Burnt orange hues and sepia woodland landscapes decorate Eastern Canada and parts of the USA for a select few weeks every October, in a scenic phenomenon often referred to as fall foliage.

Signalling the start of autumn, a season romantically characterized by a wholesome combination of knitted jumpers, warm beverages and crisp walks, it is the perfect time for budding photographers and nature enthusiasts to explore.

Famous spots to view fall foliage include New Hampshire, Vermont, Hudson Valley and Quebec. Head to these esteemed destinations for yourself on our Vibrant Eastern Canada and The USA journey, where, if timed right, you’ll not only witness this golden-colored phenomenon, but an exciting mix of stylish experiences too.

New Hampshire, USA

New England is the ideal place to witness October’s flaming fall colors. In New Hampshire, travel along the panoramic Kancamagus Highway, a 34.5 mile American Scenic Byway, well known as one of the best areas in the country for viewing fall foliage in all its glory.

Ile d’Orleans, Canada

Burnt orange hues light up Ile d’Orleans in October every year, attracting visitors looking to experience its true fall ambience. Take a crisp walk to the home of Catherine and Vincent – two “Sorcerers,” as the natives of Ile d’Orleans call themselves, and indulge in the different flavors of jam made with locally grown berries. You will be immediately welcomed by the sweet smell of cooked berries as you explore their shop, before you enjoy a tasty picnic lunch with cheese, bread, fruits and wine – all produced on the island. As you eat, take in the views of rolling hills and red-roofed farm houses.


Fiery trees and leafy tracks greet you in picturesque Vermont. Capture the colourful scenery on your way to join Rock of Ages quarry stonemasons, who will talk to you about about creating monument stonework sculptures, mausoleums and civic monuments featured throughout the United States.

Hudson Valley

A romantic New York state region, Hudson Valley is located along the Hudson river and is made up of lush countryside, orchards and vineyards. Fall foliage usually peaks in this area around the middle two weeks of October every year.

Once here, visit Hyde Park and enjoy a farm-to-table lunch at the Culinary Insitute of America’s restaurant. The menu promises delightful cuisine, with a focus on local produce.

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