Niagara’s cascading falls. Quintessential Quebec. Mouthwatering Indigenous cuisine. To learn more about the highlights that await on Indulgence in Eastern Canada, and how each aspect of your journey is made exceptional, we spoke with Travel Concierge Arsen.

Falling deeply in love with this vast and sophisticated land, Arsen made Canada his home seven years ago. His exceptional concierge skills were honed with the Four Seasons luxury hotel brand before he began leading Luxury Gold’s small group journeys.

Eastern Canada Travel Concierge Arsen sits in front of an azure lake with grey mountains in the background.

Offering a flawless personal service tailored to you, your Travel Concierge is an expert in both your destination, and your tastes.

“I provide a personalized and anticipatory service. That’s the luxury part of our journeys,” he tells us. “I answer your questions before you ask them, as much as is possible.”

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Canada’s full splendor

The skyline of Toronto with the CN tower central is pictured with a light tan and grey hue, almost melting into the river in front and sy behind.

“I think what makes Indulgence in Eastern Canada so special is that it shows you whole splendid package of Canada, nothing is left out,” says Arsen. “We explore the English-speaking part in Toronto and Ottowa. And we are also immersed in the deep Francophone culture in Quebec City and Montreal, which is a large part of Canada’s history.

“Canada’s Indigenous culture is also a huge part of this magnificent country’s story, which is told beautifully on this tour. We meet some fascinating people and enjoy Indigenous dining, all the while learning about both the history and present day lives of these communities.”

A thundering start in Toronto

The grey waters of Eastern Canada’s Niagara Falls cascades down, as the sun sets in the sky behind

Your tour starts with the thundering cascades of Niagara Falls. One of the most thrilling things to do in Eastern Canada. An expertly narrated cruise allows you to experience the power of the falls up close, with the mist falling all around you. A five star stay at the St Regis Toronto, a VIP guided tour and wine tasting at Château des Charmes and a warm Canadian welcome provides a spectacular start to your luxury journey.

Exceptional dining every day

Restaurant Sagamité in Quebec's Old Town “We dine in some sensational restaurants. Sagamite in Quebec is particularly stand-out because it traces the path of indigenous gastronomy,” says Arsen. “Their menu features a BBQ of elk, deer and bison, which many people have never tried before. It’s a real treat for the palate.”

This charming restaurant in historic Old Quebec delights with both a gourmet feast and a cultural experience. As you feast on a Flaming Yatista BBQ prepared tableside, you’ll discover how important fire is to the First Nations and learn the staple meats they thrived on.

“Sagamite is the only Indigenous restaurant in Quebec City and it’s family owned,” says Arsen. “It’s a very intimate experience, you see the photos and murals of the family. The portions are huge and the food delicious.”

Spectacular hotels. Every night

Blue, green and gold furnishings in an elegant hotel room at the St Regis hotel Toronto, grey covers drape a large king sized bed and light floods in


Spectacular hotels bookend each day of Indulgence in Eastern Canada. Elegant and hand-selected, these magnificent stays provide a relaxing retreat as well as shining a lens on the country’s rich history.

“What sets this tour apart in terms of hotels is the variety. Each one is sensational. You enjoy the chic of an ultra-modern hotel, and the chance to stay in amazing historic properties,” says Arsen. “So, for every taste there is a luxurious delight, and each night is an experience in itself.

“We handle everything for you. When you arrive, your luggage is in your room waiting for you and your keys are ready.

From chic to chateau

The iconic chateau Le Frontenac hotel in Eastern Canada is pictured perched above the buildings and roads of Quebec, with red brick and green roofs against a dusky blue sky.


“Your hotel experience begins at The St Regis, Toronto. Its right in the center of the city,” Arsen tells us. “Ultra-modern, its pure luxury and everything has buttons.”

A dramatic feature of Toronto’s skyline, with its gleaming silver spire, the St. Regis Toronto is Canada’s tallest residential building. Sip champagne and bask in the heated saltwater, infinity-edged lap pool with spectacular views.

“Then for a real taste of history you have the Fairmont Hotels, which are exceptional,” says Arsen, of the Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa. And the jewel of the crown, the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City, an icon of Eastern Canada travel.

“The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is the most photographed hotel in the world, and rightly so. It’s unbelievably beautiful,” Arsen enthuses. “Sitting regally on the top of a hill, wherever you go in the Old City of Quebec, it is guarding over you.

“We have local expert who gives us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the hotel. Gain access to areas not normally learn how Fairmont Le Château Frontenac’s history is intertwined with the inhabitants of Quebec City.”

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Personalize your Day – historic Montreal

On every Luxury Gold tour, you can enjoy the chance to personalize your day through carefully curated experiences. Thoughtfully chosen with the Luxury Gold guest in mind, your Travel Concierge will help you tailor your choices to get the most out of your day.  

“On Indulgence in Eastern Canada we have three opportunities to personalize your day. Once in Quebec, Ottawa and again in historic Montreal,” says Arsen. “We understand that guests like to explore in different ways so have curated experiences to cater for different tastes.”

Canadas second largest city and the world’s second largest francophone city after Paris, Montreal’s French colonial history dates back to the 16th century. A seductive blend of European charm and North American heritage, exquisite architecture and cobblestone streets blend harmoniously with modern hotels and fine dining.

“Here guests can explore the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal with a Local Expert, one of the great historical things to do in Eastern Canada. Or join a vibrant mural and street art tour to learn about the artists, works, and public art scene that is thriving in this city.” Arsen explains.

In addition to these curated experiences, your personal Travel Concierge also goes the extra mile to further customize your trip. Combining insider knowledge of each destination with the ultimate black book of contacts, they’ll feed your passions and inspire your curiosity during your free time. Whether its concerts or cuisine, exploration or relaxation, they’re always on hand with thoughtful suggestions.

Small groups means more focused attention

“If guests need specific information or have any questions, I’m always available,” Arsen tells us. “With these small group journeys, I have plenty of time to interact one on one with guests, which makes the tour very personal.

With an intimate setting of an average of 20 guests, guests can enjoy a bespoke and tailored service.

“I’m able to learn about each guest and what they like. I always like to understand what brings them here. For me it’s about treating guests as individuals rather than as a whole group.”

A special treat

“I love to leave guests with a special treat.,” says Arsen. “On my last tour I bought maple leaf pins for everyone. They were crafted in part from the original copper which covered the roofs of Canada’s Parliament buildings in Ottawa, from 1918 to 1996. This meant they were taking home a part of Canada.

“The pins are actually made by members of a charity, supporting equal opportunities for disabled people in the workplace, so you’re also supporting an important project. The guests loved it so much, they were deeply moved and touched.”

“It gives me great pleasure to ensure that, for each and every guest, their journey is unforgettable.”

To enjoy all this and more, take a look at our luxurious Indulgence in Eastern Canada tour.