As we yearn to travel again, the desire for responsible travel burns ever brighter. MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are at the heart of Luxury Gold’s sustainable travel strategy and our just-released Impact Report shows how we, along with our sister brands at The Travel Corporation, are working to meet our ambitious goals.

To see how you can enjoy responsible travel safe in the knowledge that you are leaving a lasting impact, here are 4 incredible MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences you can enjoy with Luxury Gold.  

Join a farmhouse cookery workshop in Ireland 

In the secluded paradise of Strangford Lough in County Down, you are warmly invited to step inside Tracey’s Farmhouse for the ultimate Irish home-hosted culinary experience. Learn how to make one of the most famous foods of the Emerald Isle as you roll up your sleeves for an Irish soda bread cookery workshop. On this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, you will have the privilege to meet with Tracey herself for a tour of her organic farm. Through this unique opportunity, discover everything you ever wanted to know about the slow food movement and sustainable farming. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized as you savor a Farm-to-table lunch and leave with a wealth of knowledge and some new acquired cooking skills. 

At the heart of this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience is a focus on seasonal produce and organically grown ingredients sourced from the immediate community. Tracey’s Farmhouse is actively practicing and encouraging the slow food movement. With a focus on preventing the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, the movement believes that through our food choices we can collectively influence how food is cultivated, produced and distributed.  

UN Global Goals 

This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience directly advances UN Global Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, through the promotion of sustainable farming methods and the support of locally grown produce.  


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Ride a rickshaw like no other in India 

Upon arrival in Rajasthan’s stunning capital of Jaipur, you can see the distinctive salmon hue across the city’s skyline. More affectionately known as the Pink City, this pretty destination owes its name to a visit from Queen Victoria in 1876, when all its buildings were painted pink as a sign of hospitality. Steeped in heritage, a tour of Jaipur is a heady cocktail of traditional folk song and dance, stunning architecture, textile markets, handmade designer shopping and exquisite local cuisine. 

 Join a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience and explore the city in flamboyant style, aboard bright pink, custom-designed and eco-friendly rickshaws driven by local women. More than just a fun way to explore Jaipur, the Pink City Rickshaw offers a unique opportunity to help support more than 200 local women from low-income households. Hop in, hear their stories first-hand and discover how proud they are to have developed their skills by joining this inspiring organization. If you are looking for responsible travel experiences, this is the perfect way to explore the city and we guarantee you will delight in their enthusiasm and knowledge as you embark on a historical journey around Jaipur.  

UN Global Goals 

This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience directly enhances UN Global Goal 5, Gender Equality, as through your custom you are both empowering women and supporting a women-owned business.  

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Saving the Iberian Lynx in Portugal 

In the exquisite landscapes of southern Portugal, join an unforgettable feline MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience. Visit the charming hilltop town of Serpa with its cobbled streets graced by olive trees, red-sloped roofs and white sun-baked houses and learn all about the Iberian Lynx, the world’s most endangered feline. Meet with experts and hear how Serpa has implemented conservation programs to protect and re-introduce the species to the local area. 

The Iberian Lynx has been gradually reintroduced to the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park since early 2015. This was once its natural habitat, but the lynx disappeared from the area due to direct hunting. Today, the population is booming and a visit to the region offers a unique responsible travel experience to get to know the extraordinary species and this beautiful, protected area.  

UN Global Goals 

When you visit Serpa, you’ll directly contribute to UN Global Goal 15, Life on Land, as the region aims to preserve the Iberian Lynx through concentrated conservation efforts.  

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A unique dining experience in Sweden 

Be treated to a delectable plant-based fine dining experience and bask in magnificent views over Stockholm on this mouthwatering MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience. Visit the iconic Fotografiska Museum, dine at their acclaimed restaurant which has been honored with the Michelin Sustainability Emblem, and meet the chefs and creators behind their inspiring food philosophy.  

 Striving to achieve taste sensations and increase awareness in equal measure, learn about the conscious kitchen and the benefits of hydroponic cultivation. Leave with a wealth of knowledge, including the concept of zero waste, upcycling and ideas of what to do with leftover buns and bottles.  

The culinary team at Fotografiska strive to explore the full potential of raw ingredients, with creative and innovative dishes. The five-course menu includes delicious creations such as celeriac confit flavored with pastrami spices, cream of fermented celery, pickled cucumber and deep-fried sauerkraut, and their signature Fotografiska curry featuring rapeseed shoots and mustard. The focus is largely vegetarian, however meat, fish, poultry or seafood are available as an option or side dish. 

UN Global Goals 

Your visit to the Fotografiska Museum restaurant will directly advance UN Global Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, as it helps to promote sustainable food experiences and small-scale farmer interactions through its food sourcing and zero waste strategies. 

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To find out more about sustainable travel experiences and responsible travel, take a look at our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences and read our Impact Report