the history of alternative transport methods, from horses and steam to electric and solar power. As well as a fascinating tour, this experience will leave you educated, and inquisitive to learn more.

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 If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury travel in 2023, take a look at the full Luxury Gold collection of limited-edition tours.