Trevor White is proud to call Dublin home. The local legend is known for launching “The Dubliner” magazine, publishing Ireland’s best-selling restaurant guide and authoring several books.

We caught up with the critically acclaimed social history author, food critic and founder of The Little museum Dublin to find out more about life as a Dubliner.

The Little Museum Dublin

This is the only time an exclusive group get a behind the scenes look at The Little Museum Dublin with me.

“I want to introduce guests to the city, not only through tears but laughter.”

The museum is my way of sharing my love for the city and its people with the public. Even its origin is a testament to the character of the Irish. It opened in 2011 at the heart of the recession and local Dubliners made it happen, donating their own artefacts to the cause.

A storytelling experience

As part of the storytelling experience, I incorporate my knowledge as a local, author and expert. From my time as owner of magazine The Dubliner, to my position as a food critic at the publication Food & Wine, I can talk in depth about Dublin’s historic and current local trends. Luxury Gold will even take you to my favourite restaurant, the Michelin-starred L’Ecrivain.

Hitting headlines

I want to introduce guests to the city, not only through tears but laughter. Though parts of Ireland’s political history and conflict are emotional, it is important to also look at Dublin’s more light-hearted past.

One of my favourite examples is the peculiar headlines of the 1960s. An example found in the museum reads “large yellow object spotted in the sky,” after a particularly long winter – a nod to the city’s cheeky attitude.

The whole museum takes this approach – it’s about looking at history with a sideways view.

Prep for your trip:

While there are lots of things guests should know about Dublin before they arrive, I’ve narrowed it down to three key points:

  1. Read some James Joyce. I’d recommend his book of short stories, appropriately titled Dubliners.
  2. It is essential that you find yourself with Dubliners. Dubliners are great talkers and you’ll have the chance to enjoy some true Irish banter.
  3. Test us – Dublin has a reputation of being a really hospitable city and is known for the saying “a stranger is a friend you’ve never met”. Test that theory and see if we’re worthy of that reputation.

My hope is that you’ll leave the city with very rich memories and warm hospitality.

Meet Trevor and explore Dublin like a true local on our Ultimate Ireland and Castle and Kingdoms trips.