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If you’re looking at flying First Class for the first time, then congratulations. Flying First Class is certainly the best way to begin your trip, bookending your journey with the ultimate luxury travel experience. Read on to discover whether First Class travel is for you, all you need to know before boarding, and the various First Class offerings from different airlines. 

Flying First Class will transform your travel experience, no matter how many times you’ve flown before. Prepare to relax in a whole new level of comfort and convenience, though to really make the most of this luxury mode of travel, it can help to understand the nuances of First Class. From booking to landing, every step of the journey is designed to enhance your experience.  

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Flying First Class vs Business Class 

When it comes to luxury air travel, flying First Class is as good as it gets – on most airlines, First Class is the step above Business Class. Whereas in Business Class passengers can enjoy pre-flight lounges as well as lie-flat beds, spacious legroom, and multi-course meals in-flight, each aspect of flying is even more opulent in First Class (but more on that later).

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Whether you’re flying Business or First Class, know that both are a significant step up from economy class – both offer superior comfort and service, though First Class offers more luxuries and privacy, whereas Business Class balances between indulgence and practicality.  

Benefits of Flying First Class 

There are a whole range of benefits to First Class travel, and they begin long before you board the plane. As a First Class traveler, you’ll have access to priority check-in, security screening, boarding, and baggage handling, as well as free checked baggage and increased baggage allowances. Once you arrive at the airport, queuing will become a distant memory – minimize your wait time with expedited check-in, security, and boarding, along with exclusive airline lounge access. 

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On-board, relax into plush seats (with some airlines offering private suites), recline to a lie flat bed, and, with some airlines, tuck into gourmet food from renowned chefs. Throughout your flight you’ll be able make the most of the amenity kit provided, containing comforts from noise-canceling headphones to designer toiletry kits. Wherever you’re flying to, you can rest easy knowing that the flight attendants will be giving you their full attention for the full First Class experience. 

What to Wear When Flying First Class 

While most airlines don’t have a dress code for First Class cabins, many passengers opt to wear business-casual attire rather than the usual sweats and flip-flops – if you are looking to dress on the more formal side then slacks, skirts, or chinos will suffice, paired with shirts or blouses. However, what you choose to wear completely depends on the length of your flight and, at the end of the day, your comfort is what matters. Many airlines give First Class passengers pajamas to wear during long-haul flights, so if you’ll be changing into those then don’t worry too much about what you’re already wearing. 

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First Class on International Flights 

To get the most out of flying First Class, it’s best to book your First Class ticket on a long haul international flight. These longer journeys offer a heightened level of comfort compared to a domestic First Class ticket, the latter of which is less likely to have all the luxury amenities mentioned above. If lie-flat beds, luxury food and drinks, and top-tier amenities are important to you, then choose First Class on an international flight. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to enjoy all those luxuries for longer! 

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Flying First Class on American Airlines 

If you’re flying within the U.S. with American Airlines, First Class marks the highest flight level. However, on some long-distance flights (both domestic and international), you have the option to book seats in Flagship First or Flagship Business classes, which are the most luxurious options on offer from American Airlines – passengers will enjoy lie-flat seats, access to the Flagship Lounge, luxury bedding, and exclusive toiletry kits.  

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Flying First Class on Delta Air Lines 

If you’re traveling First Class with Delta Air Lines, you can choose from either Delta One, availably predominantly on long haul and international routes, and Delta First, available domestically. Delta One is the airline’s most premium cabin, offering lie flat beds, premium meal service, access to Delta Sky Clubs, and more – if you’re lucky enough to fly on Airbus A330-900neo or A350 aircraft, you’ll get to experience the new Delta One suite with full-height doors that slide closed for maximum privacy and 18-inch entertainment screens. For domestic flights, Delta First offers accelerated check-in, security, boarding, and baggage handling, with slightly larger seats and more legroom than economy.  

Is First Class Worth It?  

Flying First Class is the epitome of luxury air travel, with every step of your journey made to make your travel experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Of course, only you can decide if flying First Class is worth it for you, but if supreme comfort and arriving at your destination well-rested and looked after are a priority for you, then flying First Class is the only way to go.

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