A leading environmentalist, adventurer, and explorer, Céline Cousteau truly embodies the philosophy of our non-profit: The TreadRight Foundation. 

We caught up with the documentary filmmaker to find out more about her journey towards sustainability:

I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand and up-close the journey to sustainability that Luxury Gold and The Travel Corporation’s entire family of brands has been on through the past decade. A most recent step is our introduction of e-documents. Implemented with the goal of reducing our environmental footprint, e-docs serve the exact same purpose as paper documents previously delivered to guests, except we are able to save trees by delivering them to you electronically, rather than having to print and ship them, which leaves a much larger carbon footprint. This also means guests have access to documents whenever wanted, without having to wait to receive them, accessing them from mobile devices, thus creating a more user-friendly self-guided experience than ever. As an environmentalist, there’s nothing I appreciate more than seeing organizations find responsible solutions that also work to improve

The overall experience. Those are the kinds of solutions that create real, lasting, and positive change for our planet. When you choose to receive your e-documents rather than paper documents, One Tree Planted will plant a tree in your name in Vietnam, to support our reforestation efforts there.

Since 2013, One Tree Planted has worked hand in hand with their partners in local communities to ensure the proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner, planting more than one million trees worldwide so far. Making responsible and sustainable travel choices doesn’t have to be hard. Choosing e-documents instead of paper documents is simply easier for you, and better for the planet.