Looking for the perfect gift for the avid traveler in your life? Get inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, crafts and traditions. From an Indian silk headscarf or a Japanese washi paper journal to an Italian leather camera bag or French travel skincare, here are some of the greatest travel gift ideas, inspired by our journeys.

1. Handmade stationary

Japanese stationary

Photo credit: @itoya_official

Inspired by: Japanese washi paper and Egyptian papyrus paper

Handmade stationery is the perfect travel gift inspired by the craftsmanship and heritage of Japan and Egypt. Japan’s deep-rooted tradition of washi paper making embodies simplicity and sustainability, while Egypt’s mastery of papyrus production dates back to ancient times. You can find beautiful journals to document your travels, notebooks to jot down important info, or even gorgeous artworks made on handmade canvases. 

Where to buy: In Egypt, head to the local markets or visit shops like the Papyrus Institute in Cairo for sustainably made products. In Japan, you can find local artisans who sell their creations online, or explore specialty shops like Itoya, a 100-year-old stationary store in Tokyo.

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2. Woollen knitwear

Woollen knitwear

Photo credit: @daleofnorway

Inspired by: Norwegian, Scottish and Peruvian knitwear

High quality woollen knitwear is an essential travel item. A snug jumper, cosy scarf, or warm blanket are the ultimate comfort items to bring wherever you go, from winter destinations to chilly airplanes. Countries like Norway, Scotland and Peru are all famed for their woollen knitwear. Norway’s iconic woollen sweaters are famed for their unique patterns and durability. Scotland’s woollen tartan products are a symbol of its rich heritage and craftsmanship. Peru’s alpaca and llama wool products are not only super soft but often made by Indigenous communities using traditional weaving techniques. 

Where to buy: Dale of Norway is an iconic Nordic knitwear brand, and you can find responsibly sourced woollen products at The Tartan Blanket Co (TBCO) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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When you travel to Peru with Luxury Gold, you’ll meet Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez, a Quechua scholar, director of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. Learn about the center’s mission to preserve traditional weaving techniques and watch local artisans creating beautiful handwoven pieces. 

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3. Leather bags

Leather bag

Photo credit: @scuoladelcuoio

Inspired by: Italian and Spanish leather craftsmanship

Leather is known for its longevity and timeless style, and Italy and Spain are known for producing some of the most high quality leather products in the world. Whether you’re looking for a duffel bag, backpack, or camera bag, and Italian or Spanish leather bag is the perfect travel gift. 

Where to buy: Go for leather products made from eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather and support artisans who follow ethical standards. In Spain, Ubrique is the most famous leather producing region, and Loewe and Castañer both create excellent leather goods. In Italy, Florence is the place to go for premium leather goods, and you’ll find luxury items at stores like Ferragamo and Gucci. You can also visit the historic Scuola del Cuoio (School of Leather) in Florence, where you can watch artisans at work and purchase handcrafted leather items.

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4. Slippers

Slippers and socks

Photo credit: @nootkas

Inspired by: Merino wool products in New Zealand

A quality pair of slippers are one of life’s greatest pleasures, and it’s a true comfort while you’re traveling. If you’re looking for the cosiest slippers, you can’t go past pure Merino sheep wool. Soft and durable, it’s a gift your friends and family will adore. 

Where to buy: Consider New Zealand brands that use ethically sourced sheepskin and sustainable production methods, like Cosy Toes, Nootkas and Glerups.

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5. Silk scarf

Silk scarf

Photo credit: @hermes

Inspired by: Silk products in France and India

Both India and France have centuries-old traditions of silk production and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you go for a silk headscarf, pyjamas, robes, eye masks, or pillowcases, be sure to look for silk items made using eco-friendly, ethical silk farming practices.

Where to buy: Consider supporting artisanal cooperatives like FabIndia for sustainable silk products or Hermès for luxury French silk products.

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6. Bamboo travel cutlery set

Travel cutlery set

Photo credit: @mujiaus

Inspired by: Japan’s bamboo forests

This gift is the ultimate luxury sustainable travel product. You combine the sustainability of bamboo with reusable cutlery, so you can ditch the single-use plastic cutlery. Bamboo is naturally renewable as it regrows from its own roots and regenerates at a whopping speed of up to 90cm a day. When you explore the beautiful bamboo forests in Japan, you’ll really get an understanding of the magic of this plant.

Where to buy: Look for products made from sustainably harvested bamboo at stores like Muji.

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7. Travel skincare

Skincare bottles

Photo credit: @biologique_recherche

Inspired by: French skincare  

Good skincare is so important when you travel. Whether you experience dry skin after flying, irritated skin in cold weather, or need extra protection from the sun, you’ll likely find yourself needing extra skincare products when traveling. If you’re looking for iconic brands and soothing rituals, turn to French skincare. The top French beauty brands focus on preventative skincare and source the finest ingredients, having refined their products for decades or even centuries. 

Where to buy: French brands like Lancôme, Clarins and Biologique Recherche stock a range of high quality beauty and skincare products. They offer many of their products in travel sizes and can even create a personalized skincare ritual for you. 

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8. Watches

Omega watch

Photo credit: @omega

Inspired by: Swiss watchmaking 

Timekeeping is an essential part of travel for anyone and no one does timepieces better than Switzerland. Geneva has been the heart of the watchmaking industry since the 16th century and is renowned for its intricate designs, excellent craftsmanship and precise timekeeping. 

Where to buy: Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin are some of the most iconic Swiss watchmakers. You can also explore Swiss brands that use recycled materials and sustainable practices like Omega or Swatch. 

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