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A commemoration of durability, strength and beauty, your silver anniversary deserves a celebration like no other. Creating memories for many more years, travel is an ever-popular 25th wedding anniversary trip idea. So why not go all-in on a destination that you and your partner have dreamed of since the early days of dating?

We invite you to mark this special occasion with Luxury Gold, and take a look at our favorite 25th wedding anniversary trip ideas, including excursions through Japan’s Onsens, Peru’s ancient cities and Australia’s wild Outback.

Redefine intimacy in Italy

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Food, frescos and fascinating history rank Italy among the best 25th anniversary getaways. A flawless mix of curated experiences and private, personal time, our Ultimate Italy tour is full of moments to savor. In Tuscany you’re treated to a private wine tasting tour with the owners of Guardastelle Estate. Savor lunch with rolling hills and vineyards setting the backdrop for an unforgettable meal. In Venice where you’ll embark on a private after-hours tour of Doge’s Palace accompanied by a local historian. Explore Ancient Rome and the Vatican, cruise around Capri, visit the towns of Cinque Terre, and sit hand-in-hand with your love on a dreamy gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

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Recapture your thrill for adventure in Australia

The Sydney Opera House gleams at night, shown from the view between two high buildings

When it comes to 25th anniversary destinations, the Land Down Under is on top. A quarter-century of marriage certainly hasn’t dimmed your spark, but if you and your partner are looking for the thrills of yesterday, Australia awaits. Experience this wild and wonderful country with a journey into the Outback. Venture into Kings Canyon and, as the darkness settles on the day, gather around the campfire for a moonlit barbecue and listen to a didgeridoo as you dine.

A very popular 25th anniversary trip idea, consider spending your silver anniversary on the Luxury Gold Inspiring Australia tour. Journey from Cairns to Sydney, soaking up the scenery, savoring the Hunter Valley wine region, and cruising to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Relive simple pleasures in Cambodia & Vietnam

Luxury junk boats with bright red sails cruise on green water od Halong bay in Vietnam, with tall green covered mountains rising in the background.

A sweet and simple 25th anniversary trip idea involves a return to your earliest date nights.  When’s the last time you and your beau have truly been on a date? Return to the simpler days of your courtship and embrace the date nights of years past. Enjoy a quiet dinner together in romantic Hoi An, share nibbles of street food while touring the food stalls of Hanoi, and take in an unforgettable sunset from Angkor Wat’s marvelous temples.

The Luxury Gold Cambodia & Vietnam in Style tour grants you two-weeks of travel in two of Asia’s most fascinating countries. Travel with your beau through the Angkor Archaeological Park before learning how to brew Vietnamese coffee in Ho Chi Minh City and indulging in a steam bath together at Pilgrimage Village in Hue.

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Enjoy exclusive encounters with Luxury Gold: Hue is Where the Heart is: In conversation with artist Camille Huyen

Celebrate the big 25 with the Big Five in South Africa

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A remarkable 25th anniversary getaway with an unrivaled safari experience, buckle up for one of the most awe-inspiring moments in your relationship. Witness lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards, and more on a luxury safari experience in Kruger National Park. Here you’ll spend three days eyes wide and mouth agape as you walk through the bush and drive through the trees in search of Africa’s Big Five.

Spend an anniversary like no other on our Luxury Gold Spectacular South Africa tour. Visit Cape Town, toast your anniversary at Boschendal Wine Estate, summit Table Mountains, and make a poignant visit to Robben Island.

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Give a gift they’ll treasure in Peru

Luxury Gold guests meet a Shamen in Peru’s Sacred Valley, on fertile grasslands with mountains in the background.

While you can’t wrap wonder, you can watch as your partner’s eyes light up when viewing Machu Picchu for the first time. We invite you to explore this ancient site before the troves of day-trippers arrive, spoiling yourselves with ample opportunities for photo ops. Go beyond simple souvenirs and let your partner pick out a traditional Peruvian Cusqueñan textile from the artisans of the Sacred Valley, a colorful gift that symbolizes your vibrant journey over the last 25 years.

The Luxury Gold Treasures of the Incas tour lets you and your partner uncover the mysteries of Peru. From Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to art-filled streets of Lima and the serenity of Lake Titicaca, this 12-day adventure is one of the most unique 25th anniversary getaways you can imagine.

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A Magnificent Stay you’ll never forget: Step inside Peru’s blissful Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Binge on a bucket list experience in Japan

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You’ve had this 25th anniversary trip idea on your radar for years. Now’s the time to book it. As you and your partner get ready to embark on the next 25 years of your journey together, make sure the first chapter on the road to your 50th anniversary is as captivating as can be. Japan welcomes you to celebrate your love in the Onsen baths of Oirase, renewing your souls and love for one another in these crystal-clear streams. Sushi, sake and other savory delights line the menu of this 11 day adventure.

Discover Tokyo, admire Hirosaki Castle and sip tea on the island of Sendai on: Majestic Japan

To see where you could celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with Luxury Gold, take look at our worldwide collection of small-group journeys.