We’ve all been missing travel, the delight of exploring an exciting destination and soaking in its sights, sounds and aromas. The joy of meeting new people and learning about their culture has also been missed, but did you know there are many hidden benefits of travel beyond the obvious?

Maybe you have been traveling recently, or perhaps you are waiting for the right moment to explore the world once again, either way in case you’re undecided, we at Luxury Gold have put together some extra reasons for you to get back out on the road when you’re ready.

It is good for your heart

Travel is fun, that’s for sure, however were you aware that it is scientifically proven to be good for your heart? Studies have shown that taking vacations can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, a real concern for many today. A study by Finnish researchers using data collected over a 40 year period showed that those who take their full holiday entitlement are significantly less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack. And a U.S Travel Association joint study concluded that women who vacation twice a year significantly reduced their risk of heart attack when compared to those who only traveled once every six years. The same study also concluded that men who don’t take vacations at least once a year increased their risk of heart disease by 30% and their risk of death by 20%.

Travel improves your mental health and reduces stress levels

Travel is good for your mental health in numerous ways. It promotes happiness and helps you to take your mind off stressful situations, leading to lower cortisol levels, making you feel calmer and more content. Stepping into an unfamiliar environment among new people enables you to learn and adapt building resilience, ultimately making you more flexible, patient and emotionally strong. Plus taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle is essential for your mind to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. According to one study, three days after taking a vacation, travelers report feeling less anxious, more rested and in a better mood, with these benefits lingering for weeks after the journey has ended.

La Alhambra complex, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Of course, we know the complexities of travel can be somewhat stressful, which is why we at Luxury Gold take care of every detail so you can just concentrate on having an amazing experience. When you choose luxury guided travel with us you can relax knowing your Traveling Concierge and your Well-Being Director are at your service for the entire voyage. Combine this with the very best 5-Star hotels and exceptional dining, who wouldn’t feel content and refreshed!

Planning a vacation makes you happy

The anticipation of taking a vacation is far greater than the anticipation of acquiring a physical possession according to this study by Cornell University, thus the benefits of traveling begin well before the journey does. We suggest that you test this theory by taking a look at our Luxury Gold Chairman’s Collection and imagining yourself sipping tea with a Duchess on a luxury guided tour of Great Britain (British Royale, Castles & Kingdoms) or by reading more about our VIP Experiences and picturing a private, after-hours visit to Graceland (The Sumptuous Soul of America). Just to be completely sure maybe add some thoughts about spending the night swathed in five-star splendor at Ashford Castle in Ireland, one of our fabulous hand-picked hotels (Ultimate Ireland and Castles & Kingdoms). Truly exclusive travel. Feeling happier yet? We thought so!

Travel promotes physical activity

With busy lives and regular routines, it is easy to let physical activity slide, and we all know how important it is for us all. Traveling allows you to be active for many hours a day, without really noticing how much you are working your muscles as you get discover your destination, peruse through grand museums, explore quaint towns and stroll around beautiful gardens.

Vineyards at Dianella Winery in Tuscany

Luxury Gold tours offer three activity levels of guided tour – Leisurely, Balanced and Dynamic – so you can chose the pace you want to take. For example, if you’re looking for a more active pace you’ll love our Dynamic tours which can feature 4+ miles of walking on some days and may involve some steep hills – take a look at Ultimate Italy, Majestic Japan or Inspiring Indochina for three inspiring examples.

Travel benefits People, the Planet and our Wildlife

The benefits of responsible travel and tourism to communities are huge. Your visits can help support ancient traditions, boost employment and equality, and exchange important information and opinions with the characters you meet about ways of living with our planet and its wildlife.

We certainly believe travel is a force for good and include MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences on every Luxury Gold tour, which not only enable you to leave a positive impact but are lots of fun and will even give you some new skills!

Marta, workshop director of the Giuditta Brozzetti Atelier

When in Umbria, Italy, you can meet the delightful Marta, Director of Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti, and delve into the colorful history of traditional Perugian textiles – try your hand at loom-weaving at one of the few remaining traditional frame hand weaving workshops in the country. Or get a unique insight into the slow food movement at Tracey’s Farmhouse in Northern Ireland – roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with an Irish soda bread-making lesson and indulge in a seasonal Farm-to-Table lunch in the most beautiful setting. Just two fabulous examples to whet your appetite.

Benefits of Luxury Gold

With all these extra benefits of travel, we thought it is a good moment to also mention some extra benefits of guided travel with Luxury Gold. As well as fantastic destinations, magnificent hotels, exceptional dining and VIP experiences, no matter where you journey with us, there’s never a crowd. Starting in 2022, you’ll always travel in a small group of about 20 guests on average on our luxury tours. With our small groups, you benefit from more personalized service from your Traveling Concierge and gain access to people and places that are closed to larger groups. You also benefit from having both a Traveling Concierge and a Well-Being Director to look after every detail of your vacation, and to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout leaving you free to enjoy every moment. So, the only thing you have to decide is where you want to go next?

For more information on Luxury Gold destinations click here. Tours for 2022 & 2023 are now available to book.