Dedicated to making your vacation exceptional, your Luxury Gold Travel Concierge has a huge bank of secret skills to draw from. Experts in their destinations, they ensure you have a highly personalized experience, whilst also taking care of all the details.

To give you a glimpse of the level of service you can expect, we asked John, Zsofia and Sharon to share some secrets skills of a Luxury Gold Travel Concierge.

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John leads Luxury Gold guided tours in Britain and Ireland. His love affair with travel first began when he set off backpacking around the world in 2009. On his return he knew he wanted to share his passion with others and became a tour manager. Perfecting his trade over the last 11 years, he worked his way up in the industry to become a Luxury Gold Travel Concierge.  John shares with us two of his secret skills.

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  1. We know what our guests will enjoy

“With our destination knowledge we can make tailored suggestions for what our guests can do in their free time, that they may not know about otherwise. And it is the same with restaurants as well. Over and above what kind of food they like to eat, you get a feel for those guests who prefer to wander so you can suggest an area to explore. And you know which guests would like your help to have a specific booking made on your recommendation.”  

  1. We anticipate what guests are going to ask

“Through observation and years of experience, we are adept at anticipating what our guests want to know about. This means I can offer information up front that will pique their interest. So, when we are driving, I don’t just talk on the mic stream of consciousness style. I read the group and the individuals and will tell them about something I know they will find interesting.”

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Zsofi is an expert in Scandinavia, and she leads our Timeless Scandinavia luxury tour. This 12-day journey through Scandinavia’s Fjords & Mountains takes in the great sights of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. From Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark, to the world-famous beauty of Norway’s pristine Geiranger Fjord. Enjoy a VIP after-hours reception at the Hollmenkollen Ski Jump Museum in Oslo, take a leisurely guided kayak adventure with your Luxury Gold Travel Concierge tailoring your vacation for you. She shares her secrets with us.

  1. We have extensive personal experience

“I like building on my experience and sharing my personal recommendations about the locations, let it be restaurants, bars, a quirky detail, a must try or a sight.”

  1. We learn guests’ likes and interests

“Through actively engaging with our guests I learn about their likes and interests. So I’m able to offer advice and recommendations before they even ask the question. Typically, this could be a local jewelry store, a gallery or in Scandinavia a specialty yarn store etc.”

  1. We have a great relationship with Local experts and suppliers

“It helps to have a good relationship with the Local Experts and suppliers who can also assist with further tips and hidden gems.”

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Originally from New Zealand, Sharon moved to Europe initially for two years, and still remains 27 years later. She leads tours in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and is an expert in Croatia, her favorite European destination. Two of her great secret skills are:

  1. We know the seasons, the sunsets and the light

“Some of the most perfect moments don’t come by accident, they are very well planned.  We know when and where the sunsets are going to be perfect and often this shapes how we plan our days. We know the seasons and the best places to stay cool in summer and get warm and cozy in winter. And the best spots to find spring blooms and autumn colors.”

  1. We share the best cultural tips

 “As experts in our location, we know the cultural tips. Such as how to order coffee, what the local delicacies are that you simply have to try. Knowing which coffees you should try. For example in Split you can actually go to a patisserie and buy a snack and then go to a cafe and have a coffee, which would be very unusual to do anywhere else in Europe.  And for great snacks, when in Croatia I always recommend the burek, which is a delicious stuffed pastry that is typically found all over the Balkans.”

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Why not join us for your next luxury vacation and experience the delights of a Luxury Gold Travel Concierge for yourself. Tailoring your journey for you and ensuring every moment is stress free, they provide all of your travel guide tips. If you love exquisite hotels, fine dining, VIP experiences and amazing destinations, take a look at our full collection of limited-edition luxury tours.