When it comes to flying first class, we tend to focus on the big-ticket items to distinguish between airlines. Private cabins, fully-flat beds, gourmet dining, and exceptional service are important, of course. But what about the bathrooms? Some airlines are showing they should no longer be an after-thought. Expect walk-in showers, full-size sinks and mirrors, plush seating, luxury products, hidden urinals… even loos with a view. But who’s doing it the best? Here we revealing the airlines with the most luxurious first class bathrooms, for when you feel like pampering yourself at 30,000 feet. 

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Emirates first class bathroom


The first class bathrooms on Emirates A380 are among the finest in the world. The aircraft has 14 first class suites and two glamorous shower suites on the upper deck, complete with walk-in showers, heated floors, and luxury Bulgari toiletries. As a first class passenger, you can schedule your shower at the beginning of your flight. The aircraft will also have shower spa attendants on board who ensure the shower spas are maintained throughout the flight. The elegant spas are fitted with high-quality laminate wood panelling, sink, vanity and mirrors, along with cushioned benches. High-altitude pampering has never looked so good. 

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines first class bathroom


Singapore Airlines runs Emirates close with its A380 first class suite bathrooms. With only six seats in the first class cabin, you won’t have to wait to relax in these enormous bathrooms. Each luxurious bathroom has two roomy sections with a full-size sink, full-size vanity, plush seating, and a hidden urinal. You’ll feel like you’re at a day spa at the vanity, where you can unwind with a padded ottoman, full-length mirror, and an impressive stock of Lalique toiletries for sky-high indulgence. 

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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways first class bathroom


Looking at Qatar Airways’ opulent first class bathrooms, it’s hard to believe they belong on an aircraft. They have a full-length mirror and a full-size sink with a waterfall tap and LED light-up mirrors. The bathrooms also have gorgeous mood lighting, so you can pamper yourself in style with luxury brands of perfume and cologne, shaving kits, lotion, mouthwash, and toothpaste. The cherry on the cake is the hidden toilet upholstered in the same leather as the benches – which are almost as big as a chaise lounge.

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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways The Residence


In summer 2023, Etihad Airways is bringing back its A380 aircraft with ultra-luxe first class bathrooms. The aircraft will include three of its extraordinary “Residences”. These are three-room suites, each with a separate bedroom, living room, and ensuite bathroom with shower. Widely considered the most luxurious flying experience, the relaunch of The Residences is garnering excitement in the luxury travel community. It’s also the only airline, aside from Emirates, offering a full shower in the bathroom suite. Guests will have a full five minutes of hot running water in the shower, a dream on long-haul flights. With an in-flight butler and premium features such as the same leather upholstery as Ferrari, this is as impressive as it gets in first class.

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Banner image: Emirate’s first class shower spa