Story by: Devender Singh

Devender Singh is one of our finest Traveling Concierges and is very proud to call India home. Beauty, surprises and history are three words he’d use to describe a journey through his country. Here’s his account of this magnificent destination and the city he holds dearest, Jaipur.

I grew up with the history of royal India in my backyard, exploring and getting lost in the mighty forts and palaces of the maharajahs. This is where my fascination with my country’s unique heritage began.

The Jaipur City Palace is central to the city and one of my favorite buildings. The impressive exterior architecture is the perfect prelude to the treasures held within: beautiful textiles from its former rulers, exquisitely painted ceilings, and ornate chandeliers have attracted history enthusiasts for years, including locals like myself.

On Luxury Gold journeys, I introduce guests to the personal staff of the palace’s noble family, as we go behind the scenes of the private palace area. Beautiful ivory doors open into the Sukh Niwas dining room, which had previously been used to entertain royal guests through the ages.

The terrace overlooks the gardens, known to have over 100 peacocks and different species of birds. And the spectacular view of Govind Devji Temple is made all the more magical with the distant sounds of the temple bells, where people can be heard chanting and singing holy songs.

Fortunately for visitors, the heritage of the maharajahs is still very much alive in India’s culture, particularly in Rajasthan.

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