Insight Vacations Luxury Gold pulls out all the stops on its trips to provide guests with experiences that go the extra mile. Whether you call the treatment “exclusive”, “VIP”, or “insider”, guests on Luxury Gold journeys can expect to be treated to the very best travel itineraries featuring incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether you want a private tour of the Vasari corridor in Florence, the Duchess of Northumberland to accompany you around Her Grace’s gardens in England, or even to meet a Canadian Mountie, a Luxury Gold vacation goes the extra mile to ensure a unique one-of-a-kind experience. Here are five of our favorite exclusive experiences, for those looking for something truly unforgettable.

Exclusive Experiences

Vatican Museum, Rome © gianliguori/iStock

Italy, Ultimate Italy

The Sistine Chapel is one of the world’s greatest artistic wonders. Host to two of Michelangelo’s most impressive pieces of art, the breathtaking frescos are undoubtedly a bucket list experience for many art fans. Luxury Gold secures its guests not only a private tour with a local expert before the chapel opens to the public, but also fast-tracked entry into the Vatican Museum, with all its antique treasures. The same exclusive level of service can be expected in Florence, where the renowned Vasari Corridor (lined with portraits that many artists never intended the public to see) is also opened to Luxury Gold guests.

Exclusive Experiences

Alnwick Castle & Lion Bridge © Darren Turner/iStock

Britain, The British Royale

The 142 ceremonial objects that make up the Crown Jewels are the kind of regalia that only Royals get to be left alone with. Yet Luxury Gold ensures the Yeoman Warders – commonly known as “Beefeaters” – give visitors the chance to have a private viewing followed by drinks and canapés in the Hall of Monarchs. If that increases your appetite for the VIP lifestyle, there’s also an opportunity to meet Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland, for a personal tour of her impressive gardens, followed by a locally-inspired lunch in the grounds of her formidable 11th century castle, Alnwick.

Exclusive Experiences

Historic Studio B © Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Historic RCA Studio B is a property of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Southern States of US, Southern Grace

We’ve all heard their records, some of us have seen them live, and a few have visited the places where they hung out, but it’s with Insight Vacations Luxury Gold that guests can join the ranks of superstar musicians like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson and record a song at the same legendary Studio B that they did. After cutting your record, you’ll be treated to another of these exclusive experiences with a special mixology class, where you’ll lean how to make classic Southern cocktails like the Mint Julep.

Exclusive Experiences

Tiger Country © eROMAZe/iStock

India, Essence of India

Ride through Delhi on a rickshaw, past bustling crowds, vibrant colors and evocative sounds, before venturing to Ranthambore with its 10th century fort surrounded by serene temples, mosques and lakes. One of the best places in India to spot a wild tiger, Luxury Gold ensures that a trained naturalist, who also conducts game safaris, escorts guests around this former royal hunting ground. Jeeps are provided too, so that guests can ascend the Amber Fort, with its sprawling complex of courtyards and halls, for a spell-binding sunset that turns the fort’s amber stone to burnished gold and rose before nightfall.

Exclusive Experiences

Athabasca Falls, Icefield Parkway, Jasper National Park © Bjorn-Alberts/iStock

Canada, Majesty of the Rockies

The “Mountie” (more formally known as a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman) enjoys a tradition that’s perhaps comparable to the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, London. And with Luxury Gold, visitors get the rare opportunity to have a private meet and greet with one of these scarlet-jacketed figures, who promise to both educate and entertain. The insider status continues at Jasper National Park. Full of natural wonders and an incredible range of wild animals, from beavers to porcupines, from bears to lynx, Luxury Gold supplies its guests with a local expert to show them the best of Rocky lore.

If any of the exclusive experiences here have prompted an interest in a different kind of travel then visit Insight Vacations Luxury Gold.