Hilltop winery, surrounded by vineyards in Tuscany

Wine tasting in Italy is an experience that’s as educational as it is engaging. Whether you’re surrounded by an extensive collection of bottles in a cozy wine cellar or gazing at the vast Italian countryside amongst endless varietal blocks, Italian wine tasting in situ is an opportunity to learn about the history, culture, agriculture, and ancestry of a vineyard. 

Professional wine tasters, sommeliers, and artisan vintners have an unrivaled knowledge of these wines. More than simply knowing how to note each delicate finish, they act as guides to help you identify aromas, tastes, and tannins, enabling you to enjoy a full sensory experience from serve to swirl to spit. And, yes, it is polite to spit out wine at a tasting in Italy.

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Wine being poured into glass with table set for dining

Most wine tastings will have spittoons present so you can swirl and spit as needed. It’s also not offensive to dump a sample of wine if it’s not your preferred taste. However, keep in mind that these private wine tasting events are curated with a reverence for the wine and winemakers and are designed to amplify your experience. 

Remember that the high alcohol content and the potential limitation of food pairings will impact your experience as the tasting progresses. A single taste swallowed allows you to savor the initial flavor while a second sip spat into a spittoon lets you focus on the individual notes. 

There are hundreds of vineyards for private wine tasting in Italy, including these exquisite vineyards in Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto. 

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Sunset over vineyards in Tuscany

Envision your perfect private wine tasting in Italy and you’ll likely conjure up visions of the Tuscan hillside. Less than 200 miles from Rome, Tuscany’s Sangiovese grapes take center stage. Renowned dry red wines like Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano pair beautifully with Bistecca alla Fiorentina. This region has some of the best wine tasting in Italy and private wine tastings at these two wineries won’t disappoint.

Ricasoli is the name in Tuscan wine: the family that created the original Chianti wine. Since the 1100s, the Ricasoli family’s estate has grown grapes for centuries. You can visit one of the oldest wineries in Italy and savor a stunning tour of the castle, vineyards, and Ricasoli cellars. Take the Privilege Tour and experience a private visit of Brolio Castle where you’ll taste the limited-quantities of flagship Castello di Brolio, classic Chiantis, and the 100% Trebbiano Sanbarnaba in the opulent formal dining room.

Antinori nel Chianti Classico

26 generations of winemakers have kept the Antinori family name respected throughout Italy. Learn more about the family’s history bottling classic Chiantis with a tour of the award-winning vineyard’s estate, which includes three tastings surrounded by the family’s private art collection. Those searching for a more immersive experience should take the Cru tour: a deep dive into Marchesi Antinori’s wine making philosophy. It includes a private wine tasting of the seven Crus best representing Antinori’s ambition.

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Woman walking in vineyards at sunset, Piedmont, Italy

A region known around the world for its coveted white truffles, Piedmont offers some of the best wine tasting in Italy paired with some of the greatest truffle dishes on the planet. Just west of Milan, Piedmont is a place for gastronomic grandeur. Take advantage of private wine tastings at these two wineries that will prepare your palate for Piedmont’s exceptional bounty of culinary delights.

Casa di Langa

The world’s first hotel with a truffle concierge, Casa di Langa sits in the Alta Langa region of Piedmont. Pinot noirs and chardonnays are the featured wines of the area and the hotel’s two wineries. While the Nebbiolo vines in nearby Barolo and Barbaesco may tempt you for a vineyard visit, we recommend a special tasting in Casa di Langa’s wine academy. Tastings are limited in opportunity and capacity each day, while the range of sampling is anything but. Personalized blind tastings are accommodated, as are broad tastings that reflect the different varieties of the region. Naturally, the best way to follow up this experience is with a multi-course meal Fàula Ristorante where these wines are paired with creative plates and fresh truffles foraged from the hotel’s private forest.

Tenute Cisa Asinari Dei Marchesi

Since the late-1700s, the Grésy family’s four estates have cultivated exceptional vineyards between the Monferrato and Langhe hills. Their historic cellars are ideal for both wine connoisseurs and those just getting a taste for the delicate notes of a fine wine. Private tastings include tours of the cellar where Barbaresco DOCG wines are featured. The vertical tasting is especially intoxicating as it showcases five Barbaresco DOCG wines from three of the estate’s vintage labels.  

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Glasses of white wine

If Venice and Verona weren’t enough to make you fall in love with Italy’s Veneto region, then its wine will surely leave you smitten. Pinot grigio and Prosecco vye for your heart, each enticing you to deny your infatuation with the deep reds and instead embrace the white Italian wines at these wineries located in the heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG UNESCO Heritage site.

Il Colle

Though Il Colle has a history dating back only to the 1970s, the still and bubbly wines produced on their estate yield nothing less than memorable finishes reflecting the soil’s centuries of hard work cultivating a foundation for exceptional white grape growing. For those who want the ultimate Prosecco DOCG experience, nothing less than the premium itinerary tour will suffice. Not only will you taste a new vintage directly from one of the tanks in the winery, but you’ll also hand-pick six still or sparkling wines to sample with artisan cheeses and breadsticks.

La Tordera

With Venice on one side and the Dolomites on the other, there are few better places to find yourself than La Tordera’s winery in the hills of Valdobbiadene. A dynamic private tasting awaits those who desire an education in sparkling wine. Tour the winery with a guide and sample wines ranging from dry aperitif Proseccos to sparkling no-sugar wines for the discerning connoisseur. 

You’ll have no trouble keeping your wine glass full while on Luxury Gold’s Ultimate Italy tour. From Venice to Capri, you’ll spend 12 days exploring just as many cities. One of the highlights of this exciting tour awaits in Tuscany where you’ll enjoy a lunch and private wine tasting at Marchese Mazzei’s estate. You’ll also have daily opportunities to schedule your own wine tasting in Italy as you explore these iconic cities at your leisure. 

Which of Italy’s wine regions are you most excited to uncork? Let us know in the comments below.