From the compelling ruins of world-famous Angkor Wat, to Dao Thuc’s unique cultural scene, history meets modernity in Indochina. And what better way to discover Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the three crown jewels of Southeast Asia, than in ultimate luxury? Here are six VIP experiences that will allow you to journey through these exotic lands like no other:

Explore Angkor Wat with a Khmer scholar

Mighty in size, Angkor Wat’s notable design, was originally constructed as a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. Learn more about its history and how it later became a Buddhist temple from your renowned Khmer scholar. Working for the Angkor Temple Conversation Institution, they’ll be able to teach you about Khmer history, culture, archaeology and civilisation, as you explore the largest religious monument in the world. Wonder at the Angkor Temple and surrounding complex, see the Bayon temple, visit the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King and hear fascinating insights into the history of the Khmer Empire.

Mekong Delta © Photo by Jack Young on Unsplash

Meet a former soldier in Mekong Delta

In Mekong Delta, meet Mr Say Tuong, a former soldier who survived four years fighting the deadly Khmer Rouge, known for orchestrating the Cambodian genocide. You’ll walk along the shady village roads to his home, where you’ll learn about how life in Vietnam has evolved for both him and his wife since the 1960s, and how they now make a living from making rice paper.

Enjoy a private visit to the Imperial Citadel in Hue

Rise early for a private, VIP visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Imperial Citadel, before it opens to the public. Enjoy an escorted journey on a state-of-the-art electric cart, as a renowned local historian guides you through the towering main gates and shows you the majestic architecture and splendid gardens of the former royal court.

Meet the headmaster of the Vietnamese Royal Martial Arts Academy

Delve further into Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, as you meet the headmaster of the Vietnamese Royal Martial Arts Academy. Learn what it takes to become a practitioner of this standard. Learn about the intricate training activities of the practitioners and attend a performance showcasing the different martial arts techniques.

Hanoi street © Photo by Manh Nghiem on Unsplash

Meet an artisan in Dao Thuc

In Dao Thuc enjoy a water-puppet performance. Set in a lotus pond, the show is accompanied by a live orchestra. After the show meet the artisan who makes the puppets in his workshop and see how the Vietnamese have been bringing performances of this nature to life since the 10th century.

Meet a renowned scholar in Hanoi

Adored for its history, architecture and diversity, learn more about Vietnam’s vibrant capital with a renowned scholar at the Temple of Literature. As you explore the temple grounds, learn about Hanoian culture and Vietnamese architecture, which hold Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influence.

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