While the country is renowned world-wide for the historical riches of the Inca Empire, Peru’s more recent past is no less intriguing.

Journey with us to this fascinating country, and discover the true spirit of Peru with our exclusive Founder’s Collection invitation to meet Peruvian politician and philanthropist Dr. Francisco Diez-Canseco Távara.

Meeting Dr. Canseco in his ancestral family home, you’ll learn about Peru’s history through the personal lens of his family heritage, as he shares anecdotes and artefacts.

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Meeting Dr. Canseco

In the vibrant Peruvian capital of Lima, you’ll have the privilege of joining Dr. Canseco for a private lunch at his charming villa. As you dine, Dr. Canseco shares stories of his family’s long heritage in Peru, which includes former presidents, politicians and Spanish nobility. You’ll also be treated to an intimate tour of his ancestral home, where many notable figures have set foot before you.

The first members of Dr. Canseco’s family arrived in Peru at the end of the 17th century. Since then, his family has acquired a large collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art with great historical value—such as Venetian tables dating from the 19th Century and important paintings of the Cusco School.

You’ll also learn about his philanthropic activities, including projects in the highland of Peru that are supporting Indigenous farmers. An acclaimed lawyer, journalist, politician and philanthropist, you’ll come away with a deep and personal insight into the history of this fascinating country.

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Peru’s rich history

Peru’s rich and complex history dates back thousands of years, with the earliest inhabitants arriving around about 15,000 years ago. The oldest civilization in the Americas, the Norte Chico, settled on Peru’s coast from around 3500 BCE to 1700 BCE. And, perhaps most famously, Peru was home to the 15th century Inca Empire. Under Spanish colonial rule from 1534, the country became an independent republic in 1824.

Peru’s Republican history is also a complex and fascinating tale. And, for guests of Luxury Gold, Dr. Canseco weaves a captivating narrative as he takes you on a personal tour of his home.

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A home with a story to tell

To step inside Dr Canseco’s ancestral home is to step into a living museum. With the warmest of welcomes, explore room after room filled with fascinating mementos and historical treasures, each with a story to tell.

“I will show you a lot of artefacts that have been linked to the history of Peru. And specifically, to the republican history of Peru where my family has had an important role,” Dr Canseco explains.

One such item is a piece of fine chinaware. “In 1879 Peru was defeated by Chile in a war,” Dr. Canseco tells us. “At that time General Andrés Avelino Cáceres (who later became the president of Peru) started guerrilla warfare in the Andean region. His wife, Antonia Moreno Cáceres, whose initials are on this china, brought the ammunition and guns that Cáceres needed to fight the Chileans in the Andes to this very house. And then from here she took them to the Andean region.

“This is also a very beautiful telegram that was sent by John F. Kennedy to my mother, when my stepfather Mr Manuel Seoane, at that time the Ambassador for the Alliance of Progress, died in Washington. In this text Kennedy commends Seoane, as a fighter for freedom, democracy and social justice throughout Latin America.”

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Treasures of the Incas

Meeting Dr Canseco is a highlight on Founder’s Collection departures of our Treasures of the Incas tour, but there is much more in store also.

Over 12 days explore 13 cities, with magnificent hotels and exceptional dining. See the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, arriving before it opens to the crowds of day-trippers. In Lima, take a VIP tour of artist Victor Delfin’s home. Indulge in Pachamanca feasts in the Sacred Valley. Dine in Cusco at the city’s preeminent MAP restaurant and rest in luxury accommodations such as the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel—an enchanting Andean village resort, set amongst 12 acres of unspoiled cloud forests, with winding rivers, and misty waterfalls.

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