Imagine sitting down in one of Dublin’s most famous museums, yet small and intimate, to hear how the Guinness brewing empire came to be. Enjoy a glass of sparkling and lose yourself in a captivating historical tale of intrigue and innovation. Then imagine that this fascinating story was brought to life by author, historian and heir to the Guinness brewing empire, Patrick Guinness himself? Now that’s something truly unforgettable.

At Luxury Gold, we curate every step of your vacation to be exceptional, but choose to travel on a Chairman’s Collection departure and come away with an extra special memory. Mingle with legendary locals, European nobility and celebrated icons who heartily share their personal accounts of history, and enjoy the warmest of welcomes, fascinating stories, and of course, fun and laughter.

Both our Ultimate Ireland and Castles & Kingdoms luxury guided tours feature a fascinating, private after-hours visit to Dublin’s famous Little Museum with its founder Trevor White and, on a Chairman’s Collection departure, you will also be joined by Patrick Guinness.

Come away enlightened and entertained as Patrick, who has spent his life researching his family, teaches you about Irish history, the origins of his ancestor Arthur Guinness’ brewing empire, and what it took to succeed.

A Brief History of Guinness

Guinness Factory

Whatever your preferred beverage, everyone recognizes Guinness. Its iconic black and white image is known worldwide as a product of taste, style and patience, synonymous with Ireland and the Irish. The Guinness brewery was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1752 and, in 1759 he moved to Dublin and boldly signed a 9’000-year lease on a run-down brewery at St. James’s Gate. In 1799 Guinness began to produce a darker beer (Porter) and by 1830 the Guinness Brewery was the biggest and most successful in Ireland. In fact, by 1868 St. James’s Gate was so big it had its very own medical department and fire brigade. The company was floated on the stock market in 1886 and today is owned by Diageo, with the original Dublin plant continuing to produce some 18 million liters daily (that’s equivalent to over seven Olympic-size swimming pools!).

The Little Museum

Little Museum in Dublin

Your location for this exclusive meeting? Why none other than Dublin’s award-winning Little Museum. Here you will find history, humor and a warm Irish welcome from its founder Trevor White. He tells us, “We are really looking forward to welcoming Patrick to the Little Museum, along with Luxury Gold guests. He is a wonderful storyteller with a rich wealth of knowledge about the history of this great Irish family. There is nothing like hearing about this story from an actual family member. You will leave enchanted, educated and enthralled.”

Known as the “people’s museum of the capital” Trevor explains what makes the Little Museum so special: “Ordinary citizens are responsible for the success of the institution, because our collection was created by public donation.

“The Little Museum is Dublin, bottled. Our work is about building civic pride; documenting the past; making guests feel welcome; kindling memories, tears and laughter; and, ultimately, bringing people to a closer understanding of who they really are.

“We use small things to tell big stories, such as the shutter with a bullethole from the Easter Rising, or the letter from 20-year-old James Joyce, asking Lady Gregory for money. My favourite artefact at the moment is a collection of tennis balls discarded by the dogs of Dún Laoghaire.”

A Date with Dublin 

Renowned for its vibrant, friendly atmosphere, historical Dublin has something for everyone. Trevor tells us: “Dublin is Europe’s biggest village. And that intimacy is part of its charm.”

Half Penny Bridge

We at Luxury Gold certainly love this city and, on your luxury guided tour you will have plenty of time to get acquainted with Dublin’s unique charm. Your Travelling Concierge will take you on a magical tour to see O’Connell Street, the Custom House and St. Patrick’s Cathedral amongst other great sights. Visit the iconic Guinness Storehouse before it opens to the public and learn how to pull the perfect pint – no mean feat for sure! And no visit to Dublin is complete without a walk through the cobbled courtyards of Trinity College to see to the fascinating 9th century Book of Kells. Combined with exceptional dining and a stay at the 5-star boutique Dylan Hotel your stay in Dublin will be truly unforgettable.

Keen to explore the Chairman’s Collection further?

Dine with one of Italy’s most fascinating noblemen, Marchese Mazzei, at his enchanting ancestral home. Discover the rich family heritage and indulge in a special lunch of Tuscan delights and a tasting of renowned Chianti wines (Ultimate Italy). In England, Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland, welcomes you for a private tour of her beloved Alnwick Castle Gardens to hear her personal story and indulge in a seasonal lunch (British Royale and Castles & Kingdoms).  In Austria, have a private reception with Princess Anita von Hohenberg, a descendent of the famous Hasburgs, at Artstetten Castle (Harmony of Central Europe).

These elite experiences were personally curated by our late Chairman, Mr. Stanley Tollman, calling upon his extensive connections and inspired by his life in travel.

More information on Luxury Gold’s Chairman’s Collection is available here and you can browse all of our worldwide luxury guided tours in our new brochure for 2022 & 2023.