The spectacular landscapes of Jasper National Park, in western Alberta, Canada, draw visitors from around the world. Dotted with mountain scenery and natural wildlife, at 2.7 million acres it is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

Take a visit this stunning wilderness and you may just find a deeper connection within yourself, amid the tranquility.

Meet the Matriarchs of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

Travel to Jasper National Park with Luxury Gold and meet First Nations Warrior Women, on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience.

First Nations communities of modern-day Alberta have been gathering, harvesting, and connecting to these inspiring lands from ancient times, playing an integral part in upholding the beauty and history of this spiritual place.

This is a very special opportunity to spend time with the fascinating Matriarchs of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation and learn all about their community and culture. Travel on our Majesty of the Rockies luxury guided tour and be swept up in conversation, storytelling and drumming. Learn songs, and phrases in Cree and gain a deeper understanding of the First Nations’ spirituality.

Here Matricia Brown, Founder of Warrior Women tells us more:

To the beat of the drum

“As founder of Warrior Women, an Indigenous-space business based out of Jasper National Park, my goal is to open the eyes of locals and travelers alike with experiences that bring a better understanding of both the culture and the land. of our Indigenous people.

“We welcome you to explore our deep-rooted connection to the land while taking part in fireside chats and plant walks. Both experiences include the sacred traditions of drumming and singing, practices found in every aspect of our culture from celebrations of new births to the passing of loved ones.

“During these sacred rituals, you’ll engage in conversation with me and other guests, walking away with a genuine and heartfelt experience often overlooked in the tourism industry.”

Reclaiming my culture

“For me personally, Indigenous drumming and singing is a way to connect to my own culture on a daily basis. After being taken from my reservation at the age of five (a sad part of Canadian history referred to as “The Sixties Scoop”), part of my story is the loss of a natural family. Evolving as a person meant reclaiming my culture.

“Drumming journeys are a way for Indigenous people to celebrate their roots, and also a way to share the beauty of our culture with others.  The spirit of the land and the symbiotic relationship between earth and mankind is vital to understanding Indigenous people – this encompasses relationships between the people and the land, the people and the animals, and between the people themselves.”

A Land that continues to give

“There’s no better setting for this than Jasper Park. Everything here sustains us. Every berry, every leaf, every flower, every tree, every animal— has a legend behind it. Like how the rabbit got its long ears, or why the bear has no tail. With so many elements right at our doorstep, you are able to see how we can use these resources in practical ways, such as botanical oils and moccasin-making.

“For 10,000 years Indigenous people have been able find health and equilibrium by what mother earth provides us with. By understanding Indigenous culture, you learn to understand yourself. I think that’s what I’d like people to take away the most.”


Travel tip

So, are you feeling inspired to visit Jasper National Park? Matricia’s travel tip: wear layers and bring sneakers! Jasper’s drastically different elevations mean any weather is on the table.

Experience the Majesty of the Rockies

Of course we would say this, but there’s no better way to experience the magic of Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies than on our Majesty of the Rockies luxury guided tour. Think stunning accommodations, exceptional dining and exclusive VIP experiences, such as the opportunity to meet with the First Nations Warrior Women.

Feel like royalty on a luxurious train ride onboard the Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service, admiring the most amazing scenery as you travel through the Rockies from Jasper to Vancouver. Explore the great frozen tundra of the Columbia Icefield, step on the Athabasca Glacier and board the Ice Explorer for a voyage across the largest icefield in the Rockies.

Join another MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience in Vancouver as you support a local restaurant that’s owned and operated by members of Canada’s First Nations. Sample flavorful dishes with a modern twist, all prepared with traditional ingredients.

And, if that is not enough, you can also choose to extend this remarkable 9-Day journey. Why not go all out and fly to Vancouver Island via seaplane for an additional stay or alternatively, embark on a cruise to explore Alaska?

Our commitment to sustainable travel

At Luxury Gold, and across our sister brands of The Travel Corporation, MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are chosen with great care based on the positive social or environmental impact they have on their communities and those who experience them.

With MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences you can try something you have never tried before and gain new skills. Exchange values, meet unforgettable people and enjoy many laughs. All the while knowing you have made a positive and lasting impact through your travels.

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