Image of Shaman practicing Incan spirituality, in traditional dress with a crown and bracelets against an Andean backdrop

Inca spirituality, deeply rooted in the Andean culture of Peru, is a captivating blend of ancient beliefs and reverence for nature.

In the Sacred Valley you’re invited to immerse yourself in this mysticism as you join a sacred Welcome Ceremony performed by Shaman Laura. Here, she shares how she got her calling and what you can expect from this exclusive and privileged experience.

The Spirituality of the Incas

Shaman Laura with her hands up to her face, holding and offering, with the Peruvian mountains behind her

The Inca religion, known as “Inca tradition” or “Andean spiritual art,” holds a significant position among the world’s major religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. It is often described as nature mysticism due to its belief that humans are inseparable from nature, its creatures, and the vast universe with its stars and planets. Everything is one and everything is interconnected.

Despite the near loss of the Inca culture during the Spanish colonization of the Americas, the communities in the heart of the Peruvian Andes have successfully safeguarded these deeply ingrained traditions.

The spirituality and mysticism that enveloped the Inca culture continue to thrive within traditional families in the city of Cusco and throughout the Peruvian Andes.

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Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Image of Peru’s Sacred Valley, with mountains, red fields and a town in the bottom of the valley.

The Incas understood that Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire from 1200 – 1533 AD, holds a unique vibrational resonance. Its location is a huge energy portal to connect with the spirit world and source, the connectedness of all things.

Just 15km north of Cusco, you will find the Sacred Valley, hailed as one of the most important historical sites in South America, and of particular significance to the Incas.

It is here, in this stunning valley gateway to Machu Picchu, embedded with mysteries, spirituality, Inca history and a myriad of ruins and stone terraces, that you will meet Shaman Laura, for this very special Welcoming Ceremony.

“[In Cusco] we have a mystical and magic city,” Shaman Laura says. “Performing the ceremony helps guests to connect with our magical city, and with natural signs.”

Dating back to pre-historic times, the ceremony is a way to celebrate and show gratitude to Pachamama, the only goddess revered by the Indigenous people of the Andes.

As part of the ceremony offering you’ll also savor a typical Peruvian meal of fresh vegetables and slow-roasted meats.

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A Natural Calling

Shaman Laura with guests holding hand up in a blessing, in the Peruvian Andes

“My Grandfather was an Alto Mesayuc or ‘Altomisayoc’,” Laura tells us. Increasingly rare, the Altomisayoc are the high priests of the Andes (Alto means ‘High’ and misayoq means ‘one who has power’). It is thought that there are around only 10 alive today, spread throughout Peru and Bolivia.

They receive their vocations during a dream, during a dive into a frozen lake or if they survived a lightning strike. They are said to have a special communion with the spirit world – an ability to gain access to places that most people are unaware of.

Laura explains that that due to her connection to her grandfather she also received signs from the natural elements. “As per my grandfather’s legacy, since I was a little girl, I have been connected to natural elements, in the shapes of the signs and evidence I was receiving.

“In many countries there’s a ‘sage’ and in Peru they have a lot of sages both men and women that accomplished the same function. The difference is that some of us evoke to honor our ancestors with all our soul body and spirit.”

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The Importance of Goddess Pachamama

Guests of Luxury Gold will join Laura for this age-old ceremony, in which an offering is made to the Goddess Pachamama. A fertility goddess, in the indigenous Quechua language, Pachamama (also known as Mama Pacha) translates as Mother Earth or Mother Cosmos.

“Through the Goddess Pachamama you can improve abundancy, heal production, life and spirituality,” says Laura. “Also, she can help us to find our inner force of the heart.”

During her ceremony, Laura expresses gratitude to Pachamama for crops, good weather, animals and the abundance of the soil. Andean people believe in living in harmony with nature and preserving its resources. It is believed that disrespecting Mother Earth can have negative consequences such as earthquakes and floods.

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An Exclusive and Significant Invitation

Image fo Shaman blessing guests against a backdrop of the Peruvian Andes

To join Laura for this ceremony is a rare and privileged invitation, which offers a deep connection both to Peru and to yourself.

“When performing the ceremony, for me I travel through my body with my ancestor and find a lot of answers to the questions of those participating, and I try to help them,” Laura says. “Also, they will be protecting their paths and their journey on this tour.”

Through the ceremony Laura also explains that guests will be ‘opening their energy circle.’ “This allows only positive energy to flow in, so they can absorb only the positive energy,” she says.

Something very deep to Laura’s heart, and that of the Andean people, she’s delighted to share her gift and the ceremony with guests. In return she hopes that guests will enjoy the experience and place a lot of “respect, focus and value to this spiritual heritage.”

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