Are you ready to go on a journey with us as we explain what sets Luxury Gold apart? Well dust off your virtual passport, sit back and let us whet your wanderlust. No need for luggage on this trip just a comfortable seat and some imagination.

At Luxury Gold, it is our pleasure to make your next journey extraordinary. We invite you to indulge your passions on immersive, small group VIP guided vacations. With never more than 40 guests and an average of just 28 you will be able to enjoy the perfect blend of guided and independent exploration with like-minded individuals. With smaller groups you benefit from less queuing whilst embarking and disembarking and more personal service from your Traveling Concierge and Well-Being Director , all while retaining a comfortable physical distance.

At Luxury Gold we are very proud of our Traveling Concierges, expertly trained our Traveling Concierges are with you during your entire vacation. Master planners they deepen your connection to a destination. Imagine the best five-star concierge you’ve ever met, the person that makes dreams a reality. Fluent in the local language, with an extensive list of contacts to enrich your trip. Your Traveling Concierge is there from the beginning, understanding your preferences and desires before your journey, as well as on hand throughout, to personalize details that make your vacation unforgettable.

Our Traveling Concierges are able to build your dream vacation around the magnificent luxury hotels you’ll stay in with Luxury Gold. Our guests stay at acclaimed properties that offer outstanding levels of service in fantastic locations. We understand the importance of comfort and as such beautifully appointed rooms with everything you might need, luxurious touches to elevate your stay and staff who make hospitality personal, are all elements of each hotel we choose for your journey.

On our Castles and Kingdoms tour you’ll stay at the truly spectacular Ashford Castle. Whilst there your traveling concierge can book spa treatments or a guided tour of the gardens. Of course we also have VIP experiences where you’re able to enjoy inclusions Your Way, choose between a unique falconry experience or a guided historical tour of the Castle.

Discover other unique VIP Experiences that are only available to Luxury Gold guests. A memorable part of each journey, VIP Experiences bring you joy, laughter and genuine awe, transforming the standard sights into moments of gold.


Harmony of Central Europe

Enjoy a private guided walk through the former summer home of the Habsburg dynasty. Appreciate the grandeur of one of the most important cultural assets of Austria on this tranquil tour with no other travelers around.


Remarkable Russia

The palace of the tsars opens just to you for a private, after-hours visit. Enjoy the regal ambience as you explore the treasures of the Hermitage Museum with an art historian.

At Luxury Gold we like to indulge in the exceptional and as such on some of our trips we offer Chairman’s Collection departures. These elite experiences have been personally curated by our Chairman, Mr. Stanley Tollman, and call upon his extensive connections and are inspired by his life in travel. Expect to mingle with legendary locals, including European nobility such as Her Grace, the Duchess of Northumberland, as she personally welcomes you for a private tour of her beloved Alnwick Castle Gardens on our British Royale tour. Or Country Hall of Fame musician Charlie McCoy for a special introduction to Nashville’s impressive music history on our Southern Grace vacation.

You might be asking yourself how we are able to offer such impressive inclusions? Our answer would be a simple one, it is the legacy of the Tollman family, our founders. With now over 100 years in hospitality the Tollman family have dedicated their lives to bringing their incomparable attention to detail to make guests feel truly welcome. To make every journey truly extraordinary – turning travel into gold.

The Tollman family are also strong believers in using travel as a force for good and Luxury Gold is a proud partner of The TreadRight Foundation. TreadRight has supported over 50 sustainable tourism projects worldwide, while also guiding our business on matters that reflect our sustainable values – from implementing a pioneering animal welfare policy to an industry leading ban on avoidable single-use plastics. How We Tread Right is TTC’s new five-year sustainability strategy, which sets the mandate on sustainability at Luxury Gold and our sister travel companies. Our strategy is based on 11 measurable goals, anchored to the United Nations’ Global Goals, and were developed to address Luxury Gold’s impact on People, the Planet and Wildlife.

Feeling inspired? Below you’ll find some of our most popular vacations to feed your wanderlust.

Elegance of the Nile

The father of African rivers the Nile has long been a reflection of Egypt’s history and destiny – an economic lifeline, a great highway to conquest and a source of inspiration throughout the centuries.

Majesty of the Rockies

Take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains as you travel in luxurious comfort to the most dazzling national parks, glaciers and historic villages of Western Canada. Savor delicious local cuisine in trendy Vancouver and meet passionate Local Experts, as you discover Mother Nature’s bounties from the Rockies to the waters of Alaska.

Ultimate Italy

Step into the ancient world, as a Local Expert shows you the cobblestone alleyways of Pompeii, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in VIP style, and the gravity-defying Tower of Pisa.

British Royale

Uncover the very essence of Britain and go to significant destinations that were once frequented by the likes of Shakespeare and notorious kings.

Inspiring Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Red Centre of the Outback, Australia boasts a plethora of extraordinary natural wonders. This immersive journey is a showcase of vast tropical rainforests, otherworldly rock formations and ancient indigenous culture. Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo at a hosted starlit dinner in Uluṟu and take in the iconic sights of Sydney aboard a yacht.