Image of terracotta tile-roofed house on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, with small boats visible on the water below

Unique travel destinations are subjective: Paris, for instance, may not be a unique place to travel for a museum-hopper yet be a hidden gem for one who enjoys exploring the subterranean levels beneath our cities. 

Luxury Gold knows all too well that every group of travelers will have both common interests and diverse passions. We tailor our itineraries to you, first by selecting only the travel destinations with the potential for the most unique experiences.

We then weave these activities together, connecting them with a range of exciting transportation options and luxurious accommodations that have signature surprises in store. If you’re searching for a unique travel destination that speaks to your soul, we invite you to join a Luxury Gold tour and immerse yourself in our favorite unique places to travel every single day.


For the culturally-curious: Japan

Two Geishas in Kyoto, photographed from behind, walking down a narrow street

If you’re one who dissects an itinerary in hopes of unlocking the smallest differences and details that make a place unique, then Japan will leave you engulfed in an enriching experience.  

Discover a deeper message and meaning to the magnificent and the mundane when you spend 11 days in the Land of the Rising Sun on our Majestic Japan journey. The itinerary is strewn with golden threads linking the past and the present. You’ll speak to a survivor of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb, enjoy a private sake tasting, and engage in a traditional Sendai tea ceremony.

Allow your curiosity to go farther with optional experiences like a visit to the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum to marvel at the astounding kimono collection or a private sushi-making class that demonstrates why a decade is required to perfect the art of rolling sushi.


For Movers and Shakers: USA

Silhouette of man playing saxophone at sunset

Music history, Black history, and American history converge in the Deep South. A literal soundtrack was written during a chapter which saw the birth of the Mississippi Delta Blues, New Orleans jazz, and Nashville country genres.

Savor a sensory experience like no other when you devote 9 days to music and food on our Southern Grace journey. This itinerary was designed to touch your soul, starting with a lesson in music history in Nashville. Catch a live musical performance at the Grand Ole Opry, take a VIP tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame, then record your own song at the legendary Studio B. 

The King awaits your arrival to Graceland and so do stacks of Memphis BBQ. More exceptional dining is on the menu at Mississippi’s Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens and Dunleith Historic Inn. Finally, explore the Big Easy and dance your way through the streets of New Orleans.


For Soulful Escapists: Australia

Ayers Rock against cloudy sky, Australian outback

Australia is one of the most unique travel destinations if for no other reason than this continent’s varied, and often harsh, geography. The Australian Outback, infamous for its inhospitable nature, is your retreat on our Inspiring Australia journey.

You won’t be without creature comforts for all 13 days: much of this 8-city adventure includes cruising out to the Great Barrier Reef, sipping artisanal wines in the Hunter Valley, and pub crawling through Sydney. But for four days, you’ll venture into the Outback where you’ll take guided walks through Walpa Gorge, seek out an ancestral water snake at the Mutitjulu Waterhole, and reflect during sunrise walks in Kings Canyon.


For Lovers of Rugged Luxury: New Zealand

Exterior shot of the Te Waonui Lodge in New Zealand 

New Zealand’s remote location makes it a unique travel destination for travelers who tend to visit locations with only one geographical hallmark. New Zealand, however, doesn’t make you choose a landscape for your selfie backdrops: glaciers, fiords, mountains, ancient forests, volcanic craters, and dramatic coastlines are all ready for you to explore on Luxury Gold’s The Long White Cloud journey.

This 19-day excursion is one that will rival even the most picturesque of places you’ve visited abroad. You’ll venture across New Zealand’s islands with opportunities to see the changing landscape from every vantage point possible. A catamaran will sail you past cascading waterfalls and imposing cliffs. You’ll cycle along the Arrow River, descend into the Waitomo caves, and trek across the valleys, glaciers, mountain peaks, and lakes of Milford Track. You’ll also stay in 5-star, luxury hotel, such as the Te Waonui Lodge, pictured. 


For Timeless Romantics: United Kingdom

Photo of Anne Hathaway's thatched cottage in Stratford-Upon-Avon, surrounded by green gardens

In the Golden Age of Streaming, we’re treated to period dramas that weave as much historical accuracy possible into every scene. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to the unique travel destinations where these royal shows and period-piece movies are filmed, this 10-day British Royale journey transports you through centuries of royal rule and luxuriant glory.

Begin in London waving to Westminster Abbey while en route to a private Tower of London tour. Pass by other iconic sights you’ve only seen on the screen as you visit Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, and medieval York. Tour the 11th-century Alnwick Castle and cruise Ullswater Lake before toasting to an unforgettable trip with a visit to Edinburgh for whiskey tasting. 


For Gourmets (and Gourmands): Italy

Close up of spaghetti being made

What makes Italy such a unique travel destination is that it evokes a different set of feelings and expectations in every traveler. Some envision the ruins of Rome while others think about the fashion trends in Milan. Traditional Tuscan cuisine is at the top of the menu for one traveler while another may desire only white truffles from Alba, pizza from Naples, and gelato in Florence. 

The Luxury Gold Ultimate Italy journey is the ultimate buffet of history, food, and culture for a traveler with an insatiable wanderlust. 12 cities in 12 days means only stopping for the tastiest bites of history and cuisine: viewing the Faraglioni Rocks in Capri, after-hour tour of Doge’s Palace in Venice, and wandering the Vatican Museums. Unexpected delights are also on the menu by way of a journey through the villages of Cinque Terre, an Umbrian tasting experience, and wine sampling in Guardastelle.


For Collectors of Colorful Crafts

Close up of woman weaving traditional textiles in Peru

From the Sacred Valley to the streets of Lima, artisans long-devoted to their crafts welcome you to admire their handiwork on our Treasures of the Incas journey. Peru is more than Machu Picchu, as you’ll soon discover. Discuss all things art with a local sculptor in Lima. Learn about traditional Peruvian weaving techniques from a Quechua scholar. Break bread with a local family on Amantani Island as you learn about handicrafts that encapsulate thousands of years of Incan culture. And when one of these artisan wares returns home with you, you’ll forever be reminded of this souvenir’s amazing backstory. 

For Drinkers and Thinkers

Vineyard at sunset in Languedoc, france

The French Riviera has a stunning coastline, but if you turn away from the beach, you’ll find a sea of vineyards. If all you need is a bottle of vino, a farm-to-table meal, and a stroll through vibrant, rolling fields, the Luxury Gold Ultimate Southern France journey lets you uncork the French interior. 

Spend a few days under the sun, letting the coastline from Monaco to Saint-Tropez captivate you. Then, begin your wine tasting experience in Aix-en-Provence with organic wine sampling while you learn to make a classic French dessert. More wine awaits with a picnic at Domaine de la Citadelle and a cruise along the Canal du Midi through Languedoc wine country. Finally, savor every last drop of this wine tour opening bottles in Bordeaux and St. Émilion, the oldest active wine-producing appellation in the city. 

Luxury Gold showcases the world’s unique travel destinations through itineraries tailored to diverse travelers. Whatever your age or ability, we have a curated journey featuring the activities and experiences you’re passionate about. Book your vacation today and indulge in your interests.