Uluru at night, starry sky blurred with long exposure effect

Unique romantic getaways can feel difficult to achieve. When so many others have proposed in Paris and honeymooned in Hawaii, no one will fault you for wanting to give your partner an unforgettable experience unlike any other love story.

Luxury Gold’s journeys are full of hand-curated, exclusive activities that showcase the soul of a destination. We offer opportunities to get lost in the thrill of the journey. And we provide ways to communicate with cultures and communities in your love language, be it quality time with your partner in unspoilt nature, shopping for gifts in artisan markets, or snuggling up in one of the handpicked five-star hotels featured in every tour.

Unforgettable experiences with your partner come standard on these Luxury Gold tours.


A Forest Bath for Two in Japan

Oirase Gorge in autumn with orange and red leaves, Japan

Escape from the stresses of everyday life with your beau and cleanse your bodies in a Japanese Onsen. Forest bathing in a Japanese hot spring is as relaxing as it sounds. Feel the crystal-clear waters of Oirase Gorge wash over you. Close your eyes and enjoy peaceful moments together. As one of the final unforgettable experiences on our Majestic Japan tour, a soak in the Onsen is a welcomed romantic retreat after a week spent exploring Osaka, strolling temples in Kyoto, and gazing at Mount Fuji from the window of a bullet train.


Wild Nights in Australia

The Sydney Opera house lit cup at night

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Sydney Harbour, you’ll have countless unforgettable experiences under the Australian sun on our Inspiring Australia tour, but it’s the moonlit activities that truly make this adventure a unique romantic getaway like no other. In Uluṟu, you’ll welcome and bid farewell to the sun in two special ways: first, watching dawn illuminate the mesmerizing Field of Light art installation. Such a sight may render you speechless, which is fitting, as that same night you’ll attend a Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars, surrounded by only darkness and the soulful sound of a didgeridoo.

A Truly Unforgettable Experience in New Zealand

Road with mountainous landscape in background with low level clouds, newzealand

Rainforests and volcanic valleys. Glaciers and caverns. Waterfalls and cliffs. These aren’t your options: they’re just a small sample of the diverse landscapes you and your love will set your sights on in New Zealand. Unique romantic getaways for the couple that adores the great outdoors don’t get any better than the itinerary on Luxury Gold’s The Long White Cloud tour. This 19-day journey takes you through the Southern Alps, Franz Josef Glacier, Waimangu Volcanic Valley, and more. You’ll trek across frozen ground, descend into caves, and dine on a meal cooked underground with geothermal steam. When you see the bioluminescent creatures light up the Waitomo caverns, you’ll realize that there’s no place quite like New Zealand.


Experience La Dolce Vita in Italy

Plate of sweets at Mamma restaurant, Italy

Photo credit: @mammarestaurant on Instagram

On our Ultimate Italy  journey, food is the only love language you’ll need to speak for 12 days. Settle in for a Lemon Granita and a meal at the Michelin-starred Mammà in Capri. Sample truffle-infused cured meats and olive oils in Umbria. Taste wine with vineyard owners and savor decadent gelato with a World Champion Gelato maestro. Learn how to roll pasta by hand. These unforgettable experiences in Italy’s tastiest regions will forever change the way you plan dinner date nights.


Continue Your Love Story in Stratford-upon-Avon

Anne Hathaway's Tudor cottage in Stratford upon Avon, England

A visit to the birthplace of William Shakespeare is one of the more unique romantic getaways for literature lovers. It’s a place to profess your love in as many creative ways as you can conjure up, taking inspiration from the equally eclectic mix of Tudor cottages and half-timbered homes lining the streets of the bard’s former home. The Luxury Gold British Royale tour is full of unforgettable experiences, bookended by days in London and Edinburgh. A stop in Stratford-upon-Avon, however, offers a small moment of reflection. A chance for you and your partner to pause and acknowledge this exciting chapter of your relationship, before continuing on to the poetic Lake District to write the next line of your love story.


A Ritual of Reverence in Peru

Machu pichu with clouds in daytime, Peru

There are moments in your relationship, that while even surrounded by others, are still some of the most intimate, unforgettable experiences you’ll ever have together. Receiving a shaman’s blessing in Peru’s Sacred Valley is one of them. Our Treasures of the Incas tour is astounding from start to finish, with visits to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and Lima’s bohemian heart: the Sacred Valley visit, though, is second-to-none. After the blessing, you and your partner will find a deeper appreciation for the vestiges of the Incan Empire before even setting eyes on the historic citadel.


A Flush of Luxury in France

French vineyard at sunset, near Bordeaux. France

Paris has written its own definition for the word romance, but there are more unique romantic getaways within France outside of the capital. On Luxury Gold’s Ultimate Southern France tour, you’ll spend a night in a luxurious hotel built within the medieval walls of Carcassonne. Get a feel for France’s Languedoc region as you and your beau cruise the Canal du Midi, sip your way through vineyards, and take a traditional French cooking class with a Michelin-starred chef. These unforgettable experiences offer a true taste of traditional French romance that filled the countryside long before the Iron Lady arrived.

Soulful Food and Music in the American South

The ritz Carlton in New Oleans, USA

Photo credit: @ritzcarltonneworleans on Instagram

The soundtrack to romance doesn’t require a slow tune. Dance into your favorite vacation memories while exploring the Deep South’s music history. After line dancing in Nashville and jookin’ in Memphis, you’ll end your trip with big bands in the Big Easy. The Southern Grace tour through Luxury Travels has a room at The Ritz-Carlton – New Orleans for you and your dance partner, but nothing’s stopping you from spending the night hopping between jazz clubs in the French Quarter.

Unique romantic getaways, unforgettable experiences, and, most importantly, quality time spent with the one you love. Experience a Luxury Gold tour together this year.