When it comes to luxury travel, the difference is in the details. It’s the little things, like priority access, door-to-door transfers, special surprises, and personalized service that elevate your tour and give you the full royal treatment.

From unparalleled attention to detail from your Travel Concierge to exclusive curated experiences, here are all the ways we make your trip exceptional. 

Personalized service from your Travel Concierge

At the heart of every Luxury Gold tour is your dedicated Travel Concierge. As masters of anticipating your needs and identifying your preferences, they ensure you receive personalized attention throughout your journey. From making restaurant reservations to offering local recommendations and fulfilling special requests, the Travel Concierge goes the extra mile to tailor every detail to your individual preferences. 

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Luxury Gold guests walking through a royal palace


Private door-to-door transfers

Forget frantic trips to the airport. The royal treatment starts as soon as you step out your door. Your bespoke Luxury Gold experience begins with private door-to-door transfers. You’ll enjoy a seamless transfer from your home to your local airport with a private car and driver. That also includes door-to-door porterage. We take care of your luggage with the utmost care and attention, with hassle-free transfers and convenient door-to-door porterage between every destination. 

Special surprises

While you can count on unwavering support and service on your Luxury Gold tour, you can expect the unexpected when we surprise you with special treats or experiences throughout your journey. It’s just one of the ways we add a touch of magic to your trip. 

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Luxury Gold guests meeting with a princess


Priority access

Avoid long queues and enjoy priority access and reserved seating at all the popular attractions and events you visit on your tour. 

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Exclusive VIP experiences

The standout highlights of any Luxury Gold tour are the exclusive VIP experiences. These unique opportunities allow you to access venues or events that are typically off-limits to the general public. 

Tour castle gardens with a Duchess, meet an Austrian princess, or have lunch with an iconic Peruvian politician. Set off on a private tour of a renowned art gallery after hours, dine in a historic castle, or enjoy an exclusive wine tasting with a world-class sommelier. Our curated experiences take you beyond the velvet rope to create unforgettable moments and a truly royal treatment. 

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Luxury Gold dining experience


Exceptional dining experiences

Fine dining is a key part of the Luxury Gold experience and our team goes above and beyond to provide remarkable dining experiences. We take you to the impossible-to-get-into Michelin-star restaurants and arrange private culinary events where you can savor gourmet meals and local flavors that will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. 

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Unique stays

An exceptional tour isn’t simply about luxury stays. We handpick each accommodation to ensure you experience not only luxurious comfort but also authentic and unique stays. From historic mansions and castles to opulent properties that are loved by royals themselves, you’ll explore some of the most extraordinary establishments in the world.

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Luxury Gold hotel in front of the pyramids in Egypt


Luxury transport

A truly remarkable trip understands that every stage of your journey needs to be outstanding – including your transport. From private transfers to first-class train carriages, we ensure your transport is just as enjoyable as the destination. Our spacious luxury coaches come with comforts like complimentary Wi-Fi, extra legroom, and refreshments and snacks on board.

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Small group journeys

Another one of the ways we make your trip extraordinary is by limiting our groups to an average of 20 guests. This ensures an intimate and more personal travel experience. With fewer guests, you’ll have a more relaxed pace of travel, better access to attractions, and richer encounters with locals. 

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Expert local guides

We partner with knowledgeable local guides who provide expert insights into each destination’s history and culture. These passionate guides share their personal stories and insider perspectives, bringing each location to life in the most unique way.

Explore our luxury tours and find out more about how we give you the royal treatment when you travel with Luxury Gold.