Lush green countryside, ruined castles and lucky charms are not the only things that make up the fascinating Emerald Isle. On your next – or first – trip to this verdant land, prepare for the toe-tapping sound of the fiddle as you head to Killarney for a truly immersive experience Irish dancing.

On our Ultimate Ireland trip, you’ll take an Irish dance class with the performers of the Celtic Steps, as you learn more about the moves that made the likes of Michael Flatley famous.

Along with your fellow travelers, you’ll be taught a few simple sequences to get you in the mood for a night of musical entertainment.

Later, with your newfound talent to inspire you, you’ll sit back and relax as you watch the Celtic Steps take the stage for a two-hour performance of traditional singing and dancing.

With over 17 World Champion Dance titles under their belt, you’ll watch the country’s leading dancers come together to showcase the origins of Irish music and its development over the years.

The enchanting performance will include ‘haunting’ old Irish classics such as ‘Siúil a Rún’ and instrumental pieces such as Margaret’s Waltz.

Tip: Be in the know and prepare for your trip with these five words, all related to the dance itself:

  1. Rince (pronounced rin-ka) or Damhsa (pronounced dow-sa): Perhaps the most important words for your class, they both mean dance in Ireland.
  2. Ceili: Pronounced “KAY-lee”, this word represents a group dance, usually done in competitions or performances.
  3. A cut: This is a dance move that involves bringing one pointed foot up to the opposite hip.
  4. Ghillies: Pronouced “GIL-lees”, these are the soft shoes female dancers wear during performances.
  5. Click: This word relates to a basic Irish dance movement that involves one foot passing by the other foot, with the heels hitting each other to make a clicking sound.

Head to Ireland yourself on our Ultimate Ireland trip.