In the Northern Hemisphere we are enjoying the sunshine and heat of summer, so that means it’s time to start searching for summer recipes. With the better weather we are out in our gardens or balconies and enjoying time with family and friends sharing in good food. For our Southern Hemisphere friends, we hope this blog tides you through to warmer months ahead.

At Luxury Gold you’ll know we are passionate about delicious authentic and local food. But did you also know that we are committed to bringing vegetarian options to the fore on our tours? As part of The Travel Corporation’s 5-year sustainability strategy we have committed to reducing not only our carbon impact but also food waste. As such this blog shares only vegetarian and vegan recipes. It also features summer recipes with vegetables that are seasonal and that you just might have growing in your outside space. We hope that you will try them and have a meat free barbeque!

Watermelon and Feta Skewers Recipe Here  

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These skewers are not just beautiful with the contrasting colors of the watermelon and feta but will also cool you down during a warm summer’s day. We love them with a touch of mint added but you can also quickly grill them on the BBQ if you want. The variations are endless!

Beetroot Hummus Recipe Here 

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Can you see a color theme appearing? Once you’ve tried this bright hummus you will never go back to the plain original! The flavors are balanced beautifully in this recipe and what is even better is that you can make it ahead for easy prep. Cut up some vegetables to dip into it or use it as a spread in your burger bun.

Vegan Burgers Recipe Here  

Photo by Jamie Oliver

Speaking of burgers we love Jamie Oliver’s recipe. This easy recipe is vegan, healthy and satisfying. Meat lovers will have nothing to complain about. If you aren’t too keen on some of the spices the base can easily be modified to suit all tastes.

Tomato and Zucchini Tart Recipe Here 

Photo by A beautiful Kitchen

Do you have tomatoes and zucchini growing in your vegetable patch? Have so much produce you’re not sure what to do with it? Well this is the recipe for you! Not only is this tart delicious it looks beautiful and will impress guests. It reminds us of the flavors of France. Feeling inspired to go on vacation? We’re ready for you.

Strawberry shortcake Recipe Here 

Photo by Ricciardo Cuisine

The Luxury Gold team have lots of strawberries ripening and look forward to making this strawberry shortcake. Sometimes less is in fact more and this recipe is just that, a perfectly fresh combination of strawberries, cream and sweet shortcake. This dessert will round off a perfect BBQ!

Pimm’s Cup Recipe Here  

Photo by Pimm’s

We know that any BBQ isn’t complete without a drink and we are sharing our favorite from the UK. Pimm’s was originally blended by James Pimm as an aid to digesting oysters in 1840. It is a gin-based spirit with a fruity flavor. Now it is a signpost of British summertime. Start perfecting your cocktail now in time for Wimbledon!

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe Here  

Photo by BBC Good Food

Remember the introduction of this blog where we spoke about Luxury Gold’s commitment to reducing food waste? This is a summer recipe that does just that. It reuses the watermelon you’ve used in the skewers to make this fun non-alcoholic cocktail that is simple to make but is a showstopper.