When booking a luxury guided travel experience, most people look forward to the VIP Experiences, immersion in a new culture and exotic adventures. Whether it’s marveling at 3,000 year old artefacts in Egypt, or riding the Glacier Express in Switzerland, the idea of the destination is what captures you first.

What few people realize that’s it’s also an opportunity to make lifelong friends. Whether joining a group as a couple, solo or even with your family, there’s a high possibility that you’ll connect with your fellow travelers and find common ground with people from other countries or states.

When you look back on your travels, you’ll remember those far flung places, but it’s likely each memory will be enhanced by the people you met on that journey. Friendships are forged through experiences and when you’re enjoying yourself away from the pressures of real life, it’s natural to bond with people. Many of our Luxury Gold guests find that the friends they’ve made last a lifetime, and some guests even choose to travel together again.

Find new friends with Luxury Gold

In fact, it’s easy to make friends on a Luxury Gold tour. Not only are you more likely to meet people with similar interests to you, but you’ll have a Traveling Concierge who can introduce you to your fellow guests. This takes away any awkwardness you may feel, and eases the path towards friendship.

Every Luxury Gold tour involves a Welcome Dinner on your first evening, so you get to know the other passionate travelers. This is a great ice-breaker and a chance to discover who is excited about the same things that you are. You might find someone who has a special interest in visiting Capri to see the Faraglioni Rocks, or someone who can tell you about off the beaten track experiences from a journey they’ve taken previously. In a relaxed environment, you will naturally warm to people so when it’s time for your next activity, you’ll already have people that you’re comfortable talking to.

You’ll also find that your Travelling Concierge becomes your friend on the journey, someone you can always come back to for expert tips on the destination.

Meeting friends from far and near

Travel appeals to all ages and people from different countries. You can’t say one nationality is a definitive traveler, or people from a certain profession are more likely to travel. When you book a luxury tour you’re opening up the possibility to meet people from a different background, that you might never meet in your day-to-day life.

Luxury Gold tours attract people from a variety of countries and cultures. However, every person on these journeys is curious about the world, interested in history, art, food and off the beaten track experiences that they won’t find with any other travel company. It’s likely that you will connect with other people on your tour as you’ve chosen to journey beyond the ordinary and share a taste for the great things in life.

A data mining expert from Sydney, Australia could meet a history professor on the Spain & Portugal in Style tour and discover that they both love the architecture of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. There’s the potential to meet a new friend that lives an hours’ drive away, while you’re both halfway across the world on safari in South Africa. Meeting people who have similar interests is rewarding and it opens you up to their outlook and experience on other things too.

Sharing one of a kind experiences

Luxury Gold offers an abundance of exclusive travel experiences. When you’re experiencing something amazing, such as a private after-hours visit of Doge’s Palace in Venice, your senses are heightened. Sharing this new and exciting experience with your travel companions creates unforgettable memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Whenever you meet again, you’ll have fantastic experiences to reminisce about. Back home, you’ll know that you always have someone that you can speak to about your adventures, especially if your friends at home don’t share your passion for travel.

It’s common that Luxury Gold travelers meet on one journey and find themselves organising another adventure to a different destination the following year. On one occasion, a Local Expert-guided tour in Arles, following in the footsteps of Van Gogh prompted a discussion about the incredible art to be seen in Rome between three Luxury Gold travelers. After the guests returned home, they booked the Ultimate Italy tour for the following summer with their newfound friends from their travels. This is just one example of how new friends gained on your journey can open you up to new experiences and enrich your life.

Exceptional and immersive experiences

Each journey you take brings a host of new encounters, from sampling oysters freshly shucked straight from the ocean, to meeting the Queen Mother’s favorite bagpiper in Edinburgh. Each time you try something new, you’ll try it alongside your fellow travelers, creating a bond with the people who have shared that moment.

There are no other tours on earth that compare to Luxury Gold. Smaller group sizes allow a better rapport to develop and mean that no one ever gets lost in the crowd. The perfect blend of guided and individual exploration lets you indulge your passions in a way that suits you.

The expertise accumulated from a century in travel allows guests to enjoy unique VIP Experiences, such as an after hours visit to the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where the tsars once lived. Our knowledge and connections benefit our travelers in every detail, from the luxurious hotels hand-picked by our Chairman to the extra special care provided by our Traveling Concierge and Well-Being Director.

Travelers can also connect with the destination more deeply through MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences, which are carefully chosen to help our guests journey with purpose and discover local initiatives that have a positive impact on their communities. Making a difference is a powerful feeling that can provoke deeper reflections with your newfound friends.

New journeys, New friends

As the world opens its borders once more, many are eager to expand their horizons. Meeting new people has been out of the ordinary for some time, but the opportunities are returning. Why not turn your travels into gold with a last minute special for Summer 2021? It’s time to indulge your passion for exploring again and you’ll likely meet some new friends along the way.