The Bridgerton effect is in full swing. After captivating millions of people in the first season, this Netflix romance drama set during England’s Regency era, has returned to our screens for a second season. It’s famed for its passionate romance and decadent costumes… But we can’t take our eyes off all those glamorous estates. With opulent countryside manors and gilded palaces on full display, Bridgerton will have you swooning over more than just its scandalous storylines. From London to Bath, here are nine of the best Bridgerton filming locations you can visit so you can vacation like the aristocracy in the UK.

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1. Castle Howard

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It was used for: Clyvedon Castle, the Duke of Hastings’ fictional home, was filmed in three locations and Castle Howard was one of them. The stunning façades, entrance hall and sprawling gardens where Daphne and Simon get settled into married life were all filmed at Castle Howard. The nearby Coneysthorpe Village is also featured in the show as the village visited by the Duke and Duchess. 

Where is it: York.

History: While Castle Howard was commissioned in 1699, it took over a century to build and was finally completed in 1811. It’s still a private home, but the honey-hued façades of this Baroque property are no stranger to the big screen. It has also been used as a filming location for Victoria, Brideshead Revisited, The Buccaneers, Lady L, and Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. As Castle Howard has also hosted several royal visits over the years, it’s the perfect place to film the lavish scenes in Bridgerton.

How to experience it

If you want to vacation like the aristocracy in the UK, join us on our Britain luxury tours where you’ll get exclusive after-hours access to the magnificent Castle Howard. After arriving at the castle, you’ll enjoy a traditional English High Tea in the grand Grecian Hall, followed by a private tour of the castle and grounds after it closes to the public. You’ll have time to marvel at all the intricate architecture of one of Britain’s finest historic houses, or meet one of the gardeners and explore the surrounding tranquil gardens, dotted with lakes, fountains, temples, and woodlands. 

The estate has also recently launched a new exhibition: ‘Castle Howard on Screen: From Brideshead to Bridgerton’. You’ll be able to get up close to the dazzling costumes used in the famous productions filmed at Castle Howard – including Bridgerton.

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2. Royal Crescent

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It was used for: The exterior of the Featherington family home in the fictional Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, London.

Where is it: Bath.

History: While many scenes in Bridgerton are set in Mayfair, London, much of the filming actually took place in Bath, including the impressive Royal Crescent. This sweeping crescent of 30 Grade 1-listed terrace houses is renowned as one of the UK’s finest examples of Georgian architecture. Built in the 1760s-1770s, this building was used by Regency-era aristocrats who came to the city of Bath for the buzzing social events. Today, it’s perfectly preserved as a museum and visitors can walk around outside or go inside to explore this remarkable building. You can also find a five-star Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa within the property. While you’ll get your Bridgerton fix here, you may also recognise the Royal Crescent from films and TV shows like The Duchess, Northanger Abbey, and Vanity Fair.

How to experience it

When you travel to the Georgian city of Bath on our Britain luxury tours, you’ll be taken on a private orientation tour through the historic sites of Bath, including the Royal Crescent. You’ll also see the beautiful Bath Abbey and the 18th-century Pulteney Bridge. 

Bonus Bridgerton filming location

As you wander through the cobbled streets and charming architecture of Abbey Green in the centre of Bath, you may also recognise it as the location of the Modiste, the fictional dress shop that was a hub of gossip in Bridgerton. Take a turn around the square or go shopping for your own swanky outfit – just like the Bridgertons would. 

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3. Wilton House

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It was used for: The interiors of Queen Charlotte’s royal residence, including her bedroom, parlour, garden, and the throne room where the debutantes are presented; Lady Danbury’s library; scenes at the Duke of Hasting’s Clyvedon Castle including the dining room, corridors, study, and some exteriors; the gardens were also used for garden parties and you’ll also recognise the Palladian Bridge where the ton promenades. 

Where is it: Wilton, Wiltshire.

History: Daphne and Edwina may be the diamonds of their season, but the resplendent Wilton House is the crown jewel of Bridgerton filming locations. With plush rooms and 14,000 acres of parkland, Wilton House has featured many times on the big screen including in The Crown series. In real life, Wilton House has been the country seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years. The gorgeous Palladian Bridge was constructed between 1735 and 1737 and has been beautifully preserved since then.

How to experience it

A third of the house is private, however, the rest of the Wilton House estate is often open to the public – usually during the summer. 

Bonus Luxury Gold experience

While you won’t meet Queen Charlotte at Wilton House, you can meet a Duchess on our Britain luxury tours as part of our exclusive Chairman’s Collection. When you visit the 11th-century Alnwick Castle, you’ll be welcomed personally by Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland for a private tour of her cherished castle gardens. Over the last two decades, the Duchess has lovingly restored the gardens to their former 18th-century glory. You’ll hear the Duchess’ personal stories and also meet the Head Gardener to go deeper into the serpent garden and the labyrinth. After pausing for a delicious seasonal lunch, you’ll then meet a Local Expert for an exploration through the medieval Alnwick Castle, which was featured in the Harry Potter films. If you’ve ever wanted to vacation like the aristocracy in the UK, this is it.

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4. Wrotham Park

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It was used for: Aubrey Hall, the ancestral Bridgerton family home in the country where the kids grew up and where they play their raucous annual game of pall-mall. This is also the house where the Bridgertons invited the Sharmas to stay.

Where is it: Barnet, Hertfordshire

History: This spectacular neo-Palladian English country estate was designed by Isaac Ware in 1754 for Admiral John Byng. It’s set on an expansive 2,500-acre estate and is one of the largest private houses near London. With its exquisite facade and lush gardens, it’s no wonder Wrotham Park has been used over 60 times as a filming location. Before serving as Aubrey Hall in Bridgerton, Wrotham Park featured in the likes of  Bridget Jones’ Diary, the Kingsman films, and Gosford Park

How to experience it

While Wrotham Park is not open to the public, you can hire the space for private events like parties and weddings.

Bonus Luxury Gold experience
If you’d love to immerse yourself in the world of royals and aristocrats, join us on our Castles and Kingdoms luxury tour. You’ll journey to the breathtaking Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland – and you’ll even get to spend two nights in this enchanting castle-turned-luxury hotel. On arrival, a lone piper escorts you over the drawbridge, before you’re guided to your opulent room in the 800-year-old castle. Set on a dreamy 350-acre estate, this is the place to take in the fresh country air – or take part in a unique experience at the oldest Falconry School in Ireland. 

You’ll walk among rich history here, beginning in 1228 when the castle was founded by the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family to 1852 when Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness bought the estate for the famed Guinness family. You’ll even dine in the elegant George V Dining Room, built especially for King George V in 1905. It’s the ultimate royal adventure and the perfect way to vacation like the aristocracy in the UK.

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5. Hampton Court Palace

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It was used for: The wedding reception party location for Anthony and Edwina; the exterior shots of Queen Charlotte’s St Jame’s Palace; the gardens where Queen Charlotte shows off her zebras to Lady Danbury and the Sharma sisters.

Where is it: The London Borough of Richmond on the banks of the Thames in East Molesey – just outside London. 

History: As the former home of Kings and Queens, it’s no wonder the Bridgerton producers chose this monumental 16th-century palace. Hampton Court Palace is the striking former residence of the likes of King Henry VIII  and all of his six wives, and King William III and Queen Mary II who commissioned the ornate gardens. In 1863, Queen Victoria opened the palace to the public.

How to experience it

Members of the public can visit Hampton Court Palace and take a regal stroll through the palatial halls, Tudor kitchens, and 60 acres of stunning gardens, including the immaculate Privy Garden seen in Bridgerton. All the while picturing how the aristocracy in the UK once lived. You can also explore the nearby Richmond Park, where herds of deer have roamed since 1637. 

6. Lancaster House

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It was used for: While Hampton Court Palace was used for the exteriors of Queen Charlotte’s palace, you’ll recognise Lancaster House as the interiors of Queen Charlotte’s palace; her parlour, bathroom, drawing room, music room, and jewellery room. 

Where is it: Located on the Mall in the St James’s district in the West End of London – just a five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace. 

History: This extravagant neo-classical mansion was commissioned in 1825 by the Duk of York and Albany and it’s now a British government building. With its Gand Hall, Versailles-inspired mirrors, and stately staircases, it’s no wonder the property was chosen as a filming location for Bridgerton and other period dramas such as Downton Abbey and The King’s Speech. 

How to experience it

While Lancaster House is rarely open to the public, it does sometimes open at an annual Open City event.

When you travel to London as part of our Britain luxury tours, you’ll stay at Rubens at the Palace, a luxurious five-star hotel overlooking Buckingham Palace. That means you’ll be a stone’s throw away from Lancaster House, so you can take a stroll past the striking facades and imagine you’re living like the aristocracy in the UK – or promenading with the Bridgertons.

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7. Holburne Museum of Art

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It was used for: Lady Danbury’s grand pillared home in London.

Where is it: Bath.

History: This Grade 1-listed building is actually home to the city of Bath’s first public art gallery. It holds the collection of the museum’s namesake, Sir Thomas William Holburne. He was the fifth baronet of Menstrie from 1793 to 1874 and lived with his three unmarried sisters. While Holburne also never married, he did have a lifelong passion for collecting art. Today, his renowned collection is made up of over 10,000 objects gathered over the last 200 years, from silver, porcelain, paintings, books, and Roman coins to Holburne family treasures.

How to experience it

The Holburne Museum of Art is open to the public and it’s absolutely worth visiting during your time in Bath.

Bonus Luxury Gold experience

If you love the Regency-era history that inspired the Bridgertons, you’ll love visiting the Jane Austen Centre in Bath on our British Royale luxury tour. You can explore the immersive centre, dedicated to the great writer who lived here in the early 1800s. You’ll get insights into her life, her works, the Regency period, how Bath was the setting for two of her novels, all played out by entertaining actors, all while learning how aristocracy in the UK really lived. 

8. St James’s Church

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It was used for: The church where Anthony and Edwina almost get married. 

Where is it: Piccadilly in the St James’s district in London.

History: The Anglican St James’s Church was designed by architect Christopher Wren in 1672, with red brick and Portland stone dressings. The Bishop of London, Henry Compton, first consecrated the church in July 1684. While the church was bombed during the Blitz of London in World War II, it has since been restored, including the remarkable carvings by Grinling Gibbons behind the altar. Gibbons was an acclaimed 17th-century Anglo-Dutch sculptor whose iconic work can also be seen at Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle. Many members of the aristocracy in the UK have married at St James Church including Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Hanau in 1856, and more recently in 2021, Flora Ogilvy, granddaughter of Princess Alexandra.

How to experience it

St James Church is open to visitors every day of the week. You’ll also have the chance to spot the stunning church when you tour London with a Local Expert on our Britain luxury tours. As you explore the city, you’ll stop at the icons like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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9. Ranger’s House

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It was used for: The wisteria-draped exterior of the Bridgerton family home in Mayfair, London.

Where is it: Located on the boundary of Greenwich Park and Blackheath in Southeast London.

History: This gorgeous Georgian villa has a long, regal history. It was built in 1723 and served as a formal residence for many royals and aristocrats including Princess Augusta in 1813, the older sister of King George III. It’s now an English Heritage property and home to the Wernher Collection, a superb art collection acquired by the 19th-century businessman Sir Julius Wernher. From fine French tapestries and jewellery to medieval sculptures and over 700 works by artists such as Botticelli, Metsuhis and Monvaerni, this is a world-class art experience.

How to experience it
Members of the public are allowed to visit Ranger’s House and view the art collection. As you pull up outside this ravishing residence, you might imagine yourself arriving to call in on Lady Bridgerton herself.

Are you dreaming of visiting the Bridgerton filming locations so you can vacation like aristocracy in the UK? Let us know where you’d love to go first in the comments below…