Story by Rob Boyd 

Rob Boyd is a man loyal to his home – Whistler. A former Olympic skier and three-time World Cup winner, he has explored its mountains like no other, in true champion style. We caught up with him to learn more about life in this magnificent part of the world.

It all began at my father’s ski hill, a small one that he and my mother set up with a few friends and investors. It was here that I fell in love with skiing, the outdoors and my beautiful country.

Much to the disappointment of my teachers, I spent much more time on these slopes than on my studies. But those early days on the T-bar paid off, as I trained hard and eventually earned my spot in the Olympic games, hosted right here in Whistler.

© Photo by Jasmina Rojko on Unsplash

Looking back, whilst I was probably a bit too young and naïve to truly appreciate the grandeur of the Olympics coming home to Canada, I’m humbled to have participated as the ‘young hopeful.’ In my younger years, I’d make the most of my time in the outdoors – windsurfing, mountain biking, rock climbing and trail running. These days, whilst I still enjoy getting out with my family, I also love representing this special part of the world. I encourage all travelers to visit Canada and the west coast in particular. It’s my favorite part of North America. With the majestic Rockies, lakes and coastlines, it’s heaven for those looking to immerse themselves in Canada’s vast, pristine and truly breathtaking natural beauty.

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