Dining Experiences

In a world where the quality of food continues to skyrocket, it’s simply not enough just to provide brilliant standalone dishes any more. People want a little magic sprinkled here and there, something that elevates their food into the realm of the remarkable. From dinner served in the middle of the desert to dining like royalty in Vietnam and even trying your hand a traditional Aboriginal hunting techniques, we’ve selected some of the most spectacular dining experiences in the world, to make sure your culinary adventures are truly unforgettable.

Jekyll Island, USA

Southern Glamour

Located off the coast of Georgia, Jekyll island has luxury hotels, historical ruins and picnic spots galore. However, the culinary highlights here can be found on the water, on board the “Lady Jayne.” Learn all about shrimping before tucking into a traditional (spicy) “shrimp boil” on deck.

Dining Experiences

Shrimping Boat © iStock/earl_of_omaha

Barberino di Mugello, Italy

Best of Italy
Lots of places talk the talk when it comes to home cooked food, but Barberino di Mugello walks the walk, too. That’s because there’s a nonna (grandmother) in the kitchen cooking up dishes from her childhood at this Florentine, family-run restaurant, where people swear by the quality of the desserts.

Dining Experiences

Spaghetti alla vongole © iStock/GMVozd

Daintree, Australia

Inspiring Australia

Don’t just sample Aboriginal food; get your hands dirty and hunt for mud crabs for your lunch! Learn about the traditional tactics used in spear hunting, and enjoy a fresh-as-can-be lunch in the relaxed rainforest setting of Daintree.

Dining Experiences

Mud crabs © iStock/cookie_cutter

Pasteis de Belem, Portugal

Spain & Portugal in Style

While many inventive chefs dream their signature dishes will become national favorites, Lisbon’s Pasteis de Belem really did win the baking lottery. The birthplace of the “Pastel de Nata” – the humble and delicious custard tart – sample these sweet and creamy treats, which are still made to their original (secret) recipe, at this airy bakery and café.

Dining Experiences

Custard tarts © iStock/Anna_Pustynnikova

Jaisalmer, India

Imperial Rajasthan
Sometimes the setting really is everything. This is especially true in the Jaisalmer desert, where the Kanoi Sand Dunes make the perfect backdrop for some culinary hedonism. Feast as the sun paints the sands a million colors, and dance to the accompaniment of musicians under bright, twinkling stars.

Dining Experiences

Indian dancer and musicians © iStock/avid_creative

Ancient Hue Restaurant, Vietnam

Cambodia & Vietnam in Style

Most people have heard the phrase, “dining like a king,” but few have actually done it. Here’s your chance to not only savor the dishes typically served to Vietnamese royalty, but also to dress in the traditional royal costumes, too!

Dining Experiences

City of Hue © iStock/fototrav

Rick’s Café, Morocco

Best of Morocco

If you’ve ever felt like recreating a famous film sequence, now’s your chance. Rick’s Café, made famous by the 1942 film Casablanca, harks back to Morocco’s golden age with tinkling pianos and sultry jazz that includes everybody’s favorite tunes from the 40’s and 50’s.

Dining Experiences

Girl playing the piano © iStock/Furtseff

Maison Cailler, Switzerland

Majestic Switzerland

There’s something about chocolate factories that never fails to capture the imagination, and there are few in the world that can compete with Maison Cailler. One of Switzerland’s oldest and most important chocolate factories, a visit here will introduce you to the highest echelons of Swiss chocolate making.

Dining Experiences

Maison Cailler © Maison Cailler