With a focus on the finest seasonal and local produce, meet five Michelin Star Chefs who are using their talents to showcase the culture and flavors of their region. The pinnacle of fine dining, delight in the talents of these chefs and enjoy their exquisite restaurants on our luxury guided tours.

Draga di Lovrana, Croatia


With its elegant outdoor terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea, to dine at Draga di Lovrana is a remarkable and scenic gastronomic experience. Here you can bask in stunning views whilst savoring gourmet cuisine based on traditional flavors, showcasing the best of Croatian culture.

At the heart of Croatian culture lies a deep connection to the sea and the culinary delights that the waters provide, and Michelin-star Chef Tomšić Zdravko places seafood at the heart of the restaurant’s delectable menu. Also a boutique hotel, Drago di Lovrana is owned by the Nikolac family alongside their family fishing business. It is this fleet that provides the fresh seafood daily to Chef Tomšić Zdravko’s kitchen.

The Kvarner Gulf supports and supplies a bounty of fresh seafood that Chef Zdravko transforms into his culinary masterpieces, for a true taste of the Kvarner terroir. Mussels, shrimps, scampi and fish are served alongside an inspiring blend of Istrian food traditions and contemporary Adriatic cuisine. Expect an incredible wine list, truffles, asparagus, award-winning olive oil and locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Dishes, cooked to perfection, include ceviche with orange emulsion and an earthy black crumb jammed with flavors of the sea, or deer rump served with soft carrots and pomegranate jus.

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L’Antic Moli, Spain


For an exquisite and authentic taste of Spain and the Mediterranean, L’Antic Molí is hard to beat. Chef and owner Vincent Guimerà offers a diverse menu, from the traditional recipes of his grandmother’s kitchen to innovative creations using advanced culinary techniques. A proud third-generation chef, Guimerà was awarded his first Michelin-star in 2017.

The ethos behind L’Antic Molí is their commitment to the slow food movement, using local suppliers. This focus on organic products and on strong links with the local “Terres de l”Ebre” area guarantees the finest produce, whilst reducing emissions and farmers costs. Delectable and innovative dishes include mussels with pickled, vermouth and olives, chicken with olives, beef heart tomato and chestnut mushrooms and Joselito ribs with parsnip, peanuts and mustard.

Under Guimerà’s management, food is grown on site in restaurant’s own ecological garden and utilizing biodynamic agriculture, meaning that the establishment is self-sufficient. One of the most creative Michelin-star chefs, Guimerà describes his signature food style as “Country Kitchen.” He says “We are inspired by the products of the area, the local artisans and the sustainability of the territory. We take advantage of ingredients that our land gives us.”

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Olive Tree Restaurant, UK


The only Michelin star restaurant in Bath, the Olive Tree is privileged to have the highly skilled Chris Cleghorn as both Head Chef and driving force in the kitchen. Fully committed to seasonality and utilizing local produce, he uses his award-winning skills to showcase both the best of Bath and the best of British cuisine.

The Olive Tree itself offers a welcoming, chic atmosphere of de-formalized fine dining.  Situated in the heart of the West Country, a highly fertile part of England, the restaurant is spoiled for choice with numerous local suppliers offering high quality produce. Cleghorn, who gained his Michelin-star in 2019, has placed the focus of the restaurant and his cuisine firmly on relationships with these local suppliers.

His menus are comprised of beautiful, fresh and seasonal dishes, with an unusual edge to what you would think are simple flavors. With the finest meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables available right on their doorstep, along with the expertise of artisan producers and a shared culture around the sheer love of great food. With a strong ethos to support the community, it is Cleghorn’s belief that the more he buys from local producers, the more they thrive and carry on producing such great British ingredients.

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Lady Helen Restaurant, Ireland


A warm welcome awaits you at the wisteria-covered Georgian Manor House that is the Michelin-starred Lady Helen Restaurant. Step inside and discover the ultimate in Irish elegance, both in the setting and the fare. Under the lead of Executive Head Chef John Kelly, traditional flavors and components of local Irish cuisine combine with an adventurous spirit, resulting in an exciting and surprising fine-dining experience.

The ethos at Lady Helen is that the restaurant is only as good as its ingredients. Michelin star Chef Kelly works closely with a network of independent Irish suppliers and farmers to source the finest fresh produce for the menu. In season, he will use fruit and herbs from Lady Helen’s walled garden, along with the fragrant wild garlic which grows abundantly throughout the estate.

High quality produce is sourced from the estate and nearby farms and crafted into delightful dishes. Chef Kelly explains “I strive for two main things when creating dishes: purity and balance.” Raised in Kilkenny with a respect for fresh, seasonal ingredients, Chef Kelly channels an ethos of harmony, simplicity and joy into each meticulously crafted dish. On the menu you can savor potato and truffle ravioli, Anjou Squab pigeon, served with cabbage, smoked almond milk and roasting juices, and enjoy organic Kilkenny strawberries, seasoned with lovage and violet.

The Lady Helen Restaurant evokes a distinct sense of lavish luxury throughout, transporting you to another world, whilst still making you feel at home.  Relax in the elegant dining room with its opulent grandeur, enjoy impeccable service, and gaze out over the running river and rolling pastures that lie beyond the windows.

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Borkonyha Winekitchen, Hungary



Delight your tastebuds with fine dining at Budapest’s Borkonyha Winekitchen as Michelin-star Chef Akos Sarkozi creates skillfully executed, eye catching dishes. Combining French bistro style with a contemporary family restaurant offering the best of Hungarian cuisine, plates are paired with exquisite wines, in a relaxed atmosphere.

At the core of the establishment, as the name suggests, is the wide and diverse wine list. Offering 200 mostly Hungarian wines, representing the well-known wineries as well as giving a platform to many small and yet-to-be-discovered cellars. Through this ethos, Chef Sarkozi and the restaurant can support local suppliers and businesses and offer a wide platform for which to showcase their wines. And, through an international custom, the visibility both promotes Hungarian wines and helps smaller wineries get recognition.

One of the most talented Michelin Star chefs operating in Hungary, Sarkozi’s cuisine is based on fresh, daily purchased ingredients, showing the various faces of Hungarian cooking using modern technologies. His philosophy is “to lead a kitchen with lots of flavours” and he describes his style as “free”.  His menu is inspired by the gastronomy of Transylvania, and he also draws inspiration and ingredients from countries such as Spain, France or Italy.

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